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Defensive Driving

If you are at an intersection and see a potential opportunity to merge into traffic, but aren’t 100% sure of the speed of the oncoming cars, do you often choose to “go for it” and give a little extra gas to make it onto the roadway without causing an accident? Or do you wait until you are 100% sure you can enter the roadway safely without any extra effort?

If you are the latter, congratulations, you are a defensive driver. Defensive drivers don’t take chances. In other words, they don’t drive tired, over speed, make sudden lane changes, tailgate, try to beat traffic lights and above all, don’t drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications.

Defensive driving is the cornerstone to safer roadways, but if protecting the health and lives of the other drivers and your own isn’t enough incentive to convince you to drive safely, let’s spice it up with an additional incentive: Keeping your hard earned cash in the bank.

How so? The fact is, non-defensive driving almost always leads to an imperfect driving record, and whether you merely get a ticket for a simple moving violation or are the cause of even a minor fender-bender, you are guaranteed to get a big wakeup call the next time you receive your car insurance bill.

If your prior driving record was clean, you will suddenly be faced with what can amount to a 45% increase on your car insurance premiums. This is because drivers with 100% clean records are usually entitled to a “good driver’s discount”, which can reduce their insurance premiums up to a 45%. If, however, even the most minor of traffic violations tarnishes that squeaky-clean record, this generous and lucrative discount disappears into thin air.

So the next time you are considering changing lanes without signaling or reversing on a freeway because you missed an exit, think about all that money you stand to loose and ask yourself, is it really worth it?

If you already have a less than perfect driving record, don’t give up hope. Start driving defensively today. If you manage to keep your record clean and clear for usually as little as three years, you too will be eligible for cheap car insurance via a "good driver discount".

Once you know your driving record clean and cleared, remember that one of the best ways to find the cheapest car insurance is to search with Google to find insurance comparison sites like.

The reason is that not all “good driver discounts” are equal, so it always pays to compare insurance quotes between competing companies to find out which company is offering the best insurance rate for your particular driving record and vehicle. So drive safely, compare rates and start enjoying much lower car insurance.

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