Arizona Vehicle Laws (2024)

Arizona Vehicle Laws

Whether you’re a new driver or you’ve been driving for years, it’s always a good practice to review and be updated on the Arizona vehicle laws.

This is so you don’t break any law and get in trouble. 

This is why, today, we’re going to simplify the Arizona vehicle laws for you. Here, we’ll discuss:

  • Vehicle registration 
  • Vehicle renewal 
  • Required equipment for vehicles in Arizona

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Arizona Vehicle Registration 

Did you just purchase a vehicle in Arizona? 


Before anything else, you should make sure to register it. 

If you are caught driving an unregistered vehicle in Arizona, you’ll have to be a pay a fine of $300. 

Now, in Arizona, you are required to register your vehicle within 15 days if any of the following apply:

  • You are a registered voter in Arizona
  • You work in Arizona
  • You are not paying the tuition rate of a nonresident in your children’s school
  • You just moved to Arizona
  • You own a business that operates in Arizona
  • You have a state license
  • You are paying school tuition fees at the same rate as Arizona residents
  • You have been living in Arizona for 7 months or more 

How to Register Your Arizona Vehicle

Before anything else, you need to apply for a title. This can be done by submitting the Title and Registration Application form to the nearest local MVD office or any authorized third-party providers.  

If you just bought a vehicle from a private party, you need to complete the title transfer application. You can check the eTitle Transfer requirements here.

To continue with the registration, you need to bring the following documents to the MVD:

  • A valid Arizona driver’s license
  • Emission test (if required)
  • The title of the vehicle
  • Proof of insurance
  • Lien details (if applicable)
  • Signed Title and Registration application form

Don’t forget that you also need to pay for the registration fee. The cost depends on the type of vehicle but ranges from $4 to $9. 

Arizona Vehicle Renewal 

For those who already registered their vehicles in Arizona, you will need to renew your registration every year. 

Note: some vehicle registrations are valid for 2 to 5 years. 

Some are assigned to renew their registration on the 15th or end of their assigned month. To determine the validity of your registration, check your current registration or the renewal notice.

If you’re renewing your vehicle registration, we have good news for you. You don’t have to run errands because you can renew your registration online

You can also complete the renewal process by mail, phone, or in person.

Whether you decide to renew online or by mail, you need the following requirements:

  • Current vehicle registration
  • Vehicle emission test (if required)
  • A fee of $8, plus tax

Your new stickers are usually issued on the same day for pick up or through the mail. 

To renew your registration by phone, you can call the toll-free number 1-888-713-3031.

Required Equipment for Your Vehicle in Arizona 

The safety of everyone can also depend on the vehicle you are driving. This is why Arizona issues some laws on equipment found in a vehicle. 

As a licensed driver, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is in good condition and safe to be on the road. 

Here is the required equipment for motor vehicles in Arizona:


Motor vehicles must have good working condition brakes. Foot and parking brakes are both required for trucks and cars.

A motorcycle should have at least one brake applied either by hand or foot. Trailers with a gross weight of 3,000 lbs or more should be equipped with separate brakes.

Safety Belts

For motor vehicles manufactured after 1972, all vehicles MUST have seat belts. 

Child Safety Seat

Parents with children under 8 years old OR below 4 feet 9 inches should install a child safety seat appropriate for their age, height, and weight.

Head Restraints

Head restraints are designed to reduce injury in case of rear-end crashes. If the head restraints are adjustable, they should be positioned against the back of your head and should be aligned with the middle of your ear. 


Motor vehicles should have a working muffler to prevent unusual noise or excessive pollution. Take note that using a muffler “cut-out” or any similar device is against the law.

Air Pollution Control

Motor vehicles should be equipped with an exhaust emissions system to reduce air pollution. 

Windshields and Wipers

Vehicles should have good condition windshield and windshield wipers. 

Window tints are legal with certain restrictions. Owners should make sure that installers and manufacturers comply with state law.

Rearview Mirrors

Vehicles that are loaded or made to block the driver’s rearview should have at least one side mirror that shows the highway for at least 200 feet. 

Horns and Warning Devices

Motor vehicles should have a horn that can be heard for at least 200 feet. Emergency vehicles may have a whistle, bell, or siren. 

Red Lights and Flashers

Flashing red lights on the front of the vehicle are prohibited. Flashing lights are only allowed on authorized emergency vehicles, snow removal equipment, and school buses.

So those were all the equipment that is required in your vehicle by law. Some might seem very obvious, while others need to be installed by YOU, the driver. 


So those were the Arizona vehicle laws. 

Remember, because these are laws, you should comply with each one. I mean, these laws are there for a reason. 

If you just moved to Arizona or purchased a new car, you should keep your records up-to-date and make sure to get your vehicle registered.

If you see that your vehicle’s registration is about to expire, then renew it straight away. 

And lastly, if you want to make sure that your vehicle has all the required equipment, then go through the list that we mentioned here and make sure all those are intact. 

Failure to do so will put you on a bad record and will result in penalties and fines.

Nobody wants that. 

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