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Trying to find an Improv Traffic School discount code? Look no further. Simply click on this link and save $5 by using referral code drivesafely when prompted. This is the biggest discount that I am aware of. If you know of a bigger discount code for Improv Traffic School, please let me know in the comment box below.

How To Pass Improv Traffic School Easily

First of all, Improv Traffic School is not a government organization. They are certified in most states for insurance discount requirements as well as traffic ticket dismissal and point reduction requirements. That said, they have absolutely no reason to see you fail the course. They WAN’T you to pass. Because of this, you should find their tests (6 in total) and the final exam are pretty simple.

To make sure you pass quickly and easily, I always recommend you take a screen shot of each page of the course. If you take the 2 seconds to do this and save each screen shot in a special file on your desktop, passing each quiz or test will be even easier than usual. If you come up to a question you’re not sure how to answer, simply reference your screen shots, find the answer you need, and you’re good to go.

Sign Up Early

Don’t procrastinate taking your online traffic school. Yes, with Improv Traffic School you can sign up and complete the course at your own pace (they keep track of your progress for you). However, you may have to fork over some extra cash if you wait too long. In some states, you actually have to be mailed a certificate of completion. You have to take that certificate and physically hand it in to the court clerks office. If you wait until 3 days before your due date, you’ll never get the completion certificate in time unless you pay for an expedited shipping fee. The shipping fees are always inflated, not just by Improv traffic school, but by any online traffic school. This is how they make a few extra buck on the back end. So, don’t put this off. Get it done early enough to account for processing times and shipping, which can take up to 14 days.

Is Improv Traffic School Approved In Your State?

Before you sign up, make sure they are actually approved in your state. You can verify this in a number of different ways. First, you can check my online traffic schools by state page. On that page you can choose your state and I’ll give you a list of schools that are approved. Second, you can go to your state motor vehicles website (although these sites are usually not very user friendly). You can also call your local court clerk, or, simply call up Improv by using their customer service number / online chat feature and verify.

Fortunately Improv Traffic School makes it pretty easy. Once you click on the traffic school option, they will ask you for some basic information. This will not only be used for your completion certificate, but it also helps them verify you are eligible. Just make sure you sign up for traffic school or defensive driving and not the insurance discount course or drivers ed (unless those are the courses you actually want to take, obviously).

My Thought About Improv Traffic School

As a certified driving instructor, I think Improv Traffic School is a great option. Let’s face it… Nobody likes going to traffic school, online or off. This probably isn’t something you’re doing by choice. Fortunately, Improv Traffic School understands this and that’s why they take a comedy approach to their course. They call it “edutainment.” While going through their course, you’ll be treated to funny videos, comics, animations, and even a few games mixed in. For those of you who live in places like California where no course timers are required, you can literally be done with this in the next hour. I’ve been recommending these guys for years on my site and will continue to do so. They’ve had millions of people “graduate” their course and have been around for almost 2 decades now. It’s a pretty safe bet.

Alternatives To Improv Traffic School

If for whatever reason you don’t want to sign up for the Improv course, feel free to check out all of my online traffic school reviews. You’ll see that Improv is one of my highest recommendations, but there are other options (and discount codes) you can go with instead, if you so choose.

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