Online Virginia Driving School Reviews

Online Virginia Driving School Reviews

Virginia driving school can now be completed online. That, my friends, is pretty cool. Not only are online drivers education courses less expensive than traditional classroom-based courses, but they are more effective at teaching.

Think about it… Boring classroom with a boring teacher lecturing or interactive animations, videos, and quizzes from the comfort of your own home and at a pace you’re comfortable with. Online is the wave of the future, and the state of Virginia has recognized this.

Online driver ed programs are now officially accepted for your drivers education requirements in every single district.

Choosing the best online Virginia driving school

Unfortunately, you have some homework to do (don’t worry, I’m about to help with that). Your first task is finding a good, reputable, and honest Virginia driving school-based online. That is a bit difficult because let’s face it, nobody has ever heard of any of these online drivers education courses. The internet is filled with scammy sites or simply low quality and low budget driving schools. That’s where I come in to save the day!

You see, I live a very boring life. Therefore, I personally went through several online Virginia driving school courses (no, really, my life is that boring). What I found was that most of these online drivers ed classes are legitimate, but low budget and don’t do a great job of teaching. Therefore, I can only recommend two courses.

These are the only online driving classes that meet my standards on price, course quality, reputation, and overall experience. If you go with anybody besides what I listed below, there is a very good chance you’re signing up for a low budget driving school. So beware!

My online driver education recommendations

My top pick: iDriveSafely Virginia Teen Drivers Course


iDriveSafelyWithout a doubt, the iDriveSafely drivers education class is the best Virginia driving school offered online. No question. The first thing that caught my attention is how they really integrate the parents into the entire process. If parents don’t want to be involved, they certainly don’t have to. But this is the only school that I’ve found which provides resources for both the student driver as well as the parents. No other school I’ve seen strikes such a nice balance.

It’s also the most interactive online drivers ed program I’ve taken. The course kept me engaged and interested during the entire thing. The videos, graphics, and animations are really good. We’re not talking Disney quality here, but they don’t cheap out like most of the other schools. They’ve spent some money putting it all together.

Part of the reason they do all these things so well is because they have experience. They were the first website to offer Virginia driving school online. Knowing that more than 2-million people have already used this site over a 10+ year span with an A+ rating from the BBB pretty much removes all doubt that they are a serious company, not just some fly by night making a quick buck. That’s why iDriveSafely gets my top pick and by a long shot. Nobody even comes close.

My second choice:


Teen Driving CourseWhile I don’t think the course quality is as good as the iDriveSafely program, the actual information provided is top notch, which in the end is what really matters. Some of the graphics, animations, and videos are clearly low budget (almost comical at times), but they prepare students for the written exams (driving theory test) extremely well. Plus, this program is a bit less expensive than iDriveSafely, so it you’re on a budget and don’t care about the videos / animations all that much, this is a great way to go.

Similar to iDriveSafely, they have been around for about 10 years now. So they have established a reputation and are well known in the industry. Since so many online drivers ed programs are just in it for the money (they make a quick buck, shut down, and move on), I prefer schools that have been around for a long time and have proven themselves. This course has certainly met those requirements.

Overall, they are state-approved for Virginia and have a very good record of success for teen drivers. In fact, they guarantee that you’ll pass. Don’t pass, don’t pay! So while I personally prefer the iDriveSafely course to fulfill your Virginia driving school requirements, this is one is a great option for those on a budget.

Check out updated pricing specials here

(Be sure to enter promo code MRD000A23 at the bottom of the sign up form!)

Two other recommended choices

Although these are not my personal recommendations, these two other choices are worth checking into simply because they have been there for the longest time – they know what students need and how to serve them best.

The first one is DriverEdToGo, which is one of the earliest driving schools online. The course they offer is designed by leading experts in the industry. This course has served over 4 million students already across the US.

DriversEdToGo has some special features that you can find in other online driving schools, such as their PrepWizard that can help prepare students for their DMV tests. They also have a games corner where you can unwind if you want to take a break from studying.

Meanwhile, DriversEd has over 30 years of experience in providing driver’s education. Plus, for those who are looking into getting their learner’s permit, they are the best school to prepare for your behind-the-wheel training. Why?

Their course has a very interactive curriculum that covers traffic rules and driving laws specific to the state of Virginia. You’ll be entertained as well while you learn with their 3D animated videos and driving simulations that can help you visualize how it is in the real driving world.

They have also updated the user interface of their mobile app recently, so you’re sure to get a seamless learning experience on the go. In case you encounter technical issues, they have reliable customer service that you can get in touch with 24/7.

By the way, both schools also offer insurance discounts! Just make sure to confirm the terms and conditions with your insurance providers before signing up.

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