Online Drivers Ed For Texas Teens

Online Drivers Ed For Texas Teens

Online drivers ed for Texas teens provides young people with a way to learn optimal road safety while not messing up their already packed schedules.

Teens today are often involved with a ton of activities, they’re working part time jobs, they’re juggling homework assignments, and they’re trying to keep a social and family life on top of it all, so squeezing in physical drivers ed on top if it can be quite the challenge.

With online drivers ed for Texas teens, however, you’re providing your teenager with a way to get their course done on their own time! 

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How Does Online Drivers Ed For Texas Teens Work?

The way online drivers ed for Texas teens works is really pretty simple.

First, you’ll want to choose the online drivers ed of your choice and sign up, then as your teen goes about their courses they can do what they can when they can and come back to it later.

Using their login information, they’ll simple log in when they’re ready, and log out when they’re finished, allowing them a way to pick right back up where they finished off each time.

If they have 5 minutes to dedicate to their course, they can use just that 5 minutes, and if they have 2 hours, they can use 2 hours as well! When they’re done, just log out, and when they’re ready again, they can jump right back into it.

The online drivers ed courses cover a myriad of really important topics for teens to know. A few of these topics are:

  • Dealing with hazardous road conditions – In online drivers ed, Texas teens will learn how to deal with difficult road conditions safely. Should it rain, hail, be muddy, be foggy, or even snow, your teen will be equipped with the knowledge of how to navigate the road safely.
  • The dangers of distractions Distracted driving is a big problem for teens. According to these statistics, teen drivers make up the largest amount of distracted drivers, and 12% of distracted drivers involved in fatal accidents are teens. Online drivers ed for Texas teens can teach real respect for the road, and that it’s important to put the phone down while driving.
  • Texas driving laws – Every state in the US has plenty of driving laws, and they can be pretty tough to keep a good grasp on at first. Actually, some of the more obscure or lesser-known laws may not even be known to experienced drivers, but online drivers ed for Texas teens will make sure to cover them all.
  • Driving basics – You can’t expect to get good at anything without knowing the basics first! Online drivers ed will cover all of the basics of driving before your teen gets behind the wheel, so you know they’re amply prepared.

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What’s the Difference Between the Usual Driver Ed and Parent-Taught Course?

The Parent Taught Driver Education is regulated by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). It is an alternative to driver education in public schools or commercial driving schools

If you (or your parent) sign up for the Parent Taught Driver Education program, you can have your parent as your instructor. Your mom or dad will take charge of your driver education by working with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

They will also need to find a course provider that is approved by the TDLR to offer a parent-taught driver education course.

I’ve outlined the roles and responsibilities of each of these three entities, as well as your parent-instructor below:

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)

The DPS is the overall in-charge of the program. 

Their main role is to provide an Online Driver Record Request System that will allow your parents to verify whether they are eligible to teach you. The eligibility requirements depend on your parent’s criminal and driver records.

The DPS will be responsible for verifying your parent’s driving record. They will do this when they process your student’s learner license or your provisional license. 

The DPS must recognize TDLR’s Parent Taught Driver Education Program as an alternative to the usual driver education. They should recognize that this program will satisfy training requirements for obtaining a driver’s permit or license.

They are also the ones responsible for issuing your driver’s permit or license.

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR)

The TDLR operates the Parent Taught Driver Education Program. They are the ones who sell the Request for Parent Taught Driver Education Instructor Designation Service Application and licenses and regulate driver education course providers. They also approve driver education course materials

The TDLR-Approved Course Provider

These are the driving schools that create course materials that can be purchased by your parent-instructor(s) to teach you. They are the ones that will issue your Texas Driver Education Certificate of Completion. You need to send this to the DPS for you to get your learner or provisional license.

The Top 4 Rated Online Drivers Ed Courses For Texas

Your Parent (Legal Guardian or Designee)

Now, your parents’ (or legal guardian or designee) main role is to purchase a Request for Parent Taught Driver Education Instructor Designation Service Application from TDLR and choose a TDLR-approved Parent Taught Driver Education course provider for you.

They will then guide you in completing the classroom and behind-the-wheel course as your instructor. They are responsible for ensuring that you pass the written exam. They will also assist you in obtaining a learner license or a provisional license at a DPS facility.

Researching The Best Online Drivers Ed For Texas Teens

When you’re researching an online drivers ed for your Texas teen, you’ll want to make sure you’ve chosen the best one. The foolproof way to go about finding the best online drivers ed is through careful research, which is actually not very difficult to do.

When doing your research, the first thing you’ll want to check out is the reviews, and make sure you’re looking at reviews that are genuine. A good rule of thumb to follow is to follow your gut, and if the review reads naturally like a real firsthand account, you should be good to go.

Next, you’ll want to take a look at the company’s online reputation. We have a few online drivers ed programs great for Texas teens, but if you want to find other options as well, this is something you’ll want to check out.

Finding the real of it with a Texas online drivers ed will take searching specifically for negative experiences, and making sure the bad doesn’t outweigh the good. Conducting a search engine search with phrases like “(company name) complaint” or “(company name) scam” will take you to different resources and show you reviews that the main search for the school may not.

You’ll also want to research your price and do a little compare and contrast shopping to make sure you’re getting value you’re happy with.

The benefit of going to a Texas drivers ed online is that you can do all of this price point research at any time that suits you, and right from the comfort of your own home.

You won’t have to make phone calls or visit any drivers ed schools, and you’ll have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Why Choose Drivers Ed For Your Texas Teen?

Looking into drivers ed, in general, is always a good idea, and Texas parents should really consider physical or online drivers ed for all of their children.

Not only does drivers ed lessen a teen’s likelihood to be involved in an accident, it also helps to lower your car insurance premiums monthly on top of it.

There is no standardized insurance discount to look for, but many insurance companies offer a bit off the monthly premium if a teen can prove their completion of a drivers ed course.

This discount is due to the fact that teens are less likely to be involved in an accident if they’ve taken drivers ed, which lowers the risk that insurance companies take on by insuring these drivers and their vehicles.

Online drivers ed for Texas teens benefits both parents and teens equally, as parents are given peace of mind and a lesser monthly insurance bill, and teens are given a way to keep their schedule intact and manageable while still getting the driving education they need.

When you find the right online drivers ed for Texas drivers, you’ll see the benefits of the course straight away, as the entire experience turns into a more relaxed and rewarding one!