How Long Does Online Traffic School Take?

How Long Does Online Traffic School Take

How long does online traffic school take? The REAL answer is that it depends on where you live. Online traffic school will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours or more.

Some states, such as online traffic schools in the state of Texas, require all courses to be on a timer. That means, if you need to take a 6 hour defensive driving course, that’s the minimum amount of time it will take you.

On the other hand, online traffic schools in California do NOT require a course timer to be used and you can essentially finish it in under an hour.

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No matter which state you reside in, the first step is getting signed up with an online traffic school that is at the state minimum requirements while still being cheap and approved for your specific court.

I’m going to list a few online traffic schools to check out, along with special tips and tricks on completing them quickly. I also have some coupons you can use in order to help reduce the cost associated with your online traffic school.

The online traffic schools listed below are approved in most states and they will verify your eligibility before you sign up, but you can also check out my online traffic schools by state page.

You can also check out all of my online traffic school reviews here which reviews more than a dozen different online traffic schools.

Duration of Traffic School per State

The duration of a traffic school course depends on the state. So the number of hours you’ll need to spend to complete it depends on where you live. 

To give you a clearer idea, here are the current course durations for some states. Keep note though that the total amount of time will also depend on your study pace if you take the course online. Course timers will also be a factor if it is implemented in your state or if your chosen course provider has it.


Arizona drivers need to spend at least 4 hours completing a traffic school or defensive driving course. There are also instances when certain traffic school providers may take 48 hours to confirm your eligibility.


In California, it will take 8 long hours to complete a traffic school or a defensive driving course. The good news is that you can complete it in one or two hours because California does not require course timers. You can either breeze through the course in one sitting or take your time in answering all the quizzes – it’s totally up to you!  

Just make sure that you pay attention to the lesson because at the end of the course, you’ll need to get at least 70% to pass the mandatory final exam.


For Florida’s Basic Driver Improvement Course, you’ll need at least 4 hours to complete it. This already includes the time you spend for breaks in between lessons. Without the breaks, the total course duration should be around 3 hours and 15 minutes. 

Note that if you have already completed the BDI course within the last 12 months, you may be required by the court to take the 8-hour Driver Improvement course instead.


For Tennessee drivers, the court requires that you spend the entire 4 hours completing an online traffic school or defensive driving course. So even if you can take the course at your own pace and you can finish the course faster, you’ll need at least 4 hours to pass before the court counts it.


The Texas Driving Safety Course’s entire course duration is 6 hours. This includes the breaks in between lessons that accumulate to 60 minutes in total. So the actual course only takes 5 hours.

A List Of The Quickest Online Traffic Schools You Can Sign Up For

iDriveSafely This online traffic school has been around for a few decades with more than 5 million people who have already taken their course.

I’ve actually had a personal tour of their office based in California where they have a fully staffed 24/7/365 customer support team (read: NOT outsourced to India like many other online traffic schools).

This is important because in most states, an “identity verification system” has to be used and this verification system is prone to error. If it can’t verify who you are, you will need to call customer support.

That’s why customer support is so important. A bad customer support team will cost you lots of time waiting on hold trying to get things fixed.

Oh, and did I mention I have listed many questions and answers for iDriveSafely quizzes here? This online traffic school is already set at state mandated minimums, so it won’t take you a second longer than it has to, but the answers to quiz questions are right here on this site. Enjoy! Click here to sign up for iDriveSafely.

Improv Traffic School In states where a course timer is used, going through an online traffic school is BRUTAL. It’s slow, it’s boring, and you’d probably rather spend your time having a cavity drilled.

That’s where Improv Traffic School gets the job done. This online traffic school was put together by comedians at the nationwide Improv Comedy Club chain. The course includes hilarious stand-up acts related to driving safety, funny images, cartoons, and even some games thrown in for good measure.

This course is best for someone with a goofy sense of humor. Along with the comedic nature of the course, you also get 24/7/365 customer support, they have an A+ BBB rating, and they’ve been offering traffic school courses before anyone could even take traffic school online. Click here and get an automatic $5 discount on this course.

Go To Traffic School For some of you, having high quality customer support and comedians doing stand-up routines isn’t necessary. All you want is a fast and cheap way to complete your online traffic school requirements. Well, ladies and gentleman, let me introduce to you Go To Traffic School. This online traffic school is approved almost everywhere in the country.

They don’t offer fancy stand-up comedians and their customer service is a bit lacking in quality, but they GUARANTEE to be the cheapest online traffic school.

If you find one for cheaper, they will match or beat the price. So, for those of you who want the guaranteed lowest priced online traffic school, Go To Traffic School offers what you want.

A Few Tips And Tricks To Complete Online Traffic School Faster

How long online traffic school takes really depends a lot on you. If you want to take the course seriously, which I actually highly recommend, it may take you a while. If you don’t care and just want to blow through it as quickly as possible, that can be done, too.

In all honesty, the tests and quizzes really aren’t that difficult. If you have a drivers license already, you should be able to pass the quizzes already. With that said, here are a few tips to complete your online traffic school faster…

First, copy and paste all of the text on each page into Microsoft Word (include the images and everything). That way, when you get to the end of the chapter and you need to take a test or quiz, you can use the “search” feature in Microsoft Word and search for the answers you need.

You can also check out our online traffic school answers here. You can also take a screen shot of each page if you are unable to copy and paste. You can’t use the search feature, but at least you can go back and reference the material.

So, as long as you sign up for a good online traffic school and use some of the tips above, you should be able to finish your online traffic school quickly. I hope this helped and feel free to post any tips of your own in the comment section below!

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