Does An Online Drivers Ed Class Make Sense?

Does an Online Drivers Ed Class Make Sense

We live a world where the Internet and digital products have taken over! We now have apps and online programs dedicated to tasks that we used to view as annoying and tedious; such as grocery shopping, laundry, or doing your taxes. With that being said it should come to no surprise that drivers education has also made a transition towards online education.

That’s right! The once brutal and often dreadful drivers education classes are now a little more tolerable due to their transition to the online world.

The ability to take drivers ed, as well as traffic school, online has really changed the game. Interactive programs and videos have allowed the experience to be more enjoyable and engaging.

There are also other benefits involved with taking a course online. At, we have endorsed online drivers ed as a thing of the future!

We encourage students and adults alike to look into online drivers education and sign up with our discount and coupon codes.

What’s Different About Online Drivers Ed?

There are many advantages associated with taking an online drivers ed class.

Firstly, there is a less chance of distraction. Since drivers education is already viewed by most as boring, people tend to get distracted quickly, especially if there are class clowns that are acting up during a lecture.

This can prevent people who are serious about driving education from getting the quality information that they deserve. The rules of the road are extremely important to absorb and understand.

Failing to do so will prevent you from passing your written and road tests. If you believe that a classroom environment may limit your ability to understand the material, than an online drivers education class is the way to go.

By being on your own with your computer, all your attention will be focused on the material at hand.

Another great benefit of an online drivers education course is the convenience factor. Getting to your drivers ed class can be difficult for some people.

These classes are usually held within the main parts of town. If you’re someone who lives on the outskirts, it can be difficult to find somebody who is willing to drive you in to your class.

On top of this, if you’re a student, your time may be stretched thin as it is. Therefore, online learning is the way to go. Enjoy the comfort of your home, and pace yourself accordingly. The freedom that these online classes allow motivates students to learn all of the material!

Sometimes, with online courses of any kind, people get nervous that the courses will not be acknowledged by state or institutional authorities. Luckily, legitimate online drivers education courses are accepted by many state authorities!

A number of states understand the growth of online education, and therefore, have already begun to accept online drivers education as a legitimate source for learning the rules of the road!

As a warning, make sure you check your state’s requirements to see if they accept these courses. Once you complete the course, submit your certificate of completion and apply for your learner’s permit!

What Are Some Online Drivers Ed Classes?

With that being said, what would be considered a top online driver’s ed program? has found that iDriveSafely is the most critically acclaimed and most recognized online drivers education program out there! 

Having been approved in a solid number of states, iDriveSafely has won the best online driving school in 2014! 

The classes are famous for being engaging, as well as intuitive for the students. You are also allowed to operate at your pace, which allows you to absorb the information at your own pace. It’s truly a great system!

Another one that I can highly recommend is an online driver’s ed that has received the highest rating from students for the past few years – that is despite being new in the field.

I am talking about Aceable. They consistently update their course materials and other resources every year, which is not something that an average online driver’s ed does. It goes to show their dedication to providing quality education.

Just visit their website and you’ll fall in love with how cool this school is. Their course is highly interactive, with a responsive website that allows you to access the course on any device – that is if you haven’t downloaded their dedicated app yet.

The only downside here is that Aceable courses may not be available in your state just now – they are only approved in 9 states currently. But don’t worry, with how things are going for this school, I’m sure they’ll be able to expand soon.

So, does an Online Driver’s Ed Make Sense?

My answer is a definite yes. 

I mean, what more can you ask for – you can take the course in the comforts of your home, or anywhere you want to take it. You don’t have to leave your house. You can complete the course at your own pace. You can use your laptop, or your phone, or your tablet – you’re free to choose.

But if you’re still not convinced, how about playing interactive games and quizzes in between lessons? Cool 3D Driving simulations and animations? Comedy skits instead of a teacher explaining driving concepts and scenarios? How about insurance discounts?

There’s a lot of benefits in choosing an online driver’s ed instead of taking the course in person. The key here lies in state approval though. If your state allows you to take the course online, better take it online then. Trust me, this option is way better than sitting inside the four corners of a classroom.

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iDriveSafely may be our top choice, but many people would say otherwise! There are plenty of really great online drivers education programs out there today!

At our website, we have a bunch of great reviews that covers all of these classes. We also provide discounts and coupon codes for joining as well. If you’re in the market for a quality drivers education program, visit our website and see what’s out there!

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