Everything You Need To Know About Adult Driver’s Ed

Everything You Need To Know About Adult Driver’s Ed
Everyone has heard about both in-school and online driver’s education classes, and most everyone knows the purpose behind these classes.

One thing that many people don’t know about, however, is adult driver’s ed. Adult driver’s ed, for those that don’t know, is exactly what it sounds like – driver’s education for adults. It is a class that can be taken and taught both in a classroom and online, and is for driver’s over the age of 18.

It can be taken both by individuals getting their first driver’s license or their second (for those who are getting older and either want a refresher course or feel they need to take the test again), and is extremely helpful if you’re feeling like you’re not as great a driver as you once were.

You can also use this course to get a discount on your car insurance!

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There are many benefits of taking adult driver’s education classes, especially if you’ve had a driver’s license before and have already hit the road for the first time.

For those of you who fit this description, adult driver’s ed will likely be much easier for you, as you’ve already gained some experience as a driver, and you are therefore likely to have a reduced list of requirements and restrictions to meet before earning your license. So why should you take adult driver’s education classes?

Expert Instruction

Even those of us who have been driving for years need a little brushing up on our skills sometimes. Whether you’re just looking for a refresher course, have had your license taken away for whatever reason, or you’re getting your driver’s license for the first time – especially in Texas, where first-time driver’s over the age of 24 are required to complete a certified driver’s training course – you can rest assured that you’re getting your instruction from a certified driving teacher or certified driver’s education course (for those taking the course online).

Rules Of The Road

Even if you think you know everything there is to know about the rules of the road and what the signs mean, things get updated all the time.

Adult driver’s education courses help to brush up your knowledge of the road, as well as keep you updated on any changes that might have been made since you earned your driver’s license the first time, so you have a complete understanding of how things work.

After all, if you get stopped by an officer for breaking a newer law you weren’t aware of, ignorance of that law will not get you out of a ticket. As driver’s, it’s up to us to stay on track and updated on changes that are made. It’s tedious and boring to read about, but it’s certainly worth not getting a ticket over.

Defensive Driving Education

In addition to brushing up your skills as a driver, adult driver’s education also teaches something called defensive driving. Defensive driving is a form of training for drivers which teaches them to be constantly aware of both their actions and the actions of those around them so they are able to anticipate dangerous scenarios and driving conditions before they occur. Techniques for defensive driving include:

  • Controlling your speed;
  • Expecting the unexpected from other drivers;
  • Being prepared to react to anything that can happen;
  • Being aware of special road and weather conditions – i.e. road work, snow, ice, etc.;
  • Being alert and aware to avoid distractions and collisions with other drivers.

Fun, Engaging Course Content

Not to take anything away from traditional, in-classroom driver’s ed, classes taken online are a lot more interactive and entertaining. They made it so to compensate for the lack of physical and social interaction you’ll find in in-person classes.

Anyway, the point here is that online course content utilizes several visual and audio resources to keep students’ attention and enhance memory retention. Of course, this will vary depending on the course provider you choose to sign up with. However, most reputable driving schools ensure they offer the best quality of education to their students so they invest in their course content.

Some of the interactive features you’ll get to enjoy include:

  • HD videos (and even 4K resolutions for more modern platforms);
  • Cool 3D graphics and animations to illustrate important concepts;
  • Audio read-along features for those who prefer to listen than read;
  • 3D Driving Simulations to prepare you for the actual road situations and conditions;
  • Exciting games and quizzes to ensure you retain key concepts you’ll need to pass the test; and
  • Accessible and user-friendly mobile apps so you can access the course anywhere you are.

Passing Your Test

Even if this isn’t going to be your first time taking your test to get your driver’s license, adult driver’s education courses will better your chances at passing your state’s road test, due to the updated and thorough information it provides throughout the course.

Especially if you’re taking the adult driver’s ed class online, the courses are usually broken up into sections, and each section will typically have a small quiz that you must pass at the end before you can move on.

This ensures that you are paying attention and soaking in all the information needed to be the best driver you can be – whether this is your first time, or second time taking a driving course.

Certificate Of Completion

Everyone loves an indication of a job well done, but that’s not the only benefit of having a certificate of completion for the adult driver’s education course.

This certificate can also reduce the amount of time that you are required to hold a learner’s permit before you can get your unrestricted license, which can be a huge pain, especially if you’ve been on the road as an independent driver before. This will depend on your state, of course, but it can’t hurt at all to have a little help.

Insurance Breaks

Even if you’re not taking the adult driver’s education course to earn your license for the first or second time, taking these courses can help to greatly reduce your insurance premiums, too!

It not only shows the insurance company that you’re willing to continue your driving education to stay up to date on safety and road laws, it also shows that you’re learning to be the best, safest driver you can be, and often insurance companies will reward the completion of these courses with a reduction on your insurance premiums.

So really, it’s beneficial to both you and your wallet! I mean, let’s be honest here – who doesn’t love a good discount?

Affordable Choices

Those on a tight budget can also opt for a cheaper online driver’s ed course. There are a lot of affordable choices out there that can provide the same quality of education that you need to pass the test. It might have a few glitches here and there, but you’ll get what you need to serve your purpose, usually to get your license by passing your driver’s test. 

The thing is, even with the more advanced and popular options, you’ll get the course a lot cheaper than the cost for signing up in a classroom-based driver’s ed wherein you also have to think about the cost for gas or transportation, textbooks, snacks, etc. – you get what I mean. 

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