The Best Vehicle Dash Camera For Poor Weather Conditions

The Best Vehicle Dash Camera For Poor Weather Conditions

Not everywhere can be sunny and warm all the time, and for those that live in areas that experience searing heat, lots of snow, plenty of rainy dark days, or any other inclement weather condition, you’ll want a vehicle dash camera that works for you and your specific weather conditions. Luckily, with today’s modern vehicle dash camera technology, you’re not as limited as you may have once been when it comes to a camera that works in poor weather conditions, and you have a wide selection of perfectly compatible dash cameras to choose from in a variety of price ranges. Over the years, vehicle dash cams have only become cheaper while the technology just gets better.

There are several reasons why a person who lives in any area, let alone an area with poor weather conditions, may want to invest in a vehicle dash camera. These types of cameras are becoming more popular on the road for reasons such as protection against insurance fraud, vehicle surveillance while parked, accident liability protection, and even creating memories from your once in a lifetime road trip. Your personal reason for use will determine quite a bit about the vehicle dash camera you choose, and those who live in areas with poor driving conditions have just as many choices on the market as anyone else thanks to the use of modern technology improving today’s vehicle dash camera selection.

Here are some of the current top selling dash cams on Amazon

GPS Ready Dash Cams

Want your dash camera to track your speed and location info? If a GPS is something you’re interested in with your vehicle dash camera, the KDLINKS X1 is the cam is a good option to look into. While not the stealthiest vehicle dash camera on the market today, the KDLINKS X1 has been tested to function in temperatures between 170 and -40 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 6 hours, which means it will function whether your vehicle is parked in a black-top parking lot on the hottest day in the south, or outside in the middle of a blizzard. This capability is something that many single GPS units don’t offer, and you’re getting a GPS and vehicle dash camera in one with the KDLINKS X1 dash cam.

KDLINKS X1 Video Review And Sample Footage

Priced at just under $170, the KDLINKS X1 also features quite a few other specs and capabilities as well. In addition to its sturdiness against rough weather, the camera also features WDR technology that auto-adjusts footage in different lighting conditions. If it’s sunny and bright one moment, and dark and stormy the next, the camera still creates the same high definition and crystal clear quality footage without you needing to fix a thing. Emergency lock and auto accident detection takes this high quality footage in the event an accident is detected, and immediately locks it in to memory to ensure it’s not overwritten or lost so it can be reviewed and used later on.

User friendliness is also a priority of the KDLINKS X1, which speaks for its 4.4 out of 5 star Amazon rating compiled from over 3,200 customer reviews. KDLINKS offers a full 1 year warranty to cover any hardware issues that may come up with the vehicle dash camera, as well as first class customer support to answer any questions you may have. When inquiries are received, KDLINKS does their best to respond to any questions or concerns within 24 hours, allowing you the ability to always get the best from what your vehicle dash camera has to offer.

Stealth For All Vehicles

One really important feature that many look out for when it comes to their perfect all-weather vehicle dash camera is stealthiness. Some vehicles are set up where even a small dash cam could impede your view or cause a distraction, in which case a stealthy dash cam is a good fit. Stealth dash cams are also good for those who want to be a bit more inconspicuous.

While stealth may not be something that’s offered by the KDLINKS X1, it is a point of pride for the Itrue X6D. Priced at just under $150, this dual camera dash cam uses WDR technology to ensure footage is clear and precise no matter your lighting or weather. Smaller and stealthier dash cams are often best suited for smaller vehicles due to their smaller viewing angles, but this isn’t the case with the Itrue X6D. Using two cameras simultaneously, you get full sweeping views from the front and the back of the vehicle, allowing you to limit blind spots and record accurate footage no matter what type of vehicle you drive. Auto accident detection and locking technology also keeps any relevant footage locked after an accident has been detected so you always have the evidence you need.

The Itrue X6D also offers a warranty on hardware as well as customer support and 100% satisfaction guarantee. This Itrue advantage ensures that not only are you pleased with your choice to invest in an Itrue vehicle dash camera, but that you know how to use your camera in all weather conditions to the best of its ability.

The design of the Itrue X6D also puts this camera at an advantage. With engineering in mind, it has never been simpler to install a vehicle dash camera into any sort of vehicle. Installation of the lightweight but powerful camera only requires a few seconds to a couple minutes of time, and a single piece of 3M tape. There are not mounting systems to get used to or install, and the camera can be removed and installed into different vehicles in seconds.

ITRUE X6D Dash Cam

What To Look For In All Weather Cameras

The Best Vehicle Dash Camera For Poor Weather ConditionsIn all weather cameras, the most important feature you’re going to want to seek out is WDR technology, as this allows for different lighting conditions and road conditions to not affect the footage you’re recording. Additionally, if you live in a place of extreme heat or cold, looking for a camera that has been tested to withstand these conditions, like the KDLINKS X1, is a good choice in ensuring your camera won’t be damaged by being left in the car during any time of the year. Today’s vehicle dash camera for all-weather conditions is wide and varied in price range, features, and design, allowing you to find something that will work for your local weather, but also fits any other needs you may have. While these are just a couple of options in terms of all-weather cameras, they’re a good example of the variety of technologies out there to cover your all-weather camera needs.

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