Finding Quality Drivers Ed Courses In New York City

Finding Quality Drivers Ed Courses In New York City

New York City is one of the busiest and packed cities around the world! It truly is the city that never sleeps! When walking through the city streets, you may witness some intense driving maneuvers pulled off by some of the local cab drivers and residents. As a result, it can seem very intimidating to receive your license and get on the road. Rest assured, there are plenty of quality drivers ed courses in New York City that will help prepare you for driving in the city and around the state.

At, we look to provide helpful driving tips regarding certain laws that have been passed, as well as general safety advice. We also provide in-depth reviews regarding various drivers ed and traffic school programs. As a resident of New York City, you want the best when it comes to driving education. With that being said, here are a few driving schools in the New York City area that we feel will best prepare you for your experiences on the road.

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Top New York Drivers Ed Courses: Learn-Rite

First opening in Queens, New York, Learn-Rite Driving School has become one of the top driving education programs in the state. Learn-Rite was built around the idea of developing a course that caters towards a modern driver’s needs, and it is definitely living up to it! They will go over all of the updated New York City driving laws, as well as the dangers of texting, and driving a vehicle under the influence of a substance.

Learn-Rite also provides many services that help make it stand out amongst its peers, including driving lesson packages, a 5-hour pre-licensing class, road test services, packages for permit holders, and a 6-hour Defensive driving class (Point reduction and insurance cost)

As they state on their website, Learn-Rite wants to take driving instruction “out of the 70’s,” and into the modern era. Therefore, the driving school also provides a modern classroom setting, 24/7 account access and your driving schedule, 45 minute and 60 minute lesson options, and lesson availability 7 days a week. Within the vehicle, they also provide in-car video recordings of all your driving lessons, as well as handicap-accommodating vehicles.

It becomes clear why Learn-Rite ranks high amongst its peers. Countless reviews from websites such as Yelp help drive the idea home (no pun intended), that Learn-Rite is a driving school that you should strongly consider.

Top New York Drivers Ed Courses: Drive-Rite Academy

Next up is the Drive-Rite Academy. Located in Brooklyn, Drive-Rite has been offering students an innovative approach to learning how to operate a motor vehicle. Drive-Rite offers package deals for getting your license, as well as individual services for licensed drivers. These package deals include varying amounts of 45 minute driving lessons (depending on which package you choose), a 5-hour pre-licensing class, a car for the road test, as well as a road test appointment (Free 2nd attempt offered in higher packages). On top of this, Drive-Rite also offers individual lessons for services such as highway driving, defensive driving, and even pre-licensing courses.

Drivers that graduated from Drive-Rite have given great reviews to their driving school as well. Customers have praised the amount of care and dedication each instructor provided to them, as well as the amount of knowledge presented to them. If you’re in the Brooklyn area, then this is your go-to destination.

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Hopefully, one of these three classes will be a great match for you. Thousands of New Yorkers have walked through the doors of these driving schools, and came out as knowledgeable and respectful drivers. Driving in New York City can be a scary thing, and these schools understand that. They will make sure to fully prepare for what is to come.

If these schools don’t strike you fancy, then consider looking around at other driving schools, whether they be online or a storefront, at We have compiled a strong database of all of the highest praised schools across the country. You are sure to find the driving school that is right for you! Please visit our website and get quality discounts and coupon codes for various online drivers ed and traffic school programs!

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