How to Get A Driver’s License in Oklahoma (A Complete 2024 Guide)

How to Get A Driver’s License in Oklahoma

So you’re about to get your OK driver’s license


However, there are a few steps and requirements that you need to go through. 

But don’t worry – we’re going to walk you through it all. 

This way, you will know what to expect, what to do, and what to bring — for both teens and adults. 

Are you ready for your complete guide on how to get a driver’s license in Oklahoma?

Then let’s begin!

Oklahoma Driver’s License Requirements

Teens 15½ but below 18 years old will have to undergo the OK Graduated Driver License (GDL) system. 

This consists of 3 stages, including: 

  • Earning a learner’s permit
  • Obtaining an intermediate license
  • Getting an unrestricted driver’s license

It isn’t complicated to navigate through these stages as long as you know what to do. So check out the steps below!

How to Get a Learner’s Permit in Oklahoma 

Driving is a skill, which means the best way to learn it is through experience. However, before you can get practicing, you need to have a learner’s permit.

So that’s your first stop. 

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. If you’re below 16 years old — ensure you’re enrolled, currently undergoing, or completed a driver’s education.
NOTE: If you are already 16+ years old, driver’s ed is no longer mandatory. However, it is still highly recommended as it can waive your knowledge exam (just make sure to bring your certificate of completion).
  1. Schedule your visit to a Licensing Office using Oklahoma DPS’s online system.
  1. On your visit, bring the following:
    1. A parent or legal guardian OR a notarized parent authorization form.
    2. Documents proving your identity, Social Security Number, and Oklahoma residence. Click here for a list of accepted documents. 
    3. Proof of driver’s education (an enrollment contract or a Completion Certificate).
NOTE: If you opted for parent-taught driver’s ed, you must bring the following:
The approved parent-taught affidavit Proof of purchase of the Parent Taught Program provider
  1. Submit your documents and complete the following tests:
    1. Vision screening
    2. Knowledge test (unless you show a driver’s ed certificate of completion to waive it.)
NOTE: Parent-taught driver’s ed is not allowed to waive a knowledge test. 
Also, you can take your knowledge test at a Career Tech Testing Center. However, you will have to pay a $25 fee and go to a Licensing Office for your vision screening and permit issuance. 
  1. Pay the $42.50 permit printing and issuance fee. 
NOTE: If you pay with a credit card, you can get your permit immediately. 
If you pay with cash or money order, you will be given a form that you must take to a Licensed Operator and have them print the permit. 
  1. Receive your learner’s permit. 

With stage one done, you can start accumulating driving experience. However, don’t forget about the following restrictions:

  • You can only drive between 5:00 am and 10:00 pm
  • A licensed driver who is 21 or older and has had a driver’s license for at least 2 years must accompany you at all times

How to Get an Intermediate License in Oklahoma 

Now let’s move on to stage 2 — your intermediate license. 

But before you can work on that, you first have to meet these requirements: 

  • Have your learner’s permit longer than 6 months
  • Earn 50 supervised driving hours, with 10 hours done at night. 
  • Maintain a clean driving record within 6 months of your application
  • Be at least 16½ years old (if you did not complete driver’s ed)

Once you’ve met the requirements above, you can follow these steps to get your intermediate license: 

  1. Complete an online appointment to schedule your driving test OR contact a certified driving school directly. 
  1. Bring the following to your driving test:
    1. Your valid and current learner’s permit
    2. Your Completion Certificate (if you attended driver’s ed)
    3. A notarized Affidavit of Driver Training form to confirm you completed the required supervised driving hours
    4. A vehicle to use for your driving test, complete with insurance and registration. 
  1. Pass the driving test.
  1. Pay the $25 intermediate license printing and issuance fee. 
NOTE: Again, paying with a credit card allows you to get your intermediate license on the spot. Paying with cash or money order requires you to visit a Licensed Operator for payment and license issuance. 
  1. Receive your intermediate license.

You now have more driving freedom!

But there are still restrictions, including:

  • You can only drive unsupervised between 5:00 am and 10:00 pm. However, this restriction does not apply if you’re traveling to and from activities for school, church, or work. Also, it does not apply if you are accompanied by a driver at least 21 years old. 
  • You can only have one passenger when driving. If you’re with household members, you can have more. But again, this restriction does not apply if you are accompanied by a driver 21 and older. 

And just like that, there’s only one stage to go!

How to Get an Unrestricted Driver’s License in Oklahoma

If you hold an intermediate license, you only need to have it for a minimum of 6 months and keep your record clean. 

If you didn’t take driver’s ed, you have to hold your intermediate license for at least 12 months and keep your record clean. 

Once those times are up, you can get an unrestricted driver’s license with these simple steps:

  1. Make an appointment to visit a Licensing Office.
  1. Present your valid intermediate license and have it replaced with an unrestricted one.
  1. Pay the $25 licensing fee using a credit card.
NOTE: If you pay with cash or money order, you must go to a nearby Licensed Operator to pay the issuance fee and have your license printed. 
  1. Get an unrestricted driver’s license.

And you’ve completed the OK GDL system. 


Hold up…

What if you’re already 18+ and just starting? 

We outlined the process for you to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. (OPTIONAL) Take a driver’s education course. It’s not mandatory, but it may allow you to waive the knowledge test.
  1. Prepare proof of the following:
    1. Your identity
    2. Your SSN
    3. Your address in Oklahoma
    4. Change of name (if applicable)
    5. Completion Certificate for Driver Education (if you want to waive the knowledge test) 

Check out which documents you can use here.

  1. Schedule a visit to a Licensing Office with the DPS’s online portal.
  1. Do the following on your appointment:
    1. Pass the vision screening
    2. Pass the knowledge exam (if you cannot waive it)
  1. (OPTIONAL) Get a permit after paying the $42.50 issuance fee. 
NOTE: If you decide to get a permit to practice driving before the driving test, you have to hold it for at least 30 days before you can schedule the test.  
  1. Use the DPS’s online services to schedule your driving test.
  1. Bring the proof documents (mentioned above) and a vehicle to use. The vehicle must have passed the vehicle inspection, and have proof of registration and insurance.
  1. Pass the driving test.
  1. Pay the required fee:
    1. $42.50 if you didn’t get a learner’s permit
    2. $25 if you have a learner’s permit
NOTE: If you pay with a credit card, you can get your license immediately. But if you pay with cash or money order, you first have to go to a Licensed Operator and pay the fees there, as well as get your license issuance there. 
  1. Get your full driver’s license. 

As you can see, it’s a lot quicker if you’re already 18+ years old. 


To help you even further, let’s answer some frequently asked questions about how to get a driver’s license in Oklahoma. 

Where can I take driver’s ed in Oklahoma? 

There are several approved providers for driver’s ed in Oklahoma. These are: 

  • A state-approved secondary school driver education course
  • An Oklahoma-certified driver education from a nonpublic secondary school (private, parochial, or otherwise)
  • A commercial driver training course that meets Oklahoma Statutes
  • An Oklahoma-certified parent-taught driver education course (this cannot waive a knowledge test. Plus, you’ll need to bring a parent-taught affidavit and proof of program purchase to the office)

Can I get my license without taking the road test in Oklahoma?

No. All applicants, regardless of age, must take (and pass) a driving test to get their OK driver’s license.

Can I get my license at 21 without a permit in Oklahoma?

Yes. A permit becomes optional if you’re 18 and older. 

Of course, you can choose to get one if you’re unsure of your driving skills. However, it means you can’t schedule your driving test until you’ve had it for longer than 30 days.

How long does it take to get an Oklahoma driver’s license?

Applicants over 18 can get their license in a matter of days, especially if they don’t go through driver’s ed or hold a learner’s permit. 

However, it can take up to a year and a half if you’re working through Oklahoma’s GDL system.

How do I change my out-of-state driver’s license to Oklahoma?

Here are the steps: 

  1. Bring your out-of-state license to a Licensing Office along with the following documents:
    1. Proof of identity, Oklahoma residence, and SSN
    2. Documents for a name change (if applicable)
  1. Pay the required fee. It varies depending on your license’s validity:
    1. 4-year license – $42.50
    2. 8-year license – $81

Remember that this process only applies if your out-of-state license is current (or, if expired, less than 6 months). Otherwise, you’ll have to undergo the entire process of applying for a new OK license.

How many questions are on the Oklahoma permit test?

The OK permit test has 50 questions, all of which are multiple-choice. Oklahoma requires a score of 80% or higher to pass.

How many times can you fail your permit test in Oklahoma?

There is no cap on how many times you can take the written exam. However, each attempt will cost you $4.

How long is an Oklahoma driving test?

You’ll be behind the wheel for about an hour. However, it’s best to allot more time than that.

Remember, you’ll have to fill out some forms when you arrive, so ensure you’re not late.

Is driver’s ed required in Oklahoma? 

Driver’s ed is only mandatory for teens below 16 years old. After that, it becomes optional. 

That said, completing driver’s ed comes with many benefits, such as waiving the knowledge test, holding your intermediate license for much shorter, and more. 

The Wrap Up

We know that getting a driver’s license can seem overwhelming — there are so many steps, so many documents, so many requirements… 

But with this guide on how to get a driver’s license in Oklahoma, we list them all down in order. 

And when you have all the steps, the process becomes clearer and much easier. 
So good luck!

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