New Mexico Speeding Ticket Dismissal Courses

New Mexico Speeding Ticket Dismissal Courses

Got a New Mexico speeding ticket or moving violation? Perhaps your license was suspended due to excessive points on your New Mexico driving record? Nice goin’! Don’t worry though, it’s easy to get that ticket dismissed or points reduced with a relatively painless online driving school.

Here’s the problem. A lot of online driving schools are out to get your money and most of them pretty much suck. They are low budget, low quality courses that sometimes aren’t even state certified.

These New Mexico speeding ticket and point reduction courses are legit

Lucky for you, I pretty much have no life other than this website. So, I sacrificed my sanity and took a whole bunch of online driving schools, including the New Mexico speeding ticket classes and New Mexico point reduction courses. After all is said and done, I can only recommend two of them. Why just two? Because they are the only ones that meet my standards on price, course quality, state certification, and a bunch of other boring crap you don’t want to research (that’s why I’m here!).

Warning: You gotta listen to me on this. If you take any course besides what I’ve listed below, you’re either signing up for a boring low budget course or are getting ripped off. I’m just sayin’!

Note: A few jurisdictions are stupid and won’t let you take your New Mexico speeding ticket requirements or point reduction requirements online. The below schools will verify that you’re eligible (other schools take the money and run).

Here’s my recommended and state approved New Mexico speeding ticket and point reduction online courses.

My top pick: iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely New Mexico Speeding Ticket Dismissal Courses
UPDATE: Use link for special New Mexico pricing.

Why I recommend them:

  • This is the fastest course allowed in New Mexico (the quicker the better, right?).
  • Stop the course when you get bored then come back later, they keep track of your progress.
  • Really quick sections make it bearable.
  • Some animations and interactive graphics add a nice touch.
  • Simple to use. Very simple.
  • Little mini quizzes that make passing the final exam a breeze.
  • If for some reason you fail the final exam, just keep taking it until you pass (yeah, everybody passes!).
  • 24/7 tech support and customer service via chat, email, or phone.
  • More than 2-million people have done this thing. The course has been around a while.
  • Don’t pay until you pass.

Click here to visit the iDriveSafely Website

(Use link for special New Mexico pricing.)

Want to know more? Sheesh, you’re needy. Click here for my detailed review of iDriveSafely

My second choice: GoToTrafficSchool

GoToTrafficSchool New Mexico Speeding Ticket Dismissal Courses

(Use Promo Code MRD000A23 during signup!)

Why I recommend them:

  • Guaranteed lowest price (they really are the cheapest – I looked).
  • Save your course work from any spot and come back later.
  • Use any computer at any point throughout the course (start on one, continue on another, etc.).
  • Animations to keep it interesting (the animations are a bit crude, but still help keep interest).
  • My grandmother could figure out how to use it.
  • Unlimited attempts to pass the final exam (nope, you can’t fail this one either!).
  • 24/7 support.
  • Excellent rating by the Better Business Bureau.
  • More than 1-million satisfied customers and 10 years experience.
  • Don’t like it? Don’t pay.

Click here to visit the GoToTrafficSchool Website

(Use Promo Code MRD000A23 during signup!)

Want to know more? Check out my detailed review of GoToTrafficSchool

Dismissing a Speeding Ticket by Taking an Online Defensive Driving Course 

Now that you have chosen a school, it makes sense to understand the traffic ticket dismissal process in New Mexico.

There are actually two ways to fight your traffic ticket. One is to fulfill a court order (if your license is suspended) or attend a defensive driving course.

Note: You can also attend a New Mexico defensive driving voluntarily to earn a discount on your monthly auto insurance rates, or for supplemental learning.

The ticket dismissal process may vary for each district in New Jersey. If you opt to attend an online defensive course, here’s a step-by-step guide of the process to make it as clear as possible for you. 

Step 1. Contact your court. Before signing up for any course, be sure to contact your court handler first and request permission to attend an online defensive driving course. A judge may grant this to you in place of a traffic violation on an individual basis. 

Step 2. Enroll in your chosen driving school. Once permission has been granted, you are now ready to enroll in a course offered by your chosen school. If you’re doing this online, just visit the school’s website and register. You’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to complete the registration process on their website.

Step 3. Complete the course on time. When you seek approval to complete this course, you will be given a timeframe. Make sure to complete the course before the deadline to avoid any hassle. 

Step 4. Submit your certificate of completion to your court. Once you have completed the course successfully, your school will send you a copy of your completion certificate. Again, check the process of delivery before you enroll – usually online schools can send this to you within 24 hours after completion.

Once received, take the completion certificate to your court to provide proof of course completion. The court will then process your ticket and point dismissal.

Step 5. Check your driving record. Submitting your Certificate of Completion is not the end of the process. Be sure to check your driving record to ensure that your citation has been dismissed.

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