What Is The Best Texas Adult Drivers Ed Course?

Texas Adult Drivers Ed

If you are over the age of 18 and you live in the state of Texas, you are eligible to enroll in an Adult Drivers Ed Course. The only remaining question is, what is the best Texas adult drivers ed course? As a certified driving instructor, hopefully, the tips I provide below will help you learn in the quickest, easiest, and cheapest way while also giving you all the tools you need to be a safe driver.

Want The FAST Answer? This Is The Texas Adult Drivers Ed Course You Should Sign Up For

The Difference Between Online Adult Drivers Ed And Classroom Based Courses

Whether you take your Texas adult drivers ed course online or in a classroom setting, you will be required to learn the same basic material and pass very similar exams. Many people still prefer the classroom option, but an increasingly popular option is completing the classroom-based coursework online. Since most classroom-based courses are run by small independent driving schools, I can’t really give any good recommendations based on where you live specifically. For that purpose, I’ll only be covering online Texas adult drivers ed courses here.

Taking your adult drivers ed course online is actually a great way to go. You do need to be self-motivated and be able to learn independently, but online drivers ed courses are designed to keep your attention and help you retain information through a wide array of teaching methods including text, audio, video, diagrams, and multiple-choice quizzes.

What Is The Best Online Texas Adult Drivers Ed Course?

Instead of just giving you one recommendation, I thought I would give you my top three picks. All three of these online driving schools are approved by the state of Texas for adult drivers ed requirements. They also offer 24/7/365 customer support, a great reputation including A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau, updated courses that work on all devices, and as someone who has gone through them personally, I can say for certain that they are high quality. If you’re going to sign up with an online course, here are the three I recommend you stick with. I put my favorite one first:

No matter which online Texas adult drivers ed course you decide to sign up for, make sure the course offers a money-back guarantee with published customer service hours. There are, unfortunately, several very low quality and outdated online drivers ed courses out there, so make sure you do your research before signing up.

What To Expect While Taking Your Online Adult Drivers Ed Course In Texas

The state of Texas has made the online adult drivers ed course pretty straightforward. Once you sign up for the course, you can access it 24/7 with the ability to login and out at anytime (they keep track of your place). Typically, there are about 9 chapters in the course with quizzes in between. At the end of the course, there is a multiple-choice exam that you must score 70% or higher on. You have 3 attempts to get a 70% or higher, so make it count! Once you pass, you’ll get a Certificate of Completion mailed to you. Once you get that, you just need to take the vision test and driving test at your local DPS office. Easy-peasy!

Go The Extra Mile!

Remember, just because the state of Texas has set bare minimums for you to obtain your drivers license, make sure you go the extra mile and really prepare yourself for driving. There are many pages on this site that may help you to become a safer driver:

My Top 5 Defensive Driving Tips If you follow the advice I give in these top 5 defensive driving tips every time you drive, you will likely never have an accident due to your driving behavior. You can’t always control those around you, but you can be a safer and better driver by just following these simple tips.

Be Prepared For All Types Of Weather Conditions While Texas doesn’t get a whole of snow, it is no stranger to fog, ice, heavy rain, high winds, and thunderstorms. Heck, in some places in Texas you can get all of that in one day! These tips will specifically prepare you for all the different weather hazards you might face.

Real World Everyday Driving Tips Did you know there is a way to eliminate all blind spots by setting your mirrors in one weird way? Do you know how to properly parallel park on a busy street and in a tight space? Do you know how to properly drive through very steep mountain grades? Have you ever wondered how to properly drive a manual transmission vehicle? All of these questions and more are answered.

Traffic Ticket Advice When you drive, you are bringing a lot of liability to yourself both civilly and criminally. Unfortunately, most drivers will either be involved in a traffic accident or receive at least 1 traffic ticket during their lives. With that said, you need to know your rights on the road and how to handle a traffic ticket to ensure you do not incriminate yourself or open yourself up to further citations. Learn your rights and how to respond to police as a motorist here.

Remember, learning how to be a safe driver never stops, but it’s extremely important you get it right from the start. The driving habits you form now are the driving habits you will likely have for life. Be the safest driver you can be right now and reap the benefits for the rest of your life.

Good luck and drive safely!