The Best Vehicle Cam Systems For Your Car

The Best Vehicle Cam Systems For Your Car

No vehicle cam is exactly like the next, which can make things a bit intimidating when it comes to choosing the best vehicle cam for you and your car. Before setting out to find your perfect vehicle cam, there are two things you’ll want to consider prior to even doing your first search – the size of your car, and the use for your cam. Do you have a big truck and want a cam to protect you from fraud or accident liability? Do you drive a sports car that you want to take across the country? Are you driving a mid-sized car and want a cam for a little bit of all of the above?

Today’s vehicle cam can do quite a bit, and you’ll want to make sure the one you choose can do just what you need it to when you need it to the most.

Best Vehicle Cam Systems For Larger Cars And Trucks

For those driving large cars and trucks, taking up too much windshield space isn’t too much of an issue, but making sure you have the right angles covered is. Unlike smaller cars, these bigger vehicles have plenty of space for a sizable vehicle cam, and shouldn’t be distracting even with a full LCD screen windshield camera like a smaller sports car may be. That being said, you may run into issues with cameras that don’t offer wide enough angles of the road ahead. In a larger vehicle you have larger blind spots and more area to cover, so you’ll want to prioritize nice wide angles in your vehicle cam choice.

One vehicle cam perfect for larger cars or trucks is the KDLINKS DX2 Dash Cam, with a front and rear camera totaling a full 290 degree viewing capacity. The front camera covers 165 degrees, while the back camera covers 125 degrees, leaving you with a full view of what is going on all around your larger vehicle. Those pesky blind spots are no longer an issue, and you can rest assured that you have a good grasp of what is happening no matter where it happens in the vicinity of your car.

Wide angles aren’t the only things offered by the KDLINKS DX2 vehicle cam, as it also provides WDR night vision, G sensors that lock in footage as soon as a collision is detected, a ready to use 16GB micro SD card, and automatic hands-free recording. What this means is that the vehicle cam will begin recording as soon as you start moving, capture crystal clear video during the day or night, and make sure that you have the most important footage locked in to the memory and ready to go. Additionally, the vehicle cam also comes with a 1 year full warranty and customer support, so you can rest assured that the camera hardware will work, and you’ll know just how to use it.

Footage From The KDLINKS DX2 Dash Cam

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Best Vehicle Cam For Smaller Vehicles

For smaller vehicles, a camera as sizable as the KDLINKS DX2 might simply take up too much space on the windshield or the dash. In a small sports car, for instance, mounting a camera of this size may take up too much of the space you need to see the road from or place a distraction right in your line of vision. For this reason, a stealthier camera is often recommended for sports cars and smaller vehicles, and the HiCool P3 is just what you’re looking for. The HiCool P3 vehicle cam has a professional design built for stealth, and was artfully engineered to be small, compact, easy to handle, and difficult to see. Not just for small sports cars, any vehicle that is looking for a vehicle cam that prides itself on stealth can make great use of this unit.

The HiCool P3 covers a really nice 170 degree viewing angle, so you’re given sweeping views of the road ahead, as well as WDR night vision technology. What WDR achieves is the ability to adjust automatically depending on the light condition, so if you’re driving from midday into midnight, you’re getting the same quality video without having to adjust or even touch your vehicle cam. The Loop Recording of the HiCool P3 makes sure the camera starts as soon as you do, and G sensor technology locks in footage to the memory system whenever the cam detects a collision. You never need to turn the vehicle cam on, or run into a situation where you’ve forgotten to turn it on, and your most relevant footage is automatically locked in for when you need it the most.

Vehicle Cam Systems For Any Vehicle Or Need

The Best Vehicle Cam Systems For Your CarToday’s vehicle cam systems cover a much wider range of needs than just larger vehicles and smaller vehicles, but the size of your vehicle should be your first consideration when choosing the vehicle cam system that works best for you. A few other things to consider when choosing your ideal vehicle cam system are:

  • Your use – If you plan to use your vehicle cam system for stealthy fraud detection on the road, naturally you’ll want a stealthy system. A larger vehicle cam system that may be spotted right away could cause unwanted complications from those attempting fraud, so you’ll need to look for something smaller and less noticeable. If you plan to record and keep large amounts of footage, like in the instance of a road trip, stealth may be less important, and a larger memory capacity should be your priority.
  • Price ranges – Today’s vehicle cam systems come in a vast array of price ranges. On the lower end, you can find a perfectly suitable vehicle cam with necessary specs but not too many bells and whistles in the $30 to $50 range. On the higher end, the most state of the art and inclusive vehicle cam systems can run into the several hundred dollar range, but may be worth it to those looking for a cam that really covers everything.

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