Nevada Speeding Ticket Dismissal Courses

Nevada Speeding Ticket Dismissal Courses

Did you get a Nevada speeding ticket? Well good goin’! Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And luckily, getting a Nevada traffic ticket removed from your driving record is pretty simple. All you gotta do is take a quick online driving school course.

Here’s the problem. A ton of defensive driving schools are out their claiming they will dismiss your Nevada speeding ticket or give you point reduction. But the vast majority of these schools are either very low quality, very low budget, or complete scams.

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Dismissing a Speeding Ticket in Nevada: How Does It Work?

Before introducing the online traffic schools, let’s get a brief overview of how the ticket dismissal process works in Nevada.

The first thing you should know is that every court handles speeding tickets differently. So what we talk about here might not apply to your court handler. 

Now, if you receive a speeding ticket, you can either:

  • plead “guilty” or “no contest,” and admit your guilt
  • challenge the ticket at court by pleading “not guilty”

If you plead guilty, or no contest, you waive a trial by the court. You do need to pay the fine, though. If you plead not guilty, you have to appear before the court. 

Either way, you’ll need to get in touch with your court handler before the due date you were cited with. If you fail to do this, a bench warrant for your arrest may be issued and I’m sure this is not what you want.

Where Does A Ticket Dismissal Course Come In?

Fighting a speeding ticket costs a lot. And fines are expensive, too. 

So, here’s one thing that you can do – prove to the court that you’re a responsible driver by enrolling in a Nevada traffic school course. 

By doing this, you can dismiss the ticket. Not only that, but you can also earn a 3-point credit that you can use in the future. 

However, to be eligible to enroll in an online traffic course, you need to:

  • Have a valid, not suspended, Nevada driver’s license
  • Not have taken the course within the last 12 months 
  • Have less than 12 points on your record
  • Not have other pending traffic violations aside from the speeding ticket

These Nevada speeding ticket dismissal courses are legit

You’re very lucky that my entire life revolves around this website. I’ve sacrificed myself and have gone through a bunch of online driving schools. But for Nevada speeding ticket dismissal, I can only recommend 3 online driving schools.

Why just the three? Because they are the only ones who are actually legitimate, high quality, and fairly priced schools (most other schools have hidden fees after sign up).

Warning: I’m telling you now, if you sign up for any course other than what I’ve listed below, you’re either signing up for a crappy low budget and boring course or are getting ripped off entirely. Trust me!

Note: A few Nevada courts are stupid and don’t let you complete your driving school requirements online. The schools below will warn you if you’re not eligible (other driving schools won’t tell you until they have your money!).

My personally recommended Nevada speeding ticket dismissal courses

My TOP Pick: Improv Traffic School

DISCOUNT UPDATE: Use promo code drivesafely for $5 off. You’re welcome!

These guys are crazy. A bunch of comedy writers got together and decided to make an online traffic school. Luckily it’s approved by the state of Nevada because it’s actually very humorous and quite entertaining! For that reason, they get my top pick.

Why I recommend them:

  • Start taking the course for free.
  • It’s cheap!
  • Written by comedy writers – very funny stuff!
  • Start and stop the course on your schedule from any computers (they keep track of your spot).
  • Shortest course allowed by state law.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Beaurue.
  • Short 5 minute sections.
  • Over 10 years of experience.
  • Truly no hidden fees (others have various charges at the end).
    Start the course for free by clicking here

    (Use promo code drivesafely for $5 off.)

Video Overview

Start the course for free by clicking here
(Use promo code drivesafely for $5 off.)

Want to know more? Click here for my detailed review of Improv Traffic School

My Second Choice: iDriveSafely

UPDATE: Use link for special Nevada pricing.

Why I recommend them:

  • This is the fastest course allowed by Nevada law (5hrs but you can probably get it done quicker).
  • If you get bored, you can stop the course and come back later (they keep track of your place).
  • Short chapters make it pretty manageable.
  • Graphics and animations to keep your wandering mind interested.
  • Really easy to use. If you can’t figure out how to navigate this course you shouldn’t be driving.
  • Little mini-quizzes that over prepare you for the final exam.
  • You should pass on your first try, but just in case, you can take the final exam as many times as you want. Nobody fails!
  • Round’ the clock customer service via chat, email, or phone.
  • More than 2-million people have already taken the course, so it’s a pretty safe bet.
  • Don’t pay till you pass.

Click here to visit the iDriveSafely Website

(Use link for special Nevada pricing.)

Want to know more? Man, you’re needy. Click here for my detailed review of iDriveSafely

My Third Pick: GoToTrafficSchool

Why I recommend them:

  • Cheapest online driving school on the web (they guarantee it).
  • Work at your own pace (stop and start the course whenever you want).
  • Use any computer at any point throughout the course (start on one, continue on another, etc.).
  • Low budget animations, but still waaaay better than the “text only” driving schools.
  • My grandma could use and pass this course.
  • 100% pass rate. If you can’t pass it on your first try, just take the final again until you do pass.
  • Customer service available 24/7.
  • Good rating at the Better Business Bureau.
  • More than 1-million satisfied customers and 10 years experience.
  • Don’t like it? Don’t pay.

Click here to visit the GoToTrafficSchool Website

(Use Promo Code MRD000A23 during signup!)

Want to know more? Check out my detailed review of GoToTrafficSchool

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From Nevada Speeding Ticket to Online Traffic School Reviews

From Nevada Speeding Ticket to Online Traffic School

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