New York Defensive Driving Course Coupon Codes

New York Defensive Driving Course Coupon Codes

Hey there New Yorkers! If you’re looking for New York defensive driving course coupon codes, you’re at the right place. As a driving instructor that works very closely with online drivers ed, defensive driving, and traffic school companies, I have exclusive access to many different coupon codes.

Listed below are several different options for you to take your New York defensive driving course online. As someone who knows all about these different online driver training companies, please trust my judgement that you should ONLY use one of the defensive driving courses I listed below.

With that said, it doesn’t really matter which of the below traffic schools you sign up for. Just pick whichever one you think sounds more suited to your learning style, compare the pricing for each course (prices change frequently), and use the coupon codes or discounts I’ve supplied.

Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon!!

Top New York Defensive Driving Courses With Coupon Codes!

Do NOT sign up for any “state certified” New York defensive driving course. It is very easy to get ripped off and sign up for a course that is actually NOT certified in New York (and good luck getting your money back).

All of the New York defensive driving courses I listed below have been in business for over a decade, have A+ Better Business Bureau ratings, offer full money-back guarantees (pass or don’t pay), have 24/7/365 customer support, and blah, blah, blah. In short, I’ve vetted these guys for you and these are the only courses I would ever consider taking myself or recommending to a friend or family member.

Defensive Driving by Improv Coupon Code

Improv Traffic School
By far one of the best online defensive driving courses in New York is the Improv Comedy Club defensive driving program. Yes, this is the same Improv Comedy Club that runs the nationwide stand-up comedy chain.

Back before internet based defensive driving courses even existed, they got a bunch of their comedians together and created classroom based defensive driving courses run by stand-up comedians.

Of course, that was a huge hit, so when people had the option of taking defensive driving online in New York, they rolled out their online version of the NY defensive driving course. Taking any sort of defensive driving course is boring as hell, so if you want things to be at least a little entertaining, this is by far the best course to sign up for.

How To Get Your $5 Off Coupon Code

I Drive Safely New York Defensive Driving Course Discount

idrivesafely logo
One of the courses I frequently recommend wherever it is certified is I Drive Safely. While they don’t offer stand-up comedians like my previous recommendation, they do frequently update the course to keep up with technology and it is also the fastest New York defensive driving course you can take by state law.

They also have what might be the best customer service of any defensive driving course with 24/7/365 customer support via phone, chat, and email. There have been more than 5 million people who have gone through I Drive Safely and yet, they have still maintained an A+ BBB rating. You can’t go wrong with this course.

How To Get The Best Price For I Drive Safely

Unlike many other New York online defensive driving courses I Drive Safely does not have a coupon code system. Instead, you can click this link for the best pricing. Just choose your state and see what the current pricing promotions are.

Go To Traffic School Coupon Code & Discount

Go To Traffic School Coupon Code
Many people don’t care about stand-up comedians or a high tech course. They just want to sign up for the cheapest course possible and get it done as quickly as possible. If that describes you, than Go To Traffic School is the best choice.

I usually don’t like to recommend the “budget” online defensive driving courses because most of them are a nightmare. But in the case of Go To Traffic School, it is still a pretty good course. Yes, it feels a bit outdated and no, you’re not going to get high quality graphics and animations. But in the end, does that really matter more than your hard earned cash? Probably not.

Get 5% Off With This Go To Traffic School Coupon Code

Go To Traffic School guarantees to be the lowest priced online defensive driving course in New York, but you can do the following to save a few extra bucks on their course.

Traffic School 101 Coupon Code

Traffic School 101 Discount Code
If you look at most of the modern online defensive driving courses in New York, most of them tout about having awesome videos, interactive features, cool animations, and the large array of “features” they offer such as “read along” features and video based courses. Traffic School 101 takes the opposite approach.

The entire thing that sets Traffic School 101 apart from the rest is the simpleness. Many people might find this defensive driving course to be rather boring, but there are also many who would appreciate the bare bones aspect of this course.

This defensive driving course is essentially an e-book with quizzes mixed in after each chapter (total of 6 chapters). No videos, no graphics, and no stand-up comedians. Just the basics, the way many people like it.

Get 5% Off With This Traffic School 101 Coupon Code

Traffic School 101 does not use a traditional “coupon code” system, but if you click on this discount link an automatic 5% discount will be applied during checkout.

How Much Does it Cost to Enroll in a Defensive Driving Course in New York?

The cost for enrolling in a defensive driving course in New York can start at $15 and go up to $100 – this depends on the traffic school you are planning to sign up with.

Meanwhile, senior citizens can opt for the AARP Safe Driving Course that is usually priced between $25 to $30, depending on the driver’s membership status.

Why Should I Take Defensive Driving Courses?

Most defensive driving courses are taken as a requirement to remove points from their driving records. If you take this course, your point total can be reduced by up to four points, depending on when the points were assessed. 

In addition, you will also receive the mandatory 10% car insurance discount (valid for three years) that the State of New York allows for drivers who have completed safety driver courses. 

Other reasons why drivers take driver’s education or defensive courses include the need to renew their driver’s license or change their driver’s license certifications. 

Some reasons may also be personal, like they may feel more comfortable on the road knowing they have refreshed their memories about driving rules and regulations in the state they live in, or the state they moved to. 

Why I Only Recommend The Above Online Defensive Driving Courses For New York

The courses I listed above are not the only courses available in the state of New York for defensive driving purposes. Whether you are looking to dismiss traffic tickets or want to get your state mandated auto insurance discount, you have many options available to you.

With that said, as a driving instructor, I deal with these companies all the time and let me tell you, many of them are not really “companies” at all. They are literally run from someones house and nearly everything is outsourced to overseas staff. Save yourself the headache and simply choose one of the New York defensive driving courses I’ve vetted for you above.

It doesn’t matter which one you pick as they are all good. Simply use the discount codes I provided, get signed up, and get it done!!

Best of luck!

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