New Jersey Driving Schools Online

New Jersey Driving Schools Online

New Jersey driving schools have found there way to the internet, which is great news for you! But be very careful with who you choose. Some online traffic schools are scams, and most are very boring, low budget defensive driving courses. That’s where I come in to save the day!

A ton of New Jersey driving schools exist online. So instead of listing all of the New Jersey online driving courses, I decided to simply list the best online driving schools in New Jersey.

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Legitimate online New Jersey Driving Schools

Lucky for you, I have no life. So I combed through all the BS internet driving schools for you. After taking dozens of online driving schools (no, really, my life is that boring) I’ve narrowed the schools down to my favorites. In the case of New Jersey, there are only three schools that made the cut. Why? Because they are the only ones who have a decent course, are fairly priced, guarantee that you pass, have a good reputation, and a bunch of other stuff I thought was important.

Warning: I’m telling you now, don’t go with any other online driving school! If you do, you’re signing up for a low quality, low budget, boring traffic school, or even a driving school scam!

Note: Nearly all jurisdictions in New Jersey allow you to take online driving courses for both ticket dismissal / point reduction as well as insurance discounts. But the sites below will verify that you are indeed eligible.

My recommended online New Jersey driving schools

My top pick: iDriveSafely

UPDATE: Use link for special New Jersey pricing.

Why I recommend them:

  • This is the fastest course allowed by New Jersey law.
  • Do the course at your own pace (stop and restart at anytime).
  • Short chapters make the course very manageable.
  • Video and cartoon animations to help keep you interested.
  • You will actually learn a thing or two about driving safety (that’s a good thing, right?).
  • Real short quizzes after each chapter. This prepares you for the final exam very well.
  • You can’t fail the final exam! Keep taking it until you get a passing score!
  • Customers service anytime of the day or night.
  • The original online driving school with more than 10 years experience.
  • Money back guarantee.

Click here to visit the iDriveSafely Website

(Use link for special New Jersey pricing.)

Want to know more? Click here for my detailed review of iDriveSafely

My second pick: Improv Traffic School

DISCOUNT UPDATE: Use promo code drivesafely for $5 off. You’re welcome!

Why I recommend them:

  • Start taking the course for free.
  • Written by comedy writers – very funny stuff!
  • Start and stop the course on your schedule from any computers (they keep track of your spot).
  • Shortest course allowed by state law.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Beaurue.
  • Short 5 minute sections.
  • Over 10 years of experience.
  • Truly no hidden fees (others have various charges at the end).
    Start the course for free by clicking here

Video Overview

Start the course for free by clicking here
(Use promo code drivesafely for $5 off.)

Want to know more? Click here for my detailed review of Improv Traffic School

My third pick: GoToTrafficSchool

Why I recommend them:

  • This is the least expensive driving school on the web (they guarantee it and I verified it!).
  • Work at your own pace.
  • Use any computer at any point throughout the course (start on one, continue on another, etc.).
  • Cheap animations, but much better than a text only course (those are really, really boring).
  • Simple to navigate.
  • Guaranteed to pass! If you don’t pass, you don’t pay.
  • Customer service is available round the clock.
  • High ranking from the Better Business Bareau.
  • One of the leading “home schooling” companies with many years of experience.
  • Money back guarantee.

Click here to visit the GoToTrafficSchool Website

(Use Promo Code MRD000A23 during signup!)

Want to know more? Check out my detailed review of GoToTrafficSchool

New Jersey Driving School FAQs

Who is eligible to attend a defensive driving school?

There are no eligibility requirements for attending a defensive driving school. Anyone can take this if they want to improve their driving skills or be updated to the current changes to New Jersey’s traffic laws.

However, if you are taking this course for point removal, you are only allowed to take this course once every 5 years.

Other reasons for taking this course include:

  • To get an auto insurance discount
  • To meet an employer’s requirement for a background check
  • A court order has been issued to attend one
  • To dismiss a traffic ticket

Will I get an auto insurance discount for attending a driving school online?

Yes, attending online driving courses usually assures insurance companies that you are a safe driver. In turn, they normally give auto insurance discounts for completing this course. That’s about 5 to 15 percent of insurance reduction. Of course, it will depend entirely on your insurer’s policy.

If your insurer is GEICO, we recommend taking the course offered by MyImprov because they are affiliated with them. For other insurers, better check with them first to see if they can provide a discount for completing a defensive driving course from your chosen school.

Are online driving schools better than in-person traffic schools?

It’s not that they are better, but attending online driving schools is more convenient, especially if you’re a busy person. Courses conducted online are accessible wherever you are, you just need a mobile device and a reliable internet connection. You can also complete it whenever you’re ready, with no time pressure.

Online courses are also more affordable than in-person options. Usually, they are priced under $30, while in-person classes cost around $50.

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