Distracted Driving Tips And Truths – What You Need To Know

Distracted Driving Tips And Truths - What You Need To Know

Distracted driving is driving a motor vehicle while you are engaged in another activity.

These distracted driving tips and truths will help give you a better idea of the dangers distracted driving poses.

Typically, this means texting or talking on a cell phone, but there are other things that keep your brain unfocused and unable to concentrate on driving:

  • Smoking (including lighting and extinguishing the cigarette)
  • Pets in the car
  • Changing radio stations or adjusting stereo volume
  • Eating and drinking
  • Other people in the car
  • Looking at activities outside the car (watching an accident)
  • Thinking about other things (lost in a fog)

To keep your eyes on the road and to keep you and your passenger’s safe, follow these distracted driving tips and make a pact with your parents that you should:

  • Not eat or drink behind the wheel
  • Avoid getting too involved with you passengers as you drive
  • Keep music at moderate levels and not change the radio stations
  • Avoid reading maps or programing a GPS while driving
  • Pull over to do anything that requires taking your eyes off the road (picking up a fallen item, checking a map)

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Distracted Driving Tips And Facts

The Truth About Cell Phone Usage

No, we didn’t forget about cell phone usage, we just saved the most important thing for last. The number one source of driver distraction is talking or texting on a cell phone.

In the United States, cell phone usage (texting or talking) is responsible for 30,000 motor vehicle related injuries each year and 11 deaths each day In the state of California, the law bans all handheld devices, texting for all drivers, and all cell phone usage (even hands free) for driver’s under the age of 18.

So odds are, you’re looking at a fine of $161 if you are ticketed for using a cell phone while driving; that’s if you’re lucky enough to get a ticket as opposed to getting into an accident.

So though your parents might sound like a couple of wet blankets when they harass you about using your cell phone while driving, they’re really just trying to save your life.

Turning off your phone or putting it in the backseat is a great way to keep it out of reach while you drive to your destination.

Show Your Parents How Responsible You Are

With all of the freedom that driving provides, we know that there are still plenty of things that your parents might worry about.

There is one way, however, to get them to see that you really are a responsible teen driver: go to online driver’s Ed for California.

Not only will you learn some of the most important road rules in existence, you’ll learn a few things that you might not know about unless faced with the situation.

This is one way that your parents will see that you are serious enough about your driving knowledge and safety, and maybe (just maybe) they might cut you some slack.

What More Can You Do?

We’ve been facing this battle against distracted driving for years now. Did we improve? 

The number of deaths related to distracted drivers may have decreased these past few years, but the number of accidents remains the same.

We may have learned how to prevent fatalities (thanks to technology), but what about the damages? What more can you do to help end this battle against distracted driving triumphantly?

Let’s take this first from the perspective of a teenager. You’re on a road trip with your peers, and you’re having a great time. Even if you’re not the one behind the wheels, you can help ensure that the one driving is focused on the road. 

If someone suggests for him/her to join a game you’re playing, encourage them not to get him/her involved in the meantime. This may not seem the coolest reaction they can get from you, especially when you’re supposed to “have fun” with them. But hey, standing for something right, not to mention something that can save their lives, is way cooler than trying to impress your group. And this is just a small step to take.

If you want to get more involved, you can always help raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. Information can easily be shared through various social media channels nowadays. And you almost always have your phone with you so why not use it for a better cause? 

Now, let’s take the point of view of a parent. Why do you think the role of a parent is so important when their teens apply for a license? 

The answer is simple – you’re their role model. I get that not everyone has a smooth parent-child relationship, but the bottom line here is that your teens learn from you and your actions. If you don’t practice what you preach, would your teen listen to you? So yes, everything starts with you. Want your kid to practice safe driving? Show them that you’re a safe driver yourself.

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