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Got a traffic ticket, huh? Bummer. Well, chances are you’re able to take an online Missouri Driver Improvement Course, or sometimes called DIP (Driver Improvement Program). As a certified driving instructor, former long-haul trucker, and driving enthusiast, I’ve been through my fair share of driving courses. Heck, I even assisted in creating a free online CDL training program. If there was ever an online driving school expert, I’m it.

A Review Of EVERY Online Driver Improvement Program Certified In Missouri

Below, you’ll find reviews of every online driver improvement program certified in Missouri. I’ve listed them in order of my most favorite on top to my least favorite on the bottom. None of the below courses will “rip you off” or scam you. However, if you sign up for any course other than what I’ve listed below, you are in fact being scammed. Don’t take my word for it, check the list directly from the Missouri Courts website.


Review #1: Defensive Driving by Improv (My Top Recommendation)

Improv Traffic SchoolDefensive Driving by Improv was created by the well known Improv Comedy Club chain. A bunch of stand up comedians decided to make traffic school a bit less boring by spicing it up with humor. Many people are familiar with their comedy based classroom driver improvement courses, but most don’t know they have an online version. Defensive Driving by Improv solves the #1 problem with the Missouri Driver Improvement Program – boredom! Now, I’m not saying it will be the most exciting thing you spend your time on, but I’m a sucker for humor. They did a surprisingly good job considering the subject matter. Making jokes out of safe driving stats isn’t exactly an easy feat! Check out the below commercial. If you don’t think that’s at least mildly funny, you should probably just skip down to the next school. If you think it’s funny enough to give them a try, start taking the course for free and save $5 if you decide to sign up.

Funny Commercial by Improv Traffic School



Review #2: iDriveSafely

iDriveSafelyIf you aren’t into to goofy humor that Traffic School by Improv uses, this is my next recommendation. iDriveSafely has been around for well over a decade now and as of this writing, has had close to 5 million people complete an online course. Those 5 million customers apparently haven’t complained much, because iDriveSafely has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The course has a money back guarantee and you also get 24/7/365 customer support via phone, live chat, and email. While most of the course is text based, there are some videos and animations also thrown in. Compared to the Improv driver improvement course, I find this one to have a little more “serious” or “professional” feel to it. Depending on your preference, that is either a good thing or a bad thing.


Review #3: GoToTrafficSchool

GoToTrafficSchoolSeeing as though you’re probably not taking a driver improvement course by choice, it is very possible you just want to sign up for the cheapest course available. If that’s the case, this is the course you want. They always use the lowest pricing allowed by law. If you do happen to find a course with a lower price (not likely), they will match or beat the price. You don’t have to sacrifice user friendly features for the low price, either. You can still log in and out anytime, you still get 24/7/365 customer support, and you can still be confident you’re signing up for a legitimate and state approved course. I don’t think the course is as high quality as my first two recommendations, but if the lowest price is all you really care about, this is the one you want.


Review #4: Traffic School 101

Traffic School 101If you’re looking for a simple course without all the unnecessary stuff like flashy animations or overly dramatic videos, this is the course for you. It’s the simplest and most straight forward of all the schools I’ve reviewed. I recommend this school for people who have a slower internet connection. Since this one is mostly text based, it’ll load up a bit quicker for you and works great on phones or tablets. Think of this course like an ebook. There’s a lot of reading, but it’s straight forward and to the point. Probably the simplest setup I’ve seen. Another important note is their superior customer service. This is the only online traffic school where I’ve actually received an email from someone about how happy they are about a conflict that was resolved. Quality customer service is hard to come by these days!




Review #5: Missouri Driver Improvement By OLTS

OLTS Online Traffic SchoolMissouri Driver Improvement is run by OLTS, a long-time established online traffic school company with many different courses under the OLTS umbrella. They have been approved to operate a Missouri Driver Improvement course and many people have used them for ticket dismissal or point reduction purposes. Under the OLTS umbrella of traffic schools, more than 4 million people have “graduated” from their course. You get all the usual benefits of an online course like 24/7/365 customer support and the ability to complete the course at your own pace. While I highly recommend using one of the top 4 choices I’ve given, this school is also completely legitimate and is another option for you.




Review #6: Traffic School Online

Traffic School Online has been in business since 1997, so they are well known and established with many graduates of their program. I would normally rate this course much higher, but I have a slight issue with them. I noticed that their reviews page is a bit less than honest. The reviews you see on that page are not updated reviews. They are the same old reviews that have been there for years, except the page is designed to show fresh dates on the reviews. This raises lots of red flags for me. For one, the reviews are obviously hand picked, yet at the same time, the school touts a 4.7 out of 5 average rating based on those reviews. Additionally, if they can’t be totally honest about their customer reviews, what else could they be deceptive on? To be fair, they are indeed certified in Missouri and they also have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I simply think there are other options that might be a bit better.




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