Why Improv Driving School is Right for You!

Why Improv Driving School is Right for You

I’m sure I’m not alone in this– Traffic school, like all other auto-related red tape situations can conjure images of horror in a person’s mind.

In visualizing what it’s like to deal with a citation, most drivers imagine a Kafka-esque nightmare of paperwork that leads to more paperwork and lines that lead to endless referrals.

Traffic school itself, at least the way it used to be, was the nightmare on top of the nightmare– being trapped in a classroom for hours, watching lame instructional videos with uncomfortable strangers.

Driver’s education courses for teens and adults have the potential to be equally unpleasant, but are unavoidable if you want wheels.

These rambling automotive terror visions can finally, once and for all, be set to rest now that the game has changed.

Improv Defensive Driving School provides the revolution that the world needed to make traffic school easy, fun, and convenient.

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Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School was started in 1989 by traffic education visionary Gary Alexander and swingin’ comedy club owner Budd Friedman.

Through the miracles of technology and wit, Improv has found a way to silver up the formerly dismal ash-grey lining of “old school” defensive driving courses.

Improv, unlike other driving schools, offers a fun and humorous approach– they speak a language of laughs. Improv uses comedy to engage and teach.

They employ the art of stand-up comedy in the classroom, fun and well-edited videos online, along with additional online content generated by professional Hollywood writers for both traffic school courses and driver’s ed.

Being that a huge percentage of people that attend traffic school are doe-eyed teenage drivers who are often eager to embark, but loath to listen, I believe Improv to be the best thing since sliced bread!

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The Advantage of Online Driving School

The online courses are a godsend as well. If you’re a working person, as most of us are in post-recession America, it’s hard to find time for anything– let alone brushing up on the rules of the road. Online you can learn at your own pace and on your own time!

Now, driving school doesn’t have to be a chore for drivers that find themselves there by way of court mandate.

The primary advantage of traffic school is preventing your insurance premiums from skyrocketing after an indiscretion.

Improv makes the whole process of reaching that goal more fun and convenient than it has any right to be.

What Sets Improv Apart from the Rest?

There are plenty of things that make Improv the absolute best school for defensive driving and driver’s ed.

For one, Improv offers a program developed specifically for more mature citizens. With the world constantly changing, traffic laws, technologies, and city infrastructures are more fluid and confusing than ever.

Improv’s Mature Drivers course accounts for how the body and all of its faculties change over a person’s lifetime. This course is full of tips and tricks, not only to adjust to a shifting landscape, but also to address personal changes that may have an adverse effect on road ability! Improv’s Mature Drivers program is designed to keep older drivers safe and up to date.

Another program that caught my attention was Improv’s Fleet Training program. It’s a given that we want our delivery drivers and truckers to know what they are doing.

However, one thing that often goes unaddressed in the age of app-based delivery and rideshare jobs, is that specialized courses to learn professional-grade defensive driving techniques should be increasingly in-demand for new careers as well.

Improv offers a Fleet Training courses specifically suited for companies that employ drivers, reducing insurance costs and liabilities.

Opportunities For Supplemental Learning

In addition to its fantastic courses, Improv has an amazing blog, brimming with handy information. The blog provides a cornucopia of tips on driving related topics, including more classic topics like getting out of tickets, keeping teen drivers safe, and bad weather driving myths.

More impressively, Improv also looks out for people all over the country with much more specific topics like “Driving in New York Rush Hour,” and up to date information on current weather disasters and even changes in legislature!

No matter where you are in the country Improv has got your back, and they’ll help you get through whatever daunting road-related milestone you wish to conquer. They are approved by courts and DMVs nationwide, so you can end your search for a friendly driving school in your area.

Traffic School Can Be Fun

What Improv has taught me, beyond how to drive more safely and defensively without fear or violating the law, is that the world of traffic school no longer has to be like a horrific bureaucratic fever-dream. Improv’s hilariously innovative approach to both comedy and education make it a great option for adults, teens and seniors alike.

If Improv had existed when I was taking my first driver’s ed courses, I would have probably been awake throughout the process! It’s easy to forget how high the stakes are when you get behind the wheel of a car, so being blessed with information that sticks is absolutely crucial.

For these reasons and more, Improv Driving School is a wonderful visionary accomplishment.

Who could have ever imagined that stand-up comedy and automotive safety would gracefully share a stage? Improv was the first to make it happen, and definitely the best, so accept no cheap imitations.

Improv is the only traffic school out there that dedicated to the science of making something that would ordinarily be a bummer into something awesome.

Improv Driving School FAQs

What are the Requirements for Attending the Improv Traffic School Class?

You’ll need to provide the required paperwork to attend Improv Traffic School. For example, you will be asked to present any traffic citations you received at the start of the class. In addition, you will need to provide proof of identification such as your driver’s license. 

What is the cancellation/refund policy of an Improv Traffic School course?

As long as your Certificate of Completion has not been issued yet by Improv, you can cancel the course, and then request a refund.

Note that all refunds will be credited back to the payment method used to pay for the course. If you use a credit card, the balance will be debited back to your account.

The processing for qualified refunds will take around 10 days after you submit the cancellation request.

Does Improv Traffic School report my course completion to the DMV and my court?

In most states, yes, Improv reports the completion and can even forward your Certificate of Completion to your court or local DMV. 

However, please take into account that there are different procedures regarding the handling of certificates and completion in each state. Make sure to read the reminders during your registration to get the details for your respective states.

Can I get my certificate as soon as I finish the course?

Yes, your Certificate of Completion will be available within 30 minutes after you complete the course. Depending on your state, Improv may or may not forward it directly to your court handler or local DMV.

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