Online Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course Reviews

Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Reviews

Welcome to my page just for you Michigan traffic violators! On this page, I have listed my Michigan Basic Driver Improvement course reviews, complete with discount codes and my personal recommendations. In case you’re wondering, yes, I have actually taken the below courses. I will never claim to live an exciting life, but I WILL claim to be an expert about online traffic schools, ticket dismissal courses, or in the case of Michigan, basic driver improvement courses. Hey, some people become professional athletes and others become great doctors. Somehow, I ended up becoming an expert of driver training courses. As a certified driving instructor, former long-haul trucker, and a graduate of advanced driving courses, for some reason I’m drawn to this stuff. I may be the only “driving school expert” on the planet! Don’t laugh because in a weird way, you’re benefiting from my “expertise!”

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Finding The Best Michigan Online Basic Driver Improvement Course

In the state of Michigan there are over 50 basic driver improvement courses approved by the Michigan Secretary of State and most of those are online courses. While everyone loves choices, how the heck are you supposed to know which BDIC course is the best one with the best price? Have no fear. I not only put a full list of all Michigan approved driver improvement courses at the bottom of this page, I’ve also given you my personal recommendations. Of course, I didn’t go through ALL 50+ courses. I just went through the most popular ones and let you know the best ones.

How I Rank Online Driving Courses

Several factors go into how well I rank a driver improvement course. I’d like to tell you there is some super awesome scientific approach to this, but I can’t. I’d also like to tell you my reviews are unbiased, but I can’t do that either. My rankings are mostly based on my own personal opinion. However, all courses I list meet the following basic standards:

  • Michigan Secretary of State certification.
  • A minimum of a 10 year operating history.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • At least 1-million former customers (I prefer to call them guinea pigs).
  • 24/7/365 customer support via phone, live chat, and/or email.
  • Automatic tracking software so you can log in and out of the course whenever you want.
  • Device friendly so you can use virtually any computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Fair Warning!

Taking a Michigan Basic Driver Improvement course is not going to be “super happy fun time.” My top recommendation, Improv Traffic School, is as close to entertaining as you’ll get. But be prepared for some boredom. Most people just don’t seem to enjoy learning about traffic laws and driving statistics. Go figure! Just consider this a part of your punishment… You traffic criminal.

Seriously though, I’ll all be over soon enough. At least you don’t have to go to a community college and waste an entire Saturday being lectured to anymore. Taking your basic driver improvement course online can be done in your PJ’s sitting on the couch in front of the TV. Actually, you don’t have to wear anything at all, but if you choose to take the course in the nude, please make sure the drapes are closed.

Free Discounts Baby!

I decided to try something. After I found the best driver improvement courses in Michigan, I figured I would email those companies asking for any coupons or discounts I could share with my website visitors. I mean, I’m pretty much the only dude lame enough to go through the trouble of reviewing their boring ass courses, so why not throw me a bone? Well, they threw me 2 bones! First of all, if you use the “coupon” or “referral” links I posted below, you’ll save roughly 5 bucks depending on which course you go with. But to top things off, if you use my links below, I get credit for sending you over and they actually give me a small commission. Score! Pretty soon, I’ll be a billionaire doing this. If you don’t want to use my links, no worries at all. I totally understand. But hey, you’ve gotta sign up anyway. Why not save 5 bucks and help a brother out at the same time? Hook me up, would ya!?!

My Top Recommended Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Courses

Make sure you check out the full list of all 50+ Michigan Basic Driver Improvement courses below, but first, here are some specific recommendations. I really, really recommend you stick with one of these recommended courses, but any of the courses in the full list are certified by the Michigan Secretary of State. Note the discount links and also the links leading to full and detailed reviews of these courses. Welcome to information overload!

Review #1: iDriveSafely Basic Driver Improvement Course (Highest Recommendation)


iDriveSafely would be my top recommendation for you. This course is better for someone who is looking to take their driver improvement course a bit more seriously. The reason I recommend this course is because they have been around for well over a decade with nearly 5-million satisfied customers (guinea pigs) as of this writing. In addition to all that experience and history, they have been able to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Since iDriveSafely is also heavily involved with online drivers education, you can expect high quality videos and animations. This course works well on mobile-devices, you can log in and out whenever you want, it’s fast, it’s cheap, and it’s easy. What else could you really want?

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See my full iDriveSafely review complete with screen shots

Review #2: Improv Online Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course

Improv Traffic School

Why would I rank Improv Traffic School as a top choice? Simple. I’m a sucker for humor. Improv Traffic School is owned by the same people that own the chain of Improv Comedy Clubs. A couple of decades ago, a bunch of stand up comedians got the idea that they should have traffic school courses that are fun and entertaining instead of miserable and boring. Now that traffic schools are available online, they brought that same concept to your computer screen. The course is filled with hilarious pictures, video’s, animations, and even a few games. I won’t sit here and tell you it’s the ideal way to spend hours of your time, but it is definitely the most entertaining option of them all. Check out the below commercial for Improv Traffic School. If you don’t think this is at least mildly funny, just skip down to my next recommendation. My idea of “good humor” may be far different from yours.Funny Commercial By Improv Traffic School

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Review #3: Basic Driver Improvement Course is very similar to iDriveSafely and has been around for a very long time. They also have millions of satisfied customers and have maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. This course was recently updated with more modern and 3D looking animations as well as increased compatibility with mobile devices. As you’d expect from a high quality course, you can go at your own pace since they keep track of your progress “on the cloud”, meaning you can log in or out from any internet connected device. You’ll also get 24/7/375 support and get the peace of mind that you’re signing up for a legitimate driving school. In many areas, you’ll see cars on the streets helping teens acquire their drivers license. The point is, this is a highly legitimate school with an excellent reputation. If for some reason you don’t like the first two recommendations I gave, hope on over to and sign up for their free course demo. You can try it out before you even give them any credit card info.

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Full List Of SOS Certified Michigan Driver Improvement Courses

If for whatever reason you don’t want to sign up for one of my recommended courses above, no worries. Here is a list of every certified driver improvement course in the state of Michigan. I have obtained this information directly from the Michigan Secretary of State website.

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