Best Online Driver’s Ed In Texas For 2022

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Technological advancements are making people’s lives easier and more convenient than ever before. This includes replacing physical classrooms with virtual ones. In some cases, taking an online course is much better than sitting in a classroom being lectured to.

As a former driving instructor, you might think that I’m against online driver’s ed courses, but the opposite is actually true. I am a HUGE fan of these modern, interactive, and convenient courses. Most driving instructors, myself included, much prefer teaching behind-the-wheel training rather than lecturing in a classroom.

Quick List Of The 6 Best Online Driver’s Ed Courses In Texas For 2022

  1. Aceable – Most modern & best on mobile devices.
  2. – Most popular course.
  3. Driver Ed To Go – Lowest priced & guaranteed to pass.
  4. iDriveSafely – Best videos.
  5. Improv Traffic School – Most entertaining.
  6. Safe2Drive – Simplest course to use.

Texas Online Driver’s Ed vs. Classroom Driver’s Ed

Attending a driver’s ed course in a classroom can seem like a drag. Students have to remain cooped up in a room while they get lectured at. Many of the students don’t even want to be there, and on occasion, neither does the instructor. Fortunately, everything about driver’s ed has changed. Students in many states, including Texas, have the ability to take their classroom requirements online.

It might seem a bit strange to take a driver’s ed course online, but it’s actually the most preferred way for teens to complete their requirements. The curriculum and pass rates are comparable to that of in-person schools, so students can rest assured that they are receiving the information that they need. The data is just presented to students in a different format. The lessons are state-approved and students must pass a final exam. Online driver’s ed in Texas is typically cheaper and more flexible than conventional classes.

The 6 Best Courses To Take Online Driver’s Ed In Texas For 2022?

There are a total of 14 online driver’s ed courses approved in the state of Texas for 2022. This initial list will be reviews of the 6 best online driver’s ed courses in Texas. Below these reviews, you will find a full list of all 14 online driver’s ed courses you can take.

This list was developed by gathering reviews from thousands of verified students, as well as personally reviewing the courses. Since this is a fast-changing industry, we update these reviews every year to make sure they stay current. These reviews and recommendations are valid as of 2022.

#1. Aceable

Best Texas Online Drivers Ed Courses Aceable

Aceable has lessons available for adults and teens alike. They also offer both Parent Taught Driver’s Ed as well as Instructor Taught Driver’s Ed.

Aceable is Texas DPS approved, so there won’t be any surprises or headaches when you head down to the office to get your driving permit. They are also A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and have the best overall user reviews online. Over 22,500 verified students responded to a survey while going through the Aceable coursework and Aceable has a 4.9 rating out of 5. This is like no other online driver’s ed course in Texas.

A lot of driving instructors consider Aceable as the best online driver’s ed school in Texas because of its innovative and technological approach. The course keeps students entertained and engaged with a mixture of quizzes, 3D interactive content, texts, videos, graphics, and more. Plus, everything can be completed from a smartphone or tablet thanks to their dedicated apps. As of this review, there is no course that works better than Aceable on mobile devices. Below is an example of what their interactive videos are like:

2022 Update: For the past two years, Aceable has been my top pick. This isn’t changing in 2022. In fact, Aceable just recently received more than $40 million dollars in funding to expand and improve their already great courses, so I don’t see this recommendation changing anytime soon. Over the past year, Aceable has continued to make improvements to its course. In particular, they continue to improve their course vidoes with even more 3D and 360-degree animations. No other online driver’s ed course in Texas is as advanced as Aceable.

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Best Texas Drivers Ed Online DriversEd 2020 is one of the oldest and most reputable online driving schools. When signing up for online drivers ed in Texas, you can go with one of the newer courses like Aceable, or you can go with a proven powerhouse like They have a proven track record and are partnered with many driving schools across the country. Over 12 million people have already gone through the courses before you, which is a lot of guinea pigs. The curriculum is geared towards teens, but there are plenty of options available to adults too. The classes are Texas DPS approved, affordable, and the official Department of Public Safety test, a $25 value, is even included in the price as well. All of the coursework is 100% online.

Lessons can be done online, but offers a unique program where they can take care of your driving instruction as well. If you need to complete your behind-the-wheel training and don’t have a driving instructor lined up yet, operates vehicles and driving instructors all across the state of Texas. Chances are pretty good you can take both your online driver’s ed course as well as behind-the-wheel training from at a steep discount.

The 3D videos that uses are very high quality and are also interactive. Students will need to make a decision when presented with a driving hazard, sort of like those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books (remember those?). All in all, is a solid choice.

2022 Update: made some minor updates last year but they didn’t change a whole lot. That’s actually a good thing, though. Why fix what isn’t broken? The biggest changes will be making in 2022 are to their behind-the-wheel vehicles. They are beginning the process of retiring their older cars and obtaining brand new ones. So, if you plan on taking your behind the wheel driver training with this school, you can look forward to even better equipment moving forward.

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#3. Driver Ed To Go

Driver Ed To Go Best Drivers Ed In Texas

Driver Ed To Go is an excellent choice for your driver’s education needs in Texas. This is another established organization that has served over 5 million customers. There are state-approved courses for both teens and adults. A big reason why it is one of the best online driver’s ed courses in Texas is that students can also earn high school credits and insurance discounts while completing the program. The lessons are affordable, entirely online, and they even guarantee that students will pass.

Driver Ed To Go was recently updated and now has a fresh new dashboard, new videos, and some interactive content that they didn’t have before. Driver Ed To Go used to be one of the more boring courses, sort of like reading an e-book, but the new upgrades they made really help. They also offer upgrades such as read-along options.

Students are able to work through this course at their own pace while using their PC, smartphone, or tablet. Plus, your progress saves as you go, so if you need to take a break, they can pick back up right where you left off. Driver Ed To Go has been approved for online driver’s ed in Texas for long enough that you can check out many reviews online and get results over a long period of time. I recommend you look at the newest reviews, though, since Driver Ed To Go has been updated so recently.

2022 Update: Driver Ed To Go didn’t make many changes over the past year, but that’s only because they completely revamped their entire course in 2018. The user dashboard was improved, it works way better on mobile devices, just about all of their video content is brand new, they added interactive features, and truly made this a high-quality course. I was afraid they would increase their prices after putting so much money into the revamp, but they have continued to keep their prices among the lowest in the industry.

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#4. iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely Best Online Drivers Ed In Texas

Another place that is worthy of being atop any best online driver’s ed in Texas list is iDriveSafely. They have been around for decades, and it has assisted over 5 million drivers since opening its doors. There is no app, but the course can still be taken using a smartphone or tablet. Students can choose between either parent-taught or instructor-taught curriculum. Additionally, they offer behind-the-wheel training so if you need to find a driving instructor, they can likely get you a good deal.

The best part of iDriveSafely are the entertaining videos. They have a fun storyline with some animated characters which really help make the learning fun. Some of the videos are showing their age, but the course content itself is still relevant and entertaining.

Additionally, enrolled students don’t have to worry about difficulties arising as the classes are Texas DPS, and TDLR approved. While the lessons may be a little quicker than those of different schools, many people find them to be less engaging and slightly bland. Should you have any questions or concerns, the customer service department is available 7-days a week to answer them. Keep iDriveSafely in mind when choosing an establishment as it is one of the best online driver’s ed in Texas schools.

2022 Update: iDriveSafely is pretty much the exact same this year as it was last year. In addition, they cut their customer service hours. They used to have 24/7/365 customer support, but now they have customer service hours more in line with regular business hours. However, they did make improvements to some of the back end of their course such as the identity verification system. That system was prone to errors but is now fixed, so the chances you will need to contact customer service is now less likely..

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#5. Improv Traffic School

New to this list in 2022 is Improv Traffic School. As the name implies, they were traditionally a traffic school and defensive driving course provider. After decades of providing ticket dismissal programs, they finally got into the driver’s ed space. If you want to take the best online driver’s ed in Texas, this is one course you should seriously consider.

So what makes Improv Traffic School so special? It’s actually really entertaining! This course is full of hilarious stand-up, fun games, comics, funny memes, and a whole bunch of other comedy based aspects that make it a fun way to learn. They coined the phrase “edutainment”, meaning you get entertained while you learn.

This approach makes it easier for students to retain information, which makes passing the course much simpler and the chances of passing the written exam on the first try much higher. Nobody ever said driver’s ed should be filled with boring outdated videos, lectures, and lists of driving rules. Learning to drive should be fun, and that’s what they provide.

This Texas online driver’s ed course works very well on mobile devices, can be logged into and out of whenever you want, provides supplemental material for both teens and parents, and is overall a great choice in 2022.

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#6. Safe2Drive

Safe2Drive Best Online Drivers Ed In Texas Reviews

Safe2Drive is also new to this list in 2022. As I update this page, I like to add more and more schools. I decided to review the Safe2Drive Texas online driver’s ed course this time as they have been around for over a decade. Unfortunately, I feel as though Safe2Drive has become a little outdated. There is nothing particularly wrong or bad with the actual course material, but the look and feel of their program just felt old and clunky. If they were priced significantly lower than other more modern online driver’s ed courses I would cut them a little slack, but they pretty much charge the industry average for an outdated course.

It isn’t all bad though. As I said, the course just feels old. The content is fine, and they make up for it in other areas. For example, they have extended customer service hours. They usually have their phones staffed by 8 or 9am, and keep them staffed until 11pm or midnight.

This is also a more simple course. I don’t mean easier, I just mean that it is more simple. For example, some of the courses on this list have fancy 3D videos that you can even use virtual reality headsets with. You won’t find this at Safe2Drive, but not everyone cares about those things. Some of you just want a simple course with basic text, pictures, and maybe a video here and there. If that sounds like you, Safe2Drive could actually be your best option.

As I get feedback from students throughout 2022, I will update this review. I am not making this an official course recommendation quite yet, but if I receive enough positive feedback I will do that. Stay tuned!

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Full List Of All Online Driver’s Ed Courses Approved In Texas For 2022

Now that you’ve gone through our reviews of the 6 best online driver’s ed courses in Texas for 2022, here is a list of every online driver’s ed course that you’re allowed to take. If you don’t like any of the above recommendations, just make sure whoever you sign up for is on this list. Get the most updated and official list of approved online driver’s ed courses in Texas here.

Texas Parent Taught Driver’s Ed vs. Instructor Taught Driver’s Ed

In the state of Texas, you have two options. You can take a parent-taught driver’s ed course or an instructor-taught driver’s ed course. The choice is really up to you. When enrolling in a parent-taught driver’s ed course, a parent or guardian can sign up to be the driving instructor. On the other hand, an instructor-taught driver’s ed course is more traditional, where you get driving instruction from a certified Texas driving instructor. Both of these methods will require online coursework or time in a classroom. Check out the articles below to learn more about how these two types of courses work.

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