How To Get All Of The Improv Traffic School Answers To Quizzes & Tests

How To Get All Of The Improv Traffic School Answers To Quizzes & Tests

Getting the answers to all of the Improv Traffic School quizzes and tests is really simple. All you have to do is follow a super easy trick that will make you say, “oh yeah, why did’t I think of that!” No, I don’t have a full list of Improv Traffic School answers, but I’ll do ya one better. I will show you how you can get 100% on your traffic school course and you can do it all yourself.

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Step 1: Create A New File On Your Desktop

Go to your computers desktop, right click on the background, and click “Add New Folder” or “New Folder” or something similar. Name that folder “Improv Traffic School Answers” and keep it in an easy to access location on your desktop. This will all make sense in a minute, I promise.

Step 2: Take Lots Of Screen Shots

What you’ll want to do is take a screen shot of each page as you go through the course. Grab a picture of each page so that later on, you can go back and look for the right answers while you’re taking the test or quiz. No need to read through the course or memorize anything, and no chance of failing – you can just go back and get the exact answers you need. Most pages of the course will require multiple screen shots as you scroll down the page, so remember to snap a picture of all of the content. Save those images in your Improv Traffic School Answers folder.

For those who don’t know how to take a screen shot, here are a couple good resources for you:

Step 3: Save Your Screen Shots In An Organized Way

When you save a screen shot to your Improv Traffic School Answers folder, make sure you keep all saved files organized. You can either create subfolders for each section and label each page, or oyu can just keep them all in one main file and simply number the files in a sequential order. The main thing is, make sure you know how to find the images you need.

Step 4: Rinse And Repeat

That’s it! I know it’s super simple, but it works. It’s probably not as bad as you think it will be. The majority of the Improv Traffic School answers you will know anyway. The quizzes and tests really aren’t that hard. Normally you can rule out 1 or 2 of the choices immediately just based on the provided multiple-choice answers. This really isn’t rocket science. You’ve probably been driving a car for a little while now. So when you do find a question you get stumped on (won’t happen as often as you think), just reference your screen shots, get your 100%, and get your traffic school over with.

Tips for Memorization

Meanwhile, I know some of you would think this isn’t fair. So if you want to take it the hard, but yeah, honest way, you can always try to memorize key concepts as you learn them. 

Making sure that you are studying in a comfortable study space helps you focus on the lesson. You’ll be able to retain information more effectively this way. 

You can also rely on the five memorization techniques below:

Focus on the general idea first before the specifics. Look at the forest, not the trees. There are many trees or small ideas that you will come across that make it hard to memorize all of them. By looking at the forest, I mean, understanding the broader category and then placing the specific concepts under it, memory will be easier to access. This will help you retrieve information more effectively.

Use your own words and recite what you’ve learned. This is like conversationally talking to yourself. Doing so will wire information into your brain in such a way that it appears like it’s your idea, rather than something you’ve read in a book or watched in a video lesson. Do it until you do not need to refer to your notes anymore.

Attach a different, more familiar meaning to things. If you relate new information to something you already know, your brain associates it to that other memory, making it easier to encode and access. If you attach it to a piece of information that has significant meaning to you, the information is encoded deeper into your memory.

For example, if you are learning about parking laws, try to associate it with the time when you and your father spent hours looking for a parking space, or something like that. These logical connections help you retrieve information by remembering that specific memory and associate it to the new information you’ve just learned.

Try using memory devices such as acrostics (using “My Very Energetic Mom Just Served Us Nachos as an acronym for the 6 planets) and method of loci wherein you visualize a familiar place and then associate the things you need to remember to it.

Help Out Your Fellow Traffic Violators!

Hey, if you get the chance, copy and paste some of the questions / answers you get while taking the Improv Traffic School course in the comment area below. It would be mighty helpful to those who are following your online traffic school footprints!

Well, I hope you find this helpful. Good luck and…. oh yeah… slow down! 🙂

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