The Three Best Online Driving Schools for New Drivers

The Three Best Online Driving Schools for New Drivers

I vividly remember being a new driver. I remember being behind the wheel for the first time with my driving instructor, a former policeman, barking orders at me in a tone that I recognized as condescending, but was still not effective in making me a better driver. Situations like these should never happen, which is embarrassing to admit, but absolutely true. Teen drivers in particular should not still be nervous about driving by the the time they are pressing on the gas pedal of a car.

I may be deferring responsibility here, but I firmly believe that driver’s ed courses should be thorough enough that a teen driver can get on the road with absolute confidence, without having to worry about making stupid mistakes.

Driving School Is More Flexible Than Ever!

When I was a teenager, the only real option for driver’s ed was a class after school. The times have changed more than I ever would have expected. By now, driver’s ed courses can be taken online, at a student’s convenience, without the worry of careless instructors or educational content that is so boring that it sends students right to sleep. There are a ton of online driver’s ed courses out there, but there are very few that are worth throwing money at. After careful research, I have identified the top three online driving schools for new drivers.

Three Schools You Can Trust

My criteria in searching for these three schools of course included the accuracy of information first and foremost. The rules of the road are fairly hard and fast, so that did not narrow down my options very much. What made a tremendous difference in filtering through the mire of online driving schools was analyzing how engaging and fun each course was, along with the ease of the user interface. No new driver, young or old, should be faced with forced learning that they don’t thoroughly understand. Though it took some time, I will say that sifting through tons of online driver’s ed courses was absolutely worth it, as there were three that I was absolutely charmed by.

Improv Driving School

Improv Traffic School

I singled out Improv Driver’s Education first, on the basis that it is so darn funny. The brainchild of entrepreneur Gary Alexander and Budd Friedman, the owner of the Hollywood Improv Comedy Club. The result of their brainstorming is “edutainment,” a portmanteau that means exactly what you think it does. The Improv Traffic School was invented to provide an experience that is both educational and entertaining. At times, the comedy is downright hilarious in my opinion, and I am particularly difficult to amuse. The same ethos that spawned Improv’s traffic school translated perfectly to teen driver’s ed. Improv provides a much funnier alternative to traditional driver’s ed that is sure to keep teens paying attention and learning.

The only thing that I find upsetting about Improv Driving School is that I didn’t come up with the concept myself. A driver’s ed program that is funny enough to take the pain out of the whole process is worth its weight in gold. If you’re a parent, you and your teen will think so too. The humorous approach not only makes the course content easier to retain, but it also inspires confidence in young drivers that are shy to get behind the wheel.

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The aptly named is an incredible resource for new drivers. While it is markedly less schtick-y than Improv’s course, the easy to use interface and extremely well-developed content make it a standout pick for driver’s ed. is perhaps the best pick for no-nonsense teenagers.’s course for new drivers is impressively comprehensive, and it is presented in a way that makes driver’s ed classes and included topics much more entertaining than they would be in the traditional classroom. Many a young student has been willing to endorse the program, as it is far more exciting than what they’d experience at state funded driver’s ed courses, and works with even the strangest homework schedule.

While is offered in a few states, to gauge price, the program costs just under $50 in California, very affordable, especially when you think of the time and energy you save by taking a condensed online course. Taking driver’s ed with is also a great way to earn an insurance discount, which makes a big difference long term.

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idrivesafely logo is my last pick for teen drivers who haven’t driven before. Their driver’s education course for teens has pretty similar qualities to, but offers the flexibility of a course based around text or a course based around video. It’s available 24/7, and it’s DMV approved, to get a teen driver on the road in no time. even gets you there faster, as they offer a 20% discount for behind the wheel training when your register for the online driver’s ed program.

With a program that is easy to understand and easy to pass, making the transition from non-driver to driver is faster and more seamless than ever. is approved in more states than any other provider, so it’s a fantastic option for those who cannot find either of the other programs in their state, with the same quality and ease of education, and even a few bucks cheaper.

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Get on the Road!

Founded in all of the above details, along with even further research, I can guarantee that Improv,, and are the best options for online driving schools for new drivers. Take any one of them and get on the road now!