The Best Dash Cameras Of 2019

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With so many great dash cams out there this year, it’s difficult to choose one single dash camera to call the best above all others. What can be done, however, is break 2019’s best dash cameras into different categories, all to suit different needs, giving you a way to find the very best dash camera for exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s size, stealth, storage capability, angle range, or price, there is a dash camera out there that will be best for you specifically.

Before we get into specific dash cam recommendations, here is a quick breakdown of the best selling dash cams of 2019 on Amazon:

Best Dash Camera For Stealth And Size

Stealth and size are two pretty important aspects for those who want a dash camera that won’t be too obvious or obstruct your view while driving. For example, a Ford truck can take a pretty sizable dash cam and it can be placed in several out-of-the-way locations. This might not be the case for someone driving a Toyota Yaris.

These are perfect in situations when a person would prefer their camera not to be visible (or obvious) from outside the vehicle, or for smaller vehicles like sports cars, and they’re great for providing all of the benefits without being too distracting while you’re on the road.

The best dash camera for size and stealth in 2019 is the Pruveeo F5 Dash Cam, which is a small unit that weighs in at just around 8 ounces, offers hidden installation, and makes accessing your video whenever you need to easy. One really special aspect of the Pruveeo F5 is its app support with both IOS and Android devices. With its small size, it does feature a small LCD display, but getting a better view has never been simpler. The app allows you to connect your dash camera with your mobile device, and using only WiFi, you can view, download, and configure your video footage right from your smartphone with the tap of an icon. The full HD video on your mobile device makes taking your footage with you easier than ever.

Best Dash Camera For Storage

Storage capabilities are another important aspect that many camera shoppers look for in their chosen device. If you’re planning a road trip, or you simply want to record and keep a lot of data, you’re going to want to look for a dash camera that prides itself on handling a good bit of storage. For this need, the ThinkWare X500D Dashcam is 2019’s best pick, and this camera boasts quite a few bells and whistles along with its excellent storage.

Supporting a 32GB Micro SD card, the camera can record and store up to 8 to 10 hours of video footage at any given time, making it perfect for storing large amounts of data or use documenting a road trip. Front and rear surveillance keeps watch on your car and your surroundings from all angles, and a built in GPS records important data like location and speed to go along with any specific video clips. With a full LCD display, this is a slightly larger dash camera, measuring in at 4.1” x 1.1” x 2.2”.

Best Dash Camera For Wide Angles

A wide range of angles will give you a better view of your surroundings, and it might be a necessary addition for those with larger vehicles. A big truck will have larger blind spots to look out for when compared to a small compact vehicle, and a wide angle dash camera will make sure all of them are taken care of. 2019’s best wide angle dash camera is the KDLINKS DX2 Dash Cam, which has a 165 degree front angle viewing, and 125 back angle viewing, giving you a full 290 degrees in video coverage.

With a large LCD touch screen, this is an ideal dash camera to use for trucks, vans, and other larger vehicles, as it creates the perfect display and coverage to successfully record and view anything you may need while driving on the road or sitting in a lot. The night vision on the KDLINKS DX2 is also superior, giving you beautiful all lighting shots with its F1.6 Six Glass lenses. With 83% 5/5 star reviews on Amazon, the KDLINKS DX2 is a highly satisfying dash cam that many customers are exceptionally pleased with.

Best Value Dash Camera

For those who aren’t quite sure if they should invest in a dash camera, or they simply want to stick with the basics, finding the best value is probably a priority. 2019 has a ton of really great basic dash camera picks for very reasonable prices, so it’s really up to you to determine what your best pick will be. Will you prioritize space? Wide angles? An LCD touch screen? GPS? What you’re going to pay will really depend on the types of features you want.

For a basic and proficient suggestion, however, a really spectacular 2019 value dash camera is the DB Power Dash Cam, with great wide angles, an LCD touch screen, 32GB SD card support for superior storage, looped video features, and a 1 year risk free warranty, all for around $40. What this dash camera has to offer are all of the basics needs you’re going to want out of your camera, allowing you to try it out and see what it’s all about, and for a price that isn’t too much of a risk. The 1-year risk-free warranty and customer support ensures you’ll be satisfied with your camera, and be able to use it efficiently no matter how tech savvy you may be at the start.

Whether you’re looking for value, size, storage, angles, picture, or any other specific feature in your dash camera, 2019 has something to offer that will really leave you impressed. The wide world of modern dash cams really cover every need you may have, and you’ll find that choosing the best within your specific need will be an investment well made. While there is no specific single best dash camera of 2019, there are bests in each category, which really serves those looking to invest in or learn more about dash cameras catered to in a pretty unique way. Because no two needs are exactly the same, no two dash cameras are exactly the same, and it’s the consumer who benefits from the variety.

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