The Best Defensive Driving Course in Phoenix

The Best Defensive Driving Course in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona is a beautiful city that can sometimes a minefield when it comes to driving and traffic regulations.

We’ve all been there– stressed out, confused, tired, sometimes just plain late to work.

While I could never condone an intentional moving violation, I know as well as anyone else that making mistakes– especially those that take place while driving in Arizona– are an unfortunate part of life.

When you do get that pesky ticket, you should protect your record by signing up for the best defensive driving course in Phoenix that is approved by local courts.

To make things a bit easier, I created this quick chart showing some of the best options for taking your defensive driving course, along with my own specific recommendation later in this article.

What Happens Next

Getting a citation can put a huge dent in your day, but the real kick in the pants is that you’ll pay even more of your hard-earned money long term if your insurance rates go up. That’s the breaks.

While the threat of more expensive insurance is sure to give even the most zen Phoenicians severe anxiety, savvy Arizona drivers are very much aware of the only way to sidestep away that one– the dreaded traffic school.

In most seasoned road citizens, the mere thought of going to traffic school yields a visceral negative response. As a result of being conditioned by everyone else’s horror stories of filing through that bureaucratic process, I myself believed traffic school to be even more of a bummer than waiting in line at the DMV.

However, that was then, this is now. There are actually some really good and convenient options and I intend to show you the best defensive driving course in Phoenix that you can take online. No more classrooms!

The Future of Traffic School in Phoenix

When faced with the option of points on your license versus going to traffic school, almost all of us would begrudgingly decide to take an Arizona State Certified Defensive Driving Course, whatever that means.

That used to refer to a class that you’d have to show up to in an unpleasant classroom somewhere, with a boring teacher eating away hours of your valuable day, all of which amount to a miserable inconvenience.

However, fear not, now Arizona allows you to take your defensive course online, on your own time, wherever you want!

The advantages of taking traffic school online are countless.

For non-Arizona residents who may have gotten a ticket in Phoenix, it’s the only option that makes sense, but Phoenix citizens have just as many reasons to choose an online course over an in-person class.

It’s inexpensive, prevents you from having to make an appointment you might miss, and provides the opportunity to take defensive driving courses from your own home (or wherever you can find internet)!

However, not all online defensive driving courses are created equal. They vary in price, ease of use, and quality.

Thankfully for you, I have identified the all-around best defensive driving course in Phoenix that you can take online: iDriveSafely

Is iDriveSafely Legit For Phoenix Defensive Driving Courses?

idrivesafely logo

iDriveSafely offers exactly what its name suggests, safe driving courses for drivers education as well as ticket dismissal and point reduction purposes.

Most relevant to you, if you’ve landed here, it is the best defensive driving court in Phoenix that is 100% approved online.

This course will certainly exceed any expectations you might have about traffic school while keeping your insurance rates down.

iDriveSafely’s version of traffic school is so effective and so engaging that you might even want to take it more often than you’re legally allowed to!

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Why Is iDriveSafely The Best Defensive Driving Course In Phoenix?

That’s definitely a worthwhile question; and as long as you’re willing to listen to some facts that might sound too good to be true, I am more than happy to tell you!

I’ll begin by addressing the elephant in the room: iDriveSafely has very low pricing compared to many competitors including even classroom based defensive driving courses.

Those who have been to the “old school,” on-site defensive driving courses would recognize that the price of convenience here is far less than one would expect, considering what you actually get out of iDriveSafely.

The pricing is competitive with other online schools local to Phoenix, and the course itself is nothing short of exceptional. For the same price, you can sign up for the best defensive driving course in Phoenix.

What sets iDriveSafely apart from the multitude of other online traffic schools that Phoenix has to offer, is a fast, easy-to-use, intuitive, engaging, and interactive course that will make you forget that it’s court-mandated.

I would even go so far as to say that traffic school through iDriveSafely is… kinda fun! Who would have thought that a fun version of traffic school could actually exist? Certainly not me, and I didn’t believe it until I saw it.

What Will The Course Be Like?

It’s easy to get caught up in the unpleasantness that a traffic violation will cause. The aftermath, both in terms of cost and time, makes many drivers irritated at the consequences and the system that enforces them.

However, it’s always important to remember that traffic school serves a purpose, and being better educated on how to drive defensively greatly decreases the probability of ever receiving a citation again.

Whether you’re open to learning more about defensive driving or not, iDriveSafely offers the most painless and user-friendly course out there, which is one reason it is my top pick for the best defensive driving course in Phoenix.

It’s nothing like the experience of having a condescending instructor drone on in a classroom. Instead, 3D simulations, games, and videos make’s course fly by in no time. By the end of it, you’ll be a better, safer driver whether you like it or not!

What’s The Catch?

Simply put, there isn’t one. If you want to take the best defensive driving course in Phoenix, iDriveSafely is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The course legally must be four hours long at minimum, but no more than four and a half. The opportunity to block out that time whenever you want makes a world of difference.

No matter how wacky your schedule may be, you can get your traffic school done without having to worry about missing out on things that are important to you.

Having the freedom to take the course wherever you want makes the whole process so much easier.

You can take it in your jammies without getting out of bed, you can puzzle other patrons of a coffee shop for four hours, you can even take the course at The Grand Canyon if you have a phone with an unlimited data plan and a laptop.

Anywhere you can find internet is where traffic school lives. So what are you waiting for? Take the’s defensive driving course now!

Unless you have no outstanding citations, in which case, keep this crucial knowledge in your back pocket.

What if iDriverSafely’s Not the One for Me?

Some of you may want to look for other options, so I’m giving you two other alternative online traffic schools. Here they are:

You can try the defensive driving course offered by GoToTrafficSchool if you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative. They have the lowest price guarantee in almost every state in the US. 

In terms of experience, they’ve been in the business for over 20 years already, so you can rest assured that they know what you need, and can guide you accordingly.

When it comes to course materials, they’ve recently updated their resources to keep up with the new changes in Arizona driving laws.

For the second one, I also recommend Improv’s Arizona Defensive Driving Course. This online traffic school has helped 32,719 drivers like you in dismissing traffic tickets or complying with a court-ordered plea bargain – that’s saying a lot!

But what I like about this school, and I know all of their former students would agree, is that Improv has the funniest and most interesting course material you’ll ever find online.

The course itself was written by professional comedy writers from Hollywood. Of course, this is in collaboration with driving experts. 

But what I mean to say is that this school does not only focus on ensuring you fulfill your defensive driving course requirements, they also work hard to give you an enjoyable learning experience.

So if you’re saying iDriveSafely is not the one for you, Improv is another option that’s worth looking into.

Good luck!

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