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What To Expect From Online Traffic School

Tennessee driving schools are now available online! Of course getting a Tennessee traffic ticket sucks, but the increased insurance rate is worse. Your best option is to take an online driving school course to get your ticket dismissed. Unfortunately, not all online traffic schools are created equal.

Instead of listing all of the Tennessee driving schools offered online, I’ve chosen to simply list the best online driving schools in Tennessee.

Tennessee Driving Schools for Ticket Dismissal and Insurance Reduction

Because I have no life other than this website, I have gone through dozens and dozens of online driving schools. In the end, I can only recommend two online traffic schools for the state of Tennessee. Why, because they are the only schools that meet my standards on price, quality, speed, and reputation.

Warning: I’m not going to sugarcoat this… If you choose any other online driving school besides what I’ve listed below, you’re either signing up for a low budget crappy “text only” / low budget course, or are getting ripped off. Please, trust me on this!!

Note: Not all jurisdictions allow online defensive driving courses for ticket dismissal. The sites below will help you determine if you’re eligible.

Here are my recommended Tennessee driving schools to get your ticket dismissed


My top pick: iDriveSafely

UPDATE: Use link to see special Tennessee pricing.

Why I recommend them:


  • This is the quickest course available by Tennessee law.
  • Work at your own pace by pausing and continuing the course whenever you want (they keep track of your place)
  • Broken into several short sections that makes time go by faster.
  • Course is interactive with animations, video, graphics, etc. Helps keep you awake.
  • Very easy to navigate and use.
  • They have mini quizzes that help prepare you for the final exam (you’ll be overly prepared).
  • Nobody fails. That’s right! You can’t fail it! Keep taking the final exam until you pass.
  • Chat, phone, and email support 24hrs per day.
  • They are well established with an A+ BBB rating and over 10 years experience.
  • Money back guarantee.

Click here to visit the iDriveSafely Website

(Use link to see special Tennessee pricing.)


Want to know more? Click here for my detailed review of iDriveSafely



My second choice: GoToTrafficSchool

(Use Promo Code MRD000A23 during signup!)

Why I recommend them:


  • Lowest price guarantee (they really are the lowest price – I looked).
  • Stop and start the course whenever you want.
  • Use any computer at any point throughout the course (start on one, continue on another, etc.).
  • Their animations are a bit low budget, but it’s better than a text only course (those are brutal!).
  • My grandmother could figure out how to use it.
  • Take the final as many times as you need to. Everyone passes!
  • 24hr customer support.
  • High ranking with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Over 10 years online driving school experience.
  • Money back guarantee.

Click here to visit the GoToTrafficSchool Website

(Use Promo Code MRD000A23 during signup!)


Want to know more? Check out my detailed review of GoToTrafficSchool


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