Is Traffic School 101 Legit?

Is Traffic School 101 Legit

So you messed up. Maybe you were in a hurry and got a speeding ticket, or you committed some other grave sin in the eyes of the traffic cops.

It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, but now you have points on your license and they need to go away.

The simple solution is to attend traffic school and you can do it online.

Maybe you’ve come across Traffic School 101 and you’re wondering – is traffic school 101 legit?

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Who Can Use Online Traffic School?

At this point, most states allow you to take defensive driving courses online. It is cheaper, faster and easier than having to trudge off to a classroom somewhere. It is also a lot less embarrassing.

Online traffic school allows you to get rid of points on your license with a lot less hassle than in the not so good old days of brick and mortar traffic school.

Most online traffic schools will also submit your certificate of completion directly to the court, saving you the bother of making sure all the paperwork is in order.

If you want to make sure that this is an option for you, check with your local court or use this online tool from Traffic School 101.

Is Traffic School 101 Legit?

Traffic School 101 Discount Code

To quickly answer your question, yes, Traffic School 101 is legit. If you really want to keep it simple, this is the way to go, in my opinion.

The course is quick, simple and straight up. You can even get a discount, making it also extremely reasonable.

It will most likely end up costing you far less than the ticket that landed you in the mess in the first place.

It may even in end up taking you less time than you spent on going to court about the ticket that caused the whole mess in the first place.

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How Do I Sign Up?

It is easy to sign up for online traffic school, just go to the Traffic 101 website and follow the simple instructions.

The beauty of doing this online is that you can sign up and do the course from home. Settle in to your favorite chair, get yourself a snack, and before you know it, those pesky points on your license will be history.

Since you are home and not driving, nobody will mind if you have a beer either or do the course in your PJs.

You will need the name of your court and your case number, but the site has instructions on how to find those, if you are not sure.

What Is Traffic School 101 Like?

The course is individualized for your particular state, so the course material varies, depending on where you are.

In general terms, you will read through some short texts and when you are done, you will take a final exam.

The exam doesn’t take more than about 20 minutes to complete, and you can check back through the course material and your notes while you are taking the exam.

It really is that simple. Traffic School 101 wants to help you put the mess behind you, they are not interested in making your life more difficult than it has to be.

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Do I Need Special Software?

The answer is “no.” All you need to complete your course is a computer, any kind of computer, and an Internet connection.

As long as you are logged in, all your work is saved on the servers of Traffic School 101, so even if you have trouble with your Internet connection along the way, you won’t lose any of the work you have already put in.

This course is meant to be simple and quick, so there are no complicated bells and whistles requiring plug-ins or software you may not have, and you don’t have to download anything sketchy to get going with cleaning up those points.

In addition, Traffic School 101 has 24/7 tech support, should you run into any problem at all.

Traffic School 101 Could even Be Free

As I said, Traffic School 101 offers some of the best prices around for completing online traffic school.

To make it even better, the online registration for the course also works as a lottery, where every 100th customer gets the course for free.

So, you know you will get the course at a good price, especially if you make use of the 5% discount included in this link, but you could even end up getting the course for free.

What could be better, no more points at no charge.

Do I Have Other Options?

There are several alternatives to Traffic School 101 if you feel like this course is not the one for you. All you need is to search online and you’ll get several results immediately.

The tricky thing here is that it’s somehow difficult to figure out which of these options are legit, and which ones will most suit your needs.

If you want to consider other options, the best way to go about it is to look for reliable traffic school reviews and comparisons online. This will narrow down your choices to at least three to five schools.

These reviews should have done the preliminary research already, so you can at least be sure that the schools on their list are legit. However, not all choices will be approved in your state.

So the next thing you’ll need to do is check with your Department of Motor Vehicles, or better yet, check with your court handler (if you’re hoping to get your ticket dismissed) if you can take the course from your preferred online school/s.

Once you’ve confirmed, be sure to read reviews from other customers before finally signing up. Even if the court or the DMV has already approved, you’d want to make sure that you’ll get what you’re promised to get. 

Some schools will claim that they have certain features that are, in reality, only available as an add-on. This means that you’ll have to pay for it separately if you wish to avail of the feature. So watch out for that.

Still, others will claim fast delivery of Certificate of Completion, not mentioning that students have experienced inconveniences in getting hold of a copy of their certificates.

The best way to verify that is from comments provided by former students who have already experienced taking the course themselves – first-hand learning experience.

So What Are You Waiting For?

You may have put off getting this done, but now you know that traffic 101 is legit, along with many other online traffic school options.

Nobody is exactly dying to attend traffic school. Maybe you were dreading having to show up in a classroom and being bored to tears by some driving instructor droning on for hours. Maybe you thought that doing online traffic school would be expensive or complicated.

Now that you know that it is, in fact, both cheap and simple, it is time to get it out of the way and clean up your driving record. It is not worth it to leave those points hanging around on your license, and maybe risk an outright suspension.

We all need to be able to get around, and having a valid license is a matter of plain survival for most people.

So check out Traffic School 101 and you will be on your way to having a clean driving record.

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