Why Surveillance Cameras For Cars Are Becoming So Popular

Surveillance Cameras For Cars

Surveillance cameras for cars have been a mainstay for law enforcement for many years, but they’ve become more and more popular amongst the general public in recent times.

There are several reasons why surveillance cameras for cars have risen in popularity, and much has to do with their ability to be an unbiased witness in the event of an accident, getting pulled over for a ticket, or to prevent cases of insurance fraud.

Simply, surveillance cameras for cars show what really happened while you were behind the wheel, and the footage can be shared to show the exact turn of events.

Surveillance Cameras For Cars If You’ve Been In An Accident

For accident cases, surveillance cameras for cars can really clear up any question over the cause of the collision. If the accident was caused by another driver’s negligence, the footage will show just that, and it will often be able to be used as evidence in a court of law to prove what really happened. On the other end of the spectrum, if your negligent driving was the cause of an accident, the footage will show this as well, as it provides a completely unbiased and factual account of the event as a whole.

If insurance fraud was suspected in the accident, the dash camera will show this as well. For instance, in “swoop and squat” accident cases, when a driver intentionally cuts another driver off to cause a rear-end collision, without dash camera footage the driver who hits the rear bumper of the other driver is often automatically considered to be “at-fault” for following too closely or neglecting road conditions.

This is a big reason why this type of insurance fraud scheme has become so popular, it is nearly failsafe. With surveillance cameras for cars, however, your dash camera footage will show the driver attempting to commit insurance fraud driving irresponsibly and trying to cause an accident, which can put the case back into your favor. Surveillance cameras for cars don’t just help in “swoop and squat” cases and can prove your innocence in any type of insurance fraud scheme.

Keeping Teen Drivers Accountable

In the United States, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teens according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2013, while teens represented only 7% of the US population, teen drivers were responsible for 11% of the total costs of car accidents in the same year, and in 2014 6 teens died in motor vehicle accidents every day. Getting out on the road is a rite of passage for most teens, and something they really look forward to, but how can parents make sure their teens are being responsible and safe while learning the rules of the road?

Surveillance cameras for cars will record teen drivers and keep them accountable for their traffic-related behavior, while also giving parents peace of mind that they can be with their teen, in a way, each time they get behind the wheel.

Today’s surveillance cameras for cars also have the option to include GPS systems, which will allow you to know just where your teen has been driving, their speed, and their stops along the way. The KDLINKS X1 Full HD with GPS dash camera is one that has this built-in GPS capability, which records GPS data directly onto the dashcam video footage. As one of the highest-rated surveillance cameras for cars on Amazon, this is a dash camera system parents can really rely on to keep an eye on their teen drivers as well as keep their family cars safe.

The Viral Age

Another reason surveillance cameras for cars are continuing to rise in popularity is due to the viral age we now live in. Social media allows us to keep friends and family up to date with our daily lives using pictures, video, and text content all in one, and catching the right sort of footage can lead some to a bit of coveted internet fame. For those who are planning a road trip or family vacation, surveillance cameras for cars provide a really unique way to immortalize those memories, as you’re taking footage of the long portions of the experience that usually go forgotten in photo albums. As you’re driving through the scenic route or hitting those landmarks, your camera will capture the actual travel portion of the journey, which you can then use to edit into a shorter video that embodies all you want to share from your experience. This video can then be shared with friends, family, and entire social media networks to highlight your creativity and the incredible journey you took.

Some surveillance cameras for cars even allow you to view and upload footage in real-time with short clips using built-in WiFi. The Wireless WiFi Hidden Car DVR Camera is a basic, stealthy, and affordable model that does just that at under $40, and if you’re looking for a unit that gets you that next viral video clip, but maybe not an entire vacation, it’s one that is worth looking into.

\If you are taking a cross-country road trip, you’ll want to look for surveillance cameras for cars that boast a good deal of memory, so you know that you’re getting the entire parts of the journey you want. The Roav by Anker Dash Cam C2 Pro comes with a 32 GB micro SD card included, which will allow you to record around 10 hours of footage uninterrupted at one time.

Check The Legality Of Your Dash Cam

While in most areas surveillance cameras for cars are completely legal, others disallow recording video footage publicly as it can be considered to be recording others without their knowledge. Before investing in surveillance cameras for cars, it pays to check with your local laws and ordinances just to be sure that your vacation footage, accident footage, or teen driver surveillance is being recorded in accordance with local laws. If surveillance cameras for cars are found to be illegal in any particular area, the footage taken in that region may not be able to be of any use to you.