Ditch The Points: Go To California Traffic School Online

Ditch The Points Go To California Traffic School Online

Going to California traffic school online can help you reduce points on your driver’s license. The number of points that you acquire is based on the charge. For example, you can get 1-point for:

  • Failure to yield to a pedestrian
  • Disobeying a traffic sign or signal
  • Doing an illegal U-turn
  • Speeding above the posted limit
  • Child safety restraint violation
  • Passing on a double yellow line
  • Failing to stop for a school bus

2-point offenses include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Evading the police
  • Transporting explosives
  • Hit and run (with property damage or injury)
  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license

And though it seems as if it would take a long time before any of those things add up, you might be surprised to know that your license can be suspended in California when:

  • You acquire 4 or more points within 12 months
  • You acquire 6 or more points within 24 months
  • You acquire 8 or more points within 36 months

Of course, if you are under 18 years of age, the penalties can be even more severe with only 3 points in 12 months leading to a suspension.

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Are You Eligible For California Traffic School Online?

For many infractions in the state of California, you can go to California traffic school online in order to keep the points from adding up on your license. You might be eligible for traffic school if:

  • You hold a valid CA driver’s license
  • The violation happened in a non-commercial vehicle
  • You received a moving violation (parking tickets are not eligible)

When it comes to traffic school, there’s nothing that anyone looks forward to except for the result of reducing points. 

But that in itself is enough to inspire most people! The thing is, taking time out of your life to drive to traffic school and sit in the classroom listening to boring lectures and watching scary films from the early 1980s is no one’s idea of fun. 

But what if you could do it in the privacy of your own home in your own spare time by taking your California traffic school online?

The Scoop On Taking California Traffic School Online

In the state of California, traffic school online has been an option for many years, and for good reason; even the worst online traffic school in California is better than a classroom-based course.

You want an online course that is one of the best and there are plenty to choose from; all claiming to be the one. 

Not knowing what you’re getting into with a particular company can be frustrating, so it’s important to look at a few schools to find which one is best for you. 

We review many different California traffic schools online, so getting the best might be easier than you think. Here are some of the highest-rated California traffic schools you can take online…

Go To Traffic School

We’re not just telling you what to do, we’re telling you where to go. is one of the better programs that you can find in California. They are one of the largest online traffic schools around and they’ve been in business for over a decade now. They actually guarantee the lowest price, which in turn, makes them one of the most popular courses.

As this company guarantees the lowest price for their course, you might not be getting as many bells and whistles as other companies, but you’re paying a lot less. 

Even though California traffic school online is not the most fun you can have, at least this is one of the easiest courses out there. Plus, you can finish it as quickly as you like. 

Check out this link to save money on GoToTrafficSchool during checkout.

Simply Sign Up And Start Learning

The sign-up process is as easy as they get; enter your info, your ticket info, and begin. If you are not eligible to take the course, they’ll let you know upfront. 

You’ll cover the basics of driving and maybe even learn a few new things along the way. 

Some items covered include:

  • Defensive driving
  • Interacting Intersections
  • Hazardous Conditions
  • Driver Responsibility

They also give you 2 questions to answer at the end of each chapter to make sure that you’re getting the material, though you only have to answer 1 correctly to move on.

There are animations and videos with GoToTrafficSchool, but you’ll notice that they are a little outdated and a bit cheesy. Who cares, though; this isn’t a Marvel movie. This is you doing your best to reduce the points on your driver’s license so that you can stay on the road. Besides, we’ve seen a whole lot worse!

Everything Is Saved For You

The coolest thing about going to California traffic school online is that you don’t need to keep track of hand-outs or take notes because everything is kept all neat-and-tidy in your file.

GoToTrafficSchool lets you log off and log on without missing a beat. They really have a great easy-to-use interface that doesn’t even require you to save your work; it’s automatic.

And at the end of the course, simply take your final exam, pass with 70% or 80% (depending on the court) and you’re done. If you don’t pass, they let you take it as many times as you like until you do.

You’ll get a certificate of completion and they’ll notify the court for you, which is nice.

So if you’re in a jam with your driver’s license and they tell you that traffic school online is an option, go for it. You never know just what you can learn.

You’ve Got Plenty of Other Options

Say GoToTrafficSchool is not the type that you’ll enjoy taking. Well, there are other options for California Online Traffic School for you. 

One other online traffic school definitely worth checking out is Best Online Traffic School. It might not be as affordable as GoToTrafficSchool, but the slight difference in rate (its course costs $19.99) may be worth your while.

So, what can you expect? 

First, a pleasing experience, and it’s mainly because of its clean and modern interface. 

As soon as you log in, you’ll find a comprehensive course outline on its left-hand panel. It allows you to keep tabs on your progression, which helps keep your momentum (not to mention your morale) as you get closer to the finish line. 

Auditory learners will have a grand time with Best Online Traffic School’s voiceover option. You can relax, close your eyes, and let the waves of learning wash over you — just ensure you don’t fall asleep!

The course lets you set your learning pace as well. Since it doesn’t have a course timer, how fast or how slow you get through everything depends entirely on you. 

Now, Best Online Traffic School is only available in California. But since we’re from the Golden State, that shouldn’t be a problem!

If you want something more fun, you can check out Improv Traffic School. Want more interactive lessons, videos, and animations, there’s iDriveSafely and Aceable to consider.

There are others, of course. But these are my recommended options.

You see, not every traffic school you’ll find online can give the best value for money. There may even be scams that will get you to pay for more than what you need.

If you decide to look for other options, consider the following:

  • Check the course approval – it should be approved in your state. If not approved by your state, seek permission from your court handler before signing up (if you need the course for ticket dismissal, point reduction, or to comply with a court order)
  • Check accreditations and certifications – you may search for the company in the BBB database to check for reviews and ratings.
  • Read Customer Reviews to validate their claims.
  • Read reliable Traffic School reviews and comparisons.
  • Watch out for hidden fees – some schools hide extra chargers behind add-ons that you can get for free in other course options.
  • Those that offer a money-back guarantee are preferable.
  • Read the course description carefully – they usually put disclaimers here about what’s included in the course and what you will and will not get after you sign up.
  • If there’s a course demo or free trial, check those first before you sign up.

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