Streaming Dash Cameras For Cars

Streaming Dash Cameras For Cars

There are several reasons why a person may want to invest in a streaming dash camera. In today’s modern online age, streaming has become a convenient way to share experiences, both good and bad, with friends, strangers, or loved ones, and streaming dash cameras allow you to do just that.

Whether you’re on a cross-country road trip and you’d like to update your friends and family about what’s going on that day, or you’ve been in an accident and you want to show others exactly what happened, streaming dash cameras allow you to do a bit of both. These types of car cameras can be found in high-end price ranges, more affordable price ranges, stealthy designs, and simple easy-to-use larger builds – no matter what else you may be looking for, chances are, your ideal model can be found with a streaming feature.

What Do Streaming Dash Cameras For Cars Do?

Streaming Dash Cameras For Cars Streaming dash cameras for cars can do a whole multitude of different things depending on their particular specifications and features, but what sets them apart as streaming dash cameras is their ability to hook into WiFi connections or even a cellular network and upload to the internet directly. Uploading to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even safe off-site cloud storage networks can be done instantly. Sharing accident footage via a Facebook message to a family member can be done in seconds, as well as sharing a fun piece of your day on the road with family and friends. All you need to do is simply pull off to the side of the road or into a parking lot, use your smartphone and a WiFi connection to access your footage, and with a few taps, you’ll be sharing your footage in no time at all. If you know how to work your smartphone, you can know how to work the streaming dash cameras of your choice, and learning to stream your footage is quite simple.

Streaming Dash Cameras For Budget Car Cam Investors

If you’re planning to invest in a car camera on a budget, don’t think you have to give up on finding a streaming model. The Pruveeo is one of the best high quality streaming dash cameras on the market today, and it comes in at a price of less than $35. This basic model dash camera also provides the benefit of stealth, so if you’re looking for streaming dash cameras for discreet protection, this is one that should not be looked over. The Pruveeo F5 uses an Android or iOS smartphone app to work with Apple or Android devices that allows you to tap into your road footage in real time using a WiFi connection, so you can stream at any time and from just about any place. Because the Pruveeo F5 uses smartphone connection capabilities, if you know how to use your phone, you know how to stream your footage.

Streaming isn’t the only selling point of the Pruveeo F5, and these streaming dash cameras offer quite a bit else as well. The stealthy design is discreet on the Pruveeo F5, which allows the camera to be used but not easily seen, and this keeps you safer and more protected while out on the road. The 140 degree viewing angle is created by a high quality full-glass lens, and records at a 1280 by 720 resolution at 30 fps. You don’t have to turn on or off the Pruveeo F5 streaming cam either, as it will begin recording automatically as the vehicle begins moving, and stop when no motion has been detected, so there is never that worry of missing footage or wasting storage space from forgetting to turn the device on or off at any given time. A one year warranty included with the Pruveeo F5 ensures streaming dash cameras are working efficiently and to your satisfaction.

Streaming Dash Cameras With All The Bells And Whistles

If you’re looking to invest in streaming dash cameras that offer a bit more in terms of features and specifications when compared to the more basic Pruveeo F5, there are plenty of these out there as well. One such stand-out model is the Goluk T2 FHD Dash Cam, which on top of streaming abilities, also features simple mounting, a rotatable structure for front or back views, 64GB storage capabilities, WDR technology, and parking monitoring. Not only are you getting many of the top new dash cam technologies on the market today, but you’re able to stream the results of them as well.

Like the Pruveeo F5, the Goluk T2 uses a smartphone app for Android or iOS to make streaming and sharing your footage simple. 12 second video clips can be shared to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or the social media platform of your choice with the tap of a finger and a WiFi connection, allowing you to share bits and pieces of any journey with all of your following audiences. Like the Pruveeo F5, the Goluk T2 also features a stealthy and discreet design, which allows it to provide superior protection without putting you or your vehicle at risk. This design especially comes in handy when using the system in its parking mode feature, which keeps an eye on your car while you’re parked and locks in any collision or damage footage using its automatic G sensor. While you’re parked on the street, in a parking garage, or in the lot, the camera isn’t like to be noticed by passersby.

The Goluk T2 has different mounting options, which is useful for different sized or shaped vehicles, allowing the unit to be installed on the dash or the windshield depending on your personal preference. An 18 month warranty covers the hardware of the dash cam system, and 24 hour customer support ensures you know just how to use all its features.

Naturally, streaming dash cameras with so many features and specifications will run a bit pricier than a basic model, and the Goluk T2 comes in at a still very affordable $150.

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