What Is The Best Automobile Camera System?

What Is The Best Automobile Camera System?

Making a choice about which automobile camera system is the best is easier said than done. There are various options available to consumers that promise this or do that, but only a few can actually back up those claims. Two models tend to go above and beyond the rest, and after hearing all of the particulars, you will be able to decide which one is the best automobile camera system.

The Itrue Automobile Camera System

Best Dash Camera System

The Itrue X6D dash cam, model number LYSB01L4911PS-ELECTRNCS, eclipses other dash cameras in a variety of different ways. It sells at and is a steal considering the way that it effectively does the job that it is intended to do. From the design of the camera to the customer service department, this is a great automobile camera system, which is why it is in contention to be the best. Some of the most prominent and unique features include…

  • 170-degree wide angle lens for the front and 120-degree angle for the back cameras
  • Gives you full HD videos at 1920*1080P and at 30 FPS
  • Rear camera VGA
  • Smart parking surveillance
  • G-Sensor technology to auto-lock videos when an accident occurs

Naming them all would take up entirely too much room for one review, but these few listed give you an idea of what this camera has to offer. One thing that truly sets this automobile camera system apart from the others is that it gives you everything you need, together in one box, for quick set up capabilities and use. Most camera systems do not include the memory card, and one must be purchased separately, however, this package includes 16GB microSD card. You are ready to go, straight out of the box.

It has a sleek, sophisticated design that meshes well with any type of interior. This camera is easy to install, mount, and use. The 3M adhesive mounting holders keep the front and rear cameras securely in place. Both cameras record at the same time, and the files can be stored in separate folders for convenience. Perhaps the best reason for this camera being in the running for the best automobile camera system is because of the great video and images that it provides you with.

License plates and other small distinguishing characteristics can be made out, without having to squint your eyes and hold your head sideways. The one downfall that might hold this camera back is that without a light source at night, the videos may tend to be lacking and hard to make out. The key word in that sentence is “may”. The customer service department goes above and beyond to make sure that their product is working properly. All of these functions, bells, and whistles contribute to this camera being the best automobile camera system for many people.

VIDEO: ITrue X6D Automobile Camera System Review

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The WheelWitness HD Pro Automobile Camera System

WheelWitness Automobile Dash Camera

The WheelWitness HD Pro with GPS dash cam is just as equally impressive as the Itrue camera. That is the reason why it makes this list as well. The model number is WWHDPRO, and it sells for $124.97 at This dash cam also comes conveniently packaged with a 16GB microSD card, so it comes with everything you need to start recording videos. A few of its better qualities include…

  • 2304×1296P resolution
  • Continuous loop recording
  • 3 different mounts that make it a good choice for multiple vehicles uses
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology
  • GPS enabled

The mounts are easy to install and so is the wiring for the camera. The 170-degree wide-angle lens is able to capture vivid and detailed images that are easy to see on the 3.0” LCD display. Timestamp capabilities allow you to keep track of important videos with little to no effort at all. The G-Sensor technology allows the camera to record accidents, even when you are not in the vehicle. The design somewhat reflects that of a digital camera, and it can add to the beauty of the inside of your car.

There are a couple of notable downsides to this automobile camera system that consumers need to be made aware of. The camera does not have dual view capabilities. It only records what is in front of your car, but what it does record, it does it very well. This may not be the best choice for you if you are considering using it as a compliment while being an Uber or Lyft driver.

The instruction manual is somewhat difficult to understand. You may have problems trying to figure out all of the functions, and the proper ways to make them operational. Of course, this can be said of a lot of products on the market, including other dash cams, so this little tidbit should not add to your decision about which is the best automobile camera system.

VIDEO: WheelWitness HD Pro Automobile Camera System Test

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And The Winner For Best Automobile Camera System Is….

What Is The Best Automobile Camera System?At first glance, the Itrue X6D appears to be the clear front-runner, but it depends entirely on the needs of the consumer. What is the main purpose of the camera system? Does it need dual view capabilities to meet your needs? Both cameras do a very effective job at recording crisp, clear, and dynamic video, and both have functions and options that are desirable in an automobile camera system, but only one can be the very best.

Given that the Itrue only costs a little bit more, gives you the front and rear-facing cameras, and that it is attractive looking, to add style to your vehicle, the Itrue X6D is the best camera system for any vehicle.

Don’t just take this review’s word for it though, dig a little deeper, do a little researching, and find out if it is the best for you and your situation. Before you impulsively buy a dash cam know what you are getting, and what you are paying for. Whatever your decision winds up being, make sure that you get the most bang for your buck.

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