How Aceable Online Driver’s Education Works

How Aceable Online Driver’s Education Works

Possibly the toughest decision to make when your teen is getting ready to go into a driver’s education course is deciding which school will be best for them. 

While some students learn better in a classroom setting, there are those of us who learn much better on an individual and independent basis. 

Online driver’s ed helps us tremendously when learning this important skill. And as far as online driver’s ed courses go, there are several to choose from. However, by far the best one we’ve reviewed is the Aceable Online Driver’s Ed course.

One of the first things that I can tell you about Aceable is that they are an online driver’s education course that is accepted as a proper form of education by 9 out of the 50 states so far, and they’re gaining momentum in other states rather quickly as one of the best online driver’s courses out there.

The states available right now (as well as the ages appropriate for the courses) are:

Texas Defensive Driving Course – Ages 16 and up.

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Getting Started With Aceable

To get started with your driver’s education course through Aceable, all you have to do is choose your state and sign up by entering the information they ask you for. This will typically include your first and last name and your payment information, and once you’ve finished that simple step, you’re in!

Now, often when you take an online driver’s ed course, they will want to verify that you are the one going through the course and taking the exam. 

Some do this by having you enter an answer to a specific question before the course begins, and will periodically have you answer the question throughout the course to make sure you are who you say you are.

I’m sure this may seem silly (and probably a little annoying), but it’s for the benefit of you AND the other drivers on the road; nobody likes a cheater, and you need to go through the material yourself to be the best and safest driver you can be. 

I’m getting off-topic, though – where were we? Ah, yes; the identity verification. As far as this feature goes, Aceable is no different, though they do have a slightly different method. Instead of a question, Aceable uses voice verification. 

Before the course begins, they will call the phone number provided and have you repeat a phrase a few times, then throughout the course, they will call you again and have you repeat the phrase. 

This takes about five seconds, and once you’ve done that, you are free to continue the course. Easy, right?

Aceable Online Drivers Ed Screenshot

Beginning stStarting The Course

Before the course begins, there are still two more important things they make you go over – one is the basics of the course, which will outline the course material, what you can expect, how the course works, and the rules the course must adhere to to be approved in your state. 

The second is the adorable instructor introduction! This is a very unique feature to Aceable, as with most online driving courses you don’t get an instructor. 

I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you, though, so I’ll just let you meet the instructor when you sign up; sounds good? Good!

Sample Aceable Video: Driving in Reverse

What The Aceable Online Drivers Ed Course Is Like

Now, on to the course. This course actually works a little differently than many of the other online driver’s ed courses out there. Where most courses go through the material with you and have a quiz at the end of each section that you must pass to move on, Aceable will ask you a few questions throughout the sections of the course, and then a quiz at the end of each section.

These short little questionnaires serve two purposes; the first is to make sure you’re paying attention, and the second is to ensure that the most important aspects of the course are hitting home and really sinking in.

You are allowed to fail these mini-quizzes, but they are a helpful little addition to this already pretty innovative course.

On top of being incredibly innovative and thorough, Aceable also recognizes the importance of a feeling of accomplishment.

Where other online courses simply allow you to move forward through the course when you pass the quiz, Aceable actually has a video game-esque leveling system to boost your confidence and help to motivate you to do your best. Isn’t that awesome? We thought so.

Aceable Video Promo

Finishing Your Aceable Online Driver’s Ed Course

Now for the end of the course, and the final exam. The final exam comes when you’ve completed and passed each section of the course.

Since this course allows you to complete it at a pace you’re comfortable with (like most other driver’s ed courses online), you take the final exam when you are ready and feel confident in your knowledge and skill. 

They give you a couple of tries to ace the test (see what I did there? No? Okay…), but you absolutely must pass before you’re able to go and get your license. 

Once you’ve passed, however, Aceable will kindly congratulate you on passing the course and explain to you the steps to take to get your permit, in case you aren’t sure where to go from there.

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Review Of Aceable From A Student

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