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esurance Car Insurance is owned by Allstate Car Insurance. The esurance side of Allstate is comprised of over 2,500 associates in 16 offices located throughout the country. This is a car insurance company that is geared more towards being virtual rather than having a physical presence with many office locations. The savings, in turn, are passed along to you.

Allstate History

Formerly known as Esurance Insurance Services, INC., the esurance brand offers automotive insurance services to nearly 90 percent of the United States population comprising of 34 states. The company was originally incorporated in June of 1998 as Silicon Sierra, INC by co-founders Jean-Bernard Duler, Jeffrey Goodman, Huyen Bui, David Griffin, and CHarles Wallace in a $5.5 Million dollar venture. Another $34 dollars was invested in October of 1999. After offering personal auto insurance to just 3 states initially, esurance was one of the first insurance companies to give side-by-side quote comparisons. In May of 2011, Allstate auto insurance announced the acquisition of esurance for $1 billion.

Company Reputation

While esurance has an A+ rating through the Better Business Bureau, they do have quite a sketchy reputation online. A quick search for “esurance review” yields several consumer complaint websites. After a detailed analysis of these complaints, we determined the largest issue is response time after filing a claim and reaching a customer service rep via telephone. Several other complaints also indicated that esurance would not cover engine damage due to a collision. While we are unable to verify the accuracy of those reports, several complaints appeared on both and

Pros of esurance

esurance Car Insurance is mostly known for their lower rates and online tools. Because of their “virtual” nature, you can do almost everything online like file a claim, pay your bill, and even print out your proof of insurance. They will typically give you a quote from multiple companies as well. If you are budget minded and don’t mind the virtual nature of esurance, this is a great choice.

esurance Cons

While esurance Car Insurance is owned by Allstate Car Insurance, they operate mostly independently of each other. As a consumer, you will not deal with Allstate Agents and your policy will be completely exclusive to esurance terms and conditions. Allstate Car Insurance is known to be a bit more “in-depth” with their insurance coverage. You won’t get the personal feel with esurance, either. Instead of having a personal agent you can go see in person, you will communicate online or via telephone with whichever customer service rep is available (they may or may not be located in North America). Response times can be slow and there are generally more hoops to jump through to complete your claim. And finally, you may not get some of the freebies that come with other insurance companies like roadside assistance. Be sure to read your policy carefully and compare it to other quotes.

Who is esurance best suited for

As mentioned above, esurance is best for those on a budget and/or those who enjoy the virtual nature of esurance. If you are looking for a company that gives you personalize service with an agent you can physically go talk to, this is not the car insurance company for you. However, if you’d like to take advantage of some savings by giving up the premium customer service, esurance is a very viable option.

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