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What exactly is an auto insurance discount course? Well, many states require insurance companies to give you a discount if you complete a classroom or online traffic school program. How much of a discount? That depends on a few factors like how old you are or what state you’re from. As an example, Pennsylvania requires auto insurance companies to give a 5% discount to anyone 55 or older that completes what is known as a Driver Improvement Program (DIP). Some states will give you up to a 15% discount. That’s pretty significant!

What Is The Auto Insurance Discount Course Like?

Well, it’s pretty boring, actually! But hey, a discount is a discount! The good news is you can do it at your own pace and on your own time from any computer with an internet connection. You can do it all at once or you can split it up over several days or even weeks. However, you feel like doing it! The other good thing is the majority of the courses are fail-proof. In other words, you can’t fail at all! Just go through the course and you get a discount. Simple as that.

Taking Advantage of Auto Insurance Discounts

Just get what you need. People have a tendency to get more than what they need, especially when products are being offered at a discounted price – the same thing goes with insurance coverage. 

Here’s the trick, as a marketing strategy, items are oftentimes sold at a discounted price to attract more buyers of products that are not normally brought. I can say the same for insurance discounts. Discounts will lure you over to buy extra coverage that you may not actually need – but they will make you believe that you do. Since the offer is cheaper, you may think you are saving up more. It’s not. This is because you are forced to buy something you don’t need. So best to make it simple and just purchase the basic coverage you need.

Invest in safety and security features. Most auto insurance discounts are being offered if you have installed safety and security equipment such as anti-lock brakes (ABS) and anti-theft devices, as well as other restraint features. Take advantage of this opportunity and invest here. Fine, you might spend some cash installing these devices, but just think ahead and imagine how much safer you and your passengers will be and how much cheaper your auto insurance can go.

Don’t fall for installment plans. I’m guilty of this. I sometimes think I’m saving up more if I bought policies that are payable in installments. But if you are purchasing at a discounted price, paying in full will save you more.

How Do I get The Discount?

Simple, just use one of the below online driving schools and you’re golden. When you finish the course, they will get you a certificate of completion. Just give that to your insurance company and in many states, they are required to give you a discount. I have no idea why more people don’t do this. The process is relatively simple and your discount usually lasts for 3 years. If you want to see if a course is available in your area, just check out one of the schools below.

Approved Insurance Discount Courses

There are more than just these two schools that offer insurance discount courses, but I can vouch for these guys. They are high quality, they’ve been around for more than a decade, they both have A+ ratings with the BBB, and everything about them is legit. Just use the links below and pick your state to get started!


This was one of the very first online auto insurance discount courses ever created and I highly recommend them. If you’re over the age of 55, click on their “Mature Driving Course” to see if you’re qualified in your state. If you’re under 55, just select your state and click on Driver Training & Traffic School. They’ll let you know if you qualify or not. Have fun!

Improv Traffic School

This course is actually a lot of fun! It was designed by a bunch of improv comedians in Hollywood. They thought it would be cool to make these courses fun by using humor and I’ve gotta say, it worked really well! Unfortunately, they are still only approved for a handful of states, but I highly recommend you check them out and see if you qualify for one of their state-approved courses.

Any Other Options?

There are literally hundreds of online traffic schools in the state of California alone. Some of these schools offer online auto insurance discount courses and some don’t. However, of all the online traffic schools I have reviewed to date, the above schools are the only ones I’d personally consider.

With that said, plenty of other good (and some bad) online auto insurance discount courses exist. The above are simply the ones I like. No matter what course you choose, double-check with your insurance agent to make sure it qualifies. In some states, such as New York, your insurance company must give you a discount by law.

How Often Can I Complete An Online Auto Insurance Discount Course?

This depends largely on both the state you live in as well as your insurance provider. However, you can generally complete a discount course ever 12 to 36 months. As long as you continue completing the course, you will keep receiving the insurance discount.

Can I Take This Course To Reduce My DUI Insurance Premiums?

Unfortunately, no. A DUI is considered to be a criminal offense and not a petty traffic violation. Since it is considered a criminal offense, auto insurance companies handle your premiums in a much different way than they would treat an accident or traffic ticket. In some states, there is an online DUI course you can take (such as Florida), however, those courses are typically mandated as part of the sentencing and do not have any impact on insurance rates. Be sure to check with your auto insurance agent, but generally, these online auto insurance discount courses are not approved for reducing rates on DUI policies.

Can I Take This Course To Reduce Driving Points Or Dismiss Traffic Tickets?

No, the courses listed above are for insurance reduction purposes only. They do not have anything to do with your driving record, points, or dismissing traffic citations. For ticket dismissal and point reduction courses (which subsequently, may also cut your insurance rates), check out our online traffic school reviews.

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