California Traffic School & Defensive Driving Reviews

California Traffic School & Defensive Driving Reviews

Don’t worry. Taking a California traffic school isn’t really a big deal these days. I’m going to show you how to sign up for the fastest and easiest California traffic school and you’ll get to do the entire thing online. If you’re considering taking your California traffic school in a classroom, please keep reading so I can save you precious time and energy.

Traffic school in California is the fastest and easiest traffic school program in the country. In most states, your traffic school course has to last a certain amount of time. That means, in most states, online traffic schools have course timers where each page is timed and you can’t proceed until the timer reaches zero. If that sounds super annoying, you’d be right.

However, online traffic schools in California do not require the use of course timers!!

Trust me, this is a big deal and the reason you’ll want to take your California traffic school using an online service instead of sitting in a classroom for hours while you get lectured to.

Want The Fast Answer? This Is The Traffic School You Should Take In California

How Long Will California Traffic School Take?

California traffic school is supposed to take 8 stupid hours away from your life. I say “supposed to” because nobody ever spends that much time on it, as long as you take your traffic school course online. If you sign up for a classroom-based traffic school, well, you’re sort of at the mercy of the instructor and how seriously they feel like taking their job that day. I can just about guarantee you that taking your California traffic school online will be faster and easier.

Provided you take my advice and take your California traffic school online, you can realistically get it done within’ about 2 or 3 hours, but that’s if you’re working at a slow pace. A lot of people report finishing their California traffic school in under an hour when they do it online.

California Traffic School Reviews

Listed below are some reviews of the fastest and easiest California traffic schools you can sign up for. Yes, I have personally gone through each of these traffic schools. Back when I was still a driving instructor, I helped to create several online driver training products and I know all of the companies that are behind these traffic schools. I’m in a bit of a unique position to make traffic school recommendations, so if you want my advice, stick with the California traffic schools I’ve reviewed below. If for whatever reason you don’t like the traffic schools I’ve recommended, you can get a full list of every online traffic school that exists in California a bit further down this page. Just be aware, there are a LOT of them, and there are some really low-quality ones out there.

Don’t Forget Your Discounts! – Just a heads up, I contacted each of the below traffic schools and asked for discounts for my site visitors. If you use the links I provided, you will get a lower price.

TOP PICK: Aceable

Aceable Drivers Ed

I actually have a fun story about Aceable. Their California traffic school is the fastest and easiest one you can sign up for…. and I take full credit for that. I’ve been reviewing online traffic schools for a while now (yeah my life is that exciting), and I haven’t always listed Aceable as my top pick. Aceable called me up and asked why I wasn’t listing them as the #1 best traffic school in California. I’ll tell them exactly what I told them.

Prior to our phone call, Aceable had a video based traffic school for California. While their video course was high quality, I explained that people don’t really care if a traffic school is of “high quality” or not. All they care about is getting their traffic school done as quickly and easily as possible. So, what did Aceable do? They completely overhauled their entire California traffic school course and made it the fastest and easiest traffic school in California. You’re welcome, folks! It was all me!

Heck, they even created a rather funny commercial giving the exact same talking points that I gave them during our phone call. Check this out:

Seriously though, Aceable really is the best California traffic school. It’s fast, easy, cheap, they have great customer support, and it works the best on mobile devices just in case you want to take your traffic school on your phone or whatever. If you want more info about them, you can check out my Aceable review here. There are plenty of other great options for traffic schools in California, but this is my top recommendation.

Get The Best Deal On Aceable’s California Traffic School Course Here!

Best Online Traffic School

Looking to clear that annoying traffic ticket from your record? 

Then maybe Best Online Traffic School is your best bet – a fairly new traffic school loaded with great features that set it apart from the rest.

Did we forget to mention its user-friendly interface makes navigation a breeze? Moreover, you won’t need to deal with boring and never-ending texts in your traffic course. Plus, they also have a voice-over option to make everything easier for you!

What’s even better is that you can start the course without signup costs! 

Yes, that’s right – totally risk-free! 

You only need to pay for the course if you want to take the final exam and receive your certificate of completion. 

The Best Online Traffic School is committed to diversity, offering courses in English, Spanish, and Chinese. It is one of the only online traffic school in California that offers this thoughtful gesture.

Just like any road, there are a few bumps to consider. 

Best Online Traffic School’s courses aren’t the most affordable at $19.99. This may not be the cheapest option out there, but its awesome features make it worth the investment.

Check out this video for a quick walkthrough of the Best Online Traffic School’s course:

For more information, check our detailed Best Online Traffic School review here.


idrivesafely online traffic school reviews for 2018

iDriveSafely is another very quick and easy California traffic school you should consider. These guys have been around forever and have had literally more than 5 million traffic criminals like you get their tickets dismissed. This is also a traffic school that is actually based in California (Carlsbad), so if you’re into the whole “keep it local” thing, you may want to choose this one. Prior to Aceable overtaking the #1 spot, iDriveSafely was my top recommended California traffic school and they remained my top pick for about 7 years.

If you search for iDriveSafely reviews, you’ll notice that they aren’t all that great, but this is actually a little deceiving. Every online California traffic school must have an “identity verification system” in place. Basically, the government wants to make sure that YOU are really the one taking the course. Well, the identity verification system that iDriveSafely had in place started to fail and then locked people out of their course until they could call customer service. It was a disaster for sure, but that identity verification system has been completely changed, meaning those negative reviews are outdated.

In reality, iDriveSafely makes it about as fast and easy as possible to complete your traffic school requirements. It’s mostly a text-based course, so what I recommend is taking a screenshot of each page until you reach the exam, then you can reference your screenshots to find all the answers you need. I also recommend doing this in your underwear while doing a Netflix marathon, but that is not required.

In short, iDriveSafely is another fast, easy, and cheap way to complete your California traffic school requirements and you’ll be doing that with a legit company that has been around for over 10 years with millions of previous guinea pigs. It’s a safe bet.

Get The Best Deal On iDiveSafely’s California Traffic School Course Here

Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

I think out of all the California traffic school reviews I’ve done, Improv Traffic School was legitimately the most entertaining traffic school I’ve gone through. Improv Traffic School is operated by the same company that runs the nationwide chain of Improv comedy clubs. In fact, many times they run promotions where you can take their California traffic school and get 2 free tickets to a comedy club.

Improv Traffic School got started back in the 90s during the pre-internet days (or at least before online traffic school existed). Back then, they had physical classroom-based traffic schools but the driving instructor was also a Hollywood comedian. Obviously, back when people were forced to take traffic school in a classroom, the entertainment factor they brought was a very welcome change. They ended up being one of the most popular traffic school classes in California and they still operate some classroom courses on a limited basis.

Once online traffic schools started becoming the norm, they got state certified and brought their comedy traffic school course online. They have had millions of students “graduate” from their online traffic school over the past 20 or so years. Chances are, you’re just going to blow through your traffic school course anyway, but if you actually want to take it seriously and go through the material, this is the most entertaining traffic school you can sign up for in California. It’s fast, funny, and the price is right. The only thing is, Improv Traffic School might not be everyone’s style of comedy. If you like the slapstick and goofy style of comedy, though, it could be for you. The below video is what I’m talking about. If you think it’s funny, chances are you’ll be amused by this course. If not, well, this probably isn’t the best traffic school for you.

Get The Best Deal In Improv Traffic School Here!

Go To Traffic School

Go To Traffic School Coupon Code

Go To Traffic School isn’t exactly the highest quality or most technically advanced traffic school in California, but they are legit and cheap. A lot of people don’t really care about having Holywood comedians or fancy 360-degree videos and all that other crap. They just want to sign up for a fast traffic school at the cheapest price possible. Well, Go To Traffic School sort of fills that void.

Go To Traffic School doesn’t have much in the way of user reviews online, which is really odd since they’ve had more than 4 million people take their course. The mostly positive reviews all include referral codes so people can get a commission by having you use their referral code. That’s why I personally signed up for the course myself to see what it was like.

All in all, I felt this course is best for those who just want to save some bucks as Go To Traffic School tends to be on the cheaper side. It does work on mobile devices, but I wouldn’t exactly say it works all that well. I mean, it never crashed my iPhone or anything, but it just feels a little slow and clunky compared to courses like Aceable which have dedicated apps for each device you want to take your course on. The material itself feels like it’s straight out of the 90s, which it probably is.

With that said, it’s fast, legit, and probably cheaper than any of the other California traffic schools I’ve reviewed here. So if you’re on a budget and you’re looking for the cheapest California traffic school you can find, Go To Traffic School may be what you’re looking for.

Get The Best Deal On Go To Traffic School Here

Traffic School 101

Traffic School 101 Discount Code

Traffic School 101 is the final California traffic school I will recommend. This is a very unique traffic school that is probably only best for a limited number of people, but I still wanted to include it here.

If you happen to have a slow internet connection, Traffic School 101 is the course you want to take. It’s hard for some people to believe that a large portion of the population still has a crappy internet connection. I was forced to endure several years of satellite internet and it was just awful. It gives me sympathy for those who are still being forced to endure such torture.

Traffic School 101 is just a plain text course with 6 quizzes and a final exam. There’s no video, hardly any pictures, and it doesn’t work particularly well on mobile devices, but it’ll get your California traffic school requirements done the fastest if you are still on a crap internet connection.

Get The Best Deal On Traffic School 101 Here!

Full List Of All Online Traffic Schools In California

In my California traffic school reviews, I gave you what I think are the best 5 traffic schools in California that you can take online. I VERY highly recommend you stick with the above traffic schools, but if for some reason you don’t like any of my suggestions, here is a list of every online traffic school in California. There are literally hundreds of traffic schools in California, so if you decide to ignore my advice, best of luck to you my friend. Just click on some of these randomly and you’ll see that the vast majority of California traffic schools are absolutely terrible. You can get an updated list here.

Online Traffic School Phone Number License Number
17 MILE DRIVING SCHOOL (831)251-4507 Lic #: E0801
1ST CHOICE DRIVING/TRAFFIC (323)299-2783 Lic #: E1976
24 7 TRAFFIC SCHOOL ONLINE (800)455-585 Lic #: E1986
24/7 MR MRS TRAFFIC SCHOOL ESP (714)318-7770 Lic #: E9559
365 DIAS ESCUELA DE TRAFICO (714)341-779 Lic #: E0398
4 LAZY TRAFFIC SCHOOL ONLINE (800)783-9313 Lic #: E1984
5 B U C K S C O U R S E COM (800)775-9326 Lic #: E0738
5 B U C K S TRAFFIC SCHOOL COM (800)382-8723 Lic #: E0584
5 D O L L A R TRAFFIC SCHOOL (800)934-6285 Lic #: E1014
5 D O L L A R TRAFFIC SCHOOL (800)537-4203 Lic #: E0855
5 D O L L A R TRAFFIC SCHOOL (800)518-9079 Lic #: E0873
5 D O L L A R TRAFFIC SCHOOL (800)513-937 Lic #: E0851
7 DAYS A WEEK/EVENING CLASSES (800)400-8996 Lic #: E0142
7 DAYS AND HOLIDAYS TRAFFIC (714)872-6583 Lic #: E9558
7 DAYS TRAFFIC SCHOOL COM (877)777-4582 Lic #: E0122
A CAMINO REAL DRIVING AND (562)641-5712 Lic #: E8315
A PLUS SAFETY LLC (530)222-1210 Lic #: E1909
A TO Z TRAFFIC SCHOOL (213)481-6626 Lic #: E0236
A1 TRAFFIC SCHOOL (310)390-3303 Lic #: E0443
AAF DRIVING/TRAFFIC SCHOOL (909)355-3214 Lic #: E9664
ACADEMIA DE TRAFICO EN ESPANOL (209)462-182 Lic #: E0914
ACADEMY OF DEFENSIVE DRIVING (949)240-115 Lic #: E1648
ACADEMY TRAFFIC SCHOOL (805)522-3646 Lic #: E1533
ACE TRAFFIC SCHOOL (626)571-1095 Lic #: E1381
ACEABLE TRAFFIC SCHOOL (855)223-7778 Lic #: E0803
ADRIANAS TRAFFIC SCHOOL (888)309-4545 Lic #: E0971
AHORA MISMO TVS SPANISH/ENGLIS (714)552-9990 Lic #: E1044
ALL SEASONS TRAFFIC SCHOOL (909)948-5374 Lic #: E1511
ALLIED TRAFFIC SCHOOL (323)660-1134 Lic #: E1743
ALWAYS ONLINE TRAFFIC SCHOOL (818)638-3143 Lic #: E1985
ALWAYS OPEN TRAFFIC SCHOOL COM (888)556-5532 Lic #: E0124
AMERICA TRAFFIC SCHOOL (323)261-3060 Lic #: E1403
AMERICAN FREEDOM DRIVING (714)503-9800 Lic #: E0403
ATLAS TRAFFIC SCHOOL (818)893-7676 Lic #: E1056
BAY AREA DRIVING SCHOOL (510)886-1016 Lic #: E8579
BAY HILL TRAFFIC SCHOOL (510)943-4301 Lic #: E0419
BELL GARDENS TRAFFIC SCHOOL (562)776-8672 Lic #: E1083
BEST ONLINE TRAFFIC SCHOOL (530)553-8813 Lic #: E1314
BEST TRAFFIC SCHOOL COM (877)991-2378 Lic #: E1966
CALIFORNIA COMEDY COURSE COM (800)503-9783 Lic #: E0465
CHAMPION TRAFFIC SCHOOL (626)964-9980 Lic #: E1392
CHEAP EASY FAST TRAFFIC SCHOOL (800)554-4912 Lic #: E0145
CHEAP SCHOOL (800)234-7283 Lic #: E0067
CHEAP TRAFFIC SCHOOL FOR LESS (800)889-514 Lic #: E1210
CITATIONSTATION COM (800)278-3718 Lic #: E0311
COMEDIANS TEACH YOU ONLINE COM (800)253-5678 Lic #: E1938
COMEDY SCHOOL (800)341-5554 Lic #: E0462
COMEDYTRAFFICSCHOOL COM (800)301-60 Lic #: E0119
COMMUNITY DRIVING/TRAFFIC (323)222-3333 Lic #: E1655
DAILYTRAFFICSCHOOL COM (562)596-3989 Lic #: E0760
DAY OR NIGHT TRAFFIC SCHOOL (800)860-2226 Lic #: E0129
DDS TRAFFIC SCHOOL OF (818)264-779 Lic #: E0608
DEFENSIVE DRIVERS GROUP (877)883-7290 Lic #: E1868
DISCOUNT TRAFFIC SCHOOL (714)363-2909 Lic #: E0397
DRIVESAFETODAY CA INC (800)991-310 Lic #: E8319
DUMMIESTRAFFICSCHOOLCOM (877)382-3700 Lic #: E1826
DUNN RITE TRAFFIC VIOLATOR (760)948-7522 Lic #: E1100
E G DRIVING SCHOOL/TRAFFIC (909)350-789 Lic #: E1766
EASY 4 U TRAFFIC SCHOOL (800)625-6017 Lic #: E1863
EASY TO PASS TRAFFIC SCHOOL (800)967-9513 Lic #: E1894
EASYTRAFFICSCHOOLCOM (888)609-9906 Lic #: E9561
EUREKA DRIVING/TRAFFIC SCHOOL (707)442-1355 Lic #: E1417
FAST AND EASY TRAFFIC SCHOOL (858)488-1802 Lic #: E1847
FAST LANE TRAFFIC SCHOOL (626)797-4888 Lic #: E1571
FINISHFAST COM (800)805-9348 Lic #: E8581
FORD TRAFFIC SCHOOL (323)666-1212 Lic #: E1086
FREEWAY TRAFFIC SCHOOL (951)688-7077 Lic #: E1745
GLENDORA TRAFFIC/DRIVING (626)963-5863 Lic #: E9663
GOODBYETICKET COM (800)439-8464 Lic #: E0318
GOT A TICKET COM TRAFFIC (800)406-9026 Lic #: E1883
GOTOTRAFFICSCHOOLCOM (888)329-7069 Lic #: E1990
HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SCHOOL (888)406-1726 Lic #: E9564
HOSANNA TRAFFIC SCHOOL (213)383-7774 Lic #: E0980
IDRIVESAFELYCOM (800)723-1955 Lic #: E0138
IMPERIAL VALLEY COLLEGE (760)355-6303 Lic #: E0681
KANOR DRIVING SCHOOL INC (714)821-4578 Lic #: E0402
LITTLE SAIGON TRAFFIC SCHOOL (714)895-4565 Lic #: E0615
MAS TRAFFIC SCHOOL (909)961-2927 Lic #: E0374
MILLENNIUM INS AGENCY INC/ (213)683-4868 Lic #: E1459
MISSION VALLEY DAY/NIGHT TVS (619)491-777 Lic #: E1372
MIT TRAFFIC SCHOOL ENG/SPANISH (888)983-2444 Lic #: E1708
MM TRAFFIC SCHOOL (619)549-3280 Lic #: E0504
MODERN TRAFFIC SCHOOL (626)810-1886 Lic #: E0843
MVO CHEAP TRAFFIC SCHOOL (424)785-7481 Lic #: E1970
NATIONAL DRIVING/TRAFFIC (877)786-5969 Lic #: E1779
NEWPORT DRIVING SCHOOL (949)975-8425 Lic #: E1996
NICE AND EASY TRAFFIC SCHOOL (818)442-20 Lic #: E1663
NOBODYLIKESTICKETSCOM (800)659-5113 Lic #: E9636
NORCAL DRIVING SCHOOL (916)721-4001 Lic #: E1447
OC TRAFFIC SCHOOL (714)554-5122 Lic #: E1862
OCEAN VIEW TRAFFIC SAFETY (877)503-7702 Lic #: E8318
OMG TRAFFIC SCHOOL (800)489-1866 Lic #: E0688
ONE CLICK TRAFFIC SCHOOL (855)893-3535 Lic #: E0541
ONE DAY TRAFFIC SCHOOL (877)245-6972 Lic #: E1892
OPEN EVERY DAY TVS ENGLISH/ (949)283-1258 Lic #: E0400
POWAY/RANCHO BERNARDO/ (858)486-1074 Lic #: E1178
QUARTZ HILL DRIVING/TRAFFIC (661)350-636 Lic #: E1813
RAASVELD TRAFFIC SCHOOL (951)929-6247 Lic #: E0519
REDDING TRAFFIC VIOLATOR (530)221-3959 Lic #: E1749
REMOVEATICKETCOM (877)250-4953 Lic #: E1903
ROCKY COLOGNES COMEDY (800)456-5348 Lic #: E1255
SACRAMENTO DRIVING SCHOOL (916)424-8877 Lic #: E1148
SAFE2DRIVE (800)763-1297 Lic #: E1854
SANTA FE DRIVING/TRAFFIC (559)582-7792 Lic #: E1251
SAV ON DRIVING/TRAFFIC SCHOOL (818)500-8332 Lic #: E1654
SOUTH GATE DRIVING/TRAFFIC (323)560-8754 Lic #: E1193
TICKET TOASTER (800)680-2634 Lic #: E1870
TICKETNOMORECOM (877)837-5722 Lic #: E1884
TO START TEXT CHEAP TO 46284 (877)658-9449 Lic #: E9634
TO START TEXT DRIVE TO 46284 (877)412-7560 Lic #: E9632
TO START TEXT EASY TO 46284 (877)659-414 Lic #: E9625
TO START TEXT FAST TO 46284 (866)346-8734 Lic #: E9624
TO START TEXT PASS TO 46284 (877)659-3026 Lic #: E9626
TO START TEXT QUICK TO 46284 (877)659-381 Lic #: E9627
TO START TEXT SAVE TO 46284 (855)534-6693 Lic #: E9628
TO START TEXT SIMPLE TO 46284 (888)447-6953 Lic #: E9631
TO START TEXT TICKET TO 46284 (888)260-9423 Lic #: E9644
TO START TEXT TICKETS TO 46284 (888)897-1875 Lic #: E9629
TO START TEXT TRAFFIC TO 46284 (877)412-7561 Lic #: E9633
TRAFFIC DEPOT INC (559)297-600 Lic #: E0444
TRAFFIC SCHOOL 4 BUSY PEOPLE (800)287-9841 Lic #: E0543
TRAFFIC SCHOOL SIMPLE COM (800)335-1166 Lic #: E0153
TRAFFICSCHOOLBYIMPROV COM (800)888-8526 Lic #: E1515
TRAFFICSCHOOLCOM (800)691-5014 Lic #: E1393
TRAFFICSCHOOLONLINE COM (800)800-3579 Lic #: E1901
TRAFFICSCHOOLQUICKCOM (800)425-514 Lic #: E1898
TRAFFICSCHOOLTOGOCOM (818)670-7772 Lic #: E1980
UNION TRAFFIC SCHOOL (213)251-33 Lic #: E1702
UNIVERSAL TRAFFIC SCHOOL (760)434-9504 Lic #: E0682
URBAN TRAFFIC SCHOOL (408)634-3232 Lic #: E0538
US TRAFFIC ACADEMY (310)905-2191 Lic #: E0176
WHY ME PORQUE YO TRAFFIC (855)656-1803 Lic #: E1784
WORLD FAMOUS COMEDY TRAFFIC SC (800)966-906 Lic #: E1989
WWW CHEAP FAST FUN COM (800)838-5844 Lic #: E1924
WWW CHEAP QUICK COURSE COM (844)368-2102 Lic #: E1246
WWW EASIEST COURSE ALLOWED (844)369-4083 Lic #: E1294
WWW EASIEST COURSE ALLOWED (844)369-4082 Lic #: E1293
WWW EASIEST COURSE ALLOWED COM (844)369-4079 Lic #: E1292
WWW EASY FAST COURSE COM (844)368-2098 Lic #: E1244
WWW ESCUELA A MI TIEMPO COM (909)665-3991 Lic #: E0376
WWW FAST AND FUN ONLINE COM (800)482-7043 Lic #: E0241
WWW FAST COURSE 4 LESS COM (800)718-5377 Lic #: E9635
WWW FASTEST COURSE ON LIST COM (661)460-9126 Lic #: E8235
WWW FUN AND EASY ONLINE COM (800)356-9460 Lic #: E0161
WWW SHORTEST COURSE ALLOWED (844)369-9104 Lic #: E1209
WWW SIMPLE FAST FUN COM (800)310-9172 Lic #: E1925
WWW SIMPLE TRAFFIC COURSE COM (844)368-2112 Lic #: E1256
WWW SUPER QUICK COURSE COM (844)368-2784 Lic #: E1177
WWW SWIFT TRAFFIC SCHOOL COM (844)368-2110 Lic #: E1257
WWW TRAFFIC101 COM (800)373-7313 Lic #: E1988
WWW TRAFFICSCHOOLMASTER COM (800)875-1940 Lic #: E0820
WWWESCUELADETRAFICOCOM (800)834-4757 Lic #: E0784
WWWFUN4UFAST2COM (800)310-9060 Lic #: E1926
WWWOLTSCOM (747)264-4455 Lic #: E1279
ZAKI TRAFFIC SCHOOL (800)797-9254 Lic #: E1364
ZOAN DRIVING SCHOOL CORP (626)831-6391 Lic #: E1836

In any case, I hope this helped, and best of luck to you my traffic violator friend. This will all be over soon!

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