The Best Driving School in Florida Is Improv Traffic School

The Best Driving School in Florida Is Improv Traffic School

Floridians, listen loud and listen proud! Your reputation as America’s most lush and colorful party state precedes you. Florida houses some of the only cities in the whole country that can go all night and into the next day.

However, what happens if you party all night, drive home tired, and accidentally run a red light? There’s a good chance you’ll have flashing lights behind you and a lot of explaining to do.

Now you’re stuck with a ticket for a traffic violation. Finding the best driving school in Florida to dismiss your ticket doesn’t have to be a chore.

A traffic violation can follow you around for a long time, especially when points on your license increase your insurance rates. Traffic school is the only way out of taking that insurance hit, and unless you’re really weird, you probably won’t find that whole process to be very fun. That is, unless you decide to take traffic school through Improv!

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The Best Driving School In Florida For Ticket Dismissal: Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

Believe it or not, the traffic school itself can be a party, especially when you choose the best driving school in Florida. 

The award-winning folks at Improv want you to laugh your way through class, literally! What or who are these people at so-called Improv, you ask? That’s a very valid question. 

Improv is a traffic school– not just any, but undoubtedly the best traffic school in the world (and by default, Florida)! Improv has employed humor as its primary means of educating the discontented masses. 

Founded in 1989, by traffic education visionary Gary Alexander and swingin’ comedy club owner Budd Friedman (yes, of the famed Improv comedy clubs), Improv has been at war with the notion of a boring classroom experience. 

This million-dollar concept is put into practice with real-life local stand-up comedians (you know the circuits aren’t paying) and hilarious clips online.

Improv traffic school is a laugh and a half. On a serious note, however, they also want you to learn the rules of the road thoroughly and permanently. That way, you will not, once again, break said rules. 

The comic geniuses behind Improv traffic school know “funny” better than anyone else in the business, and in turn, know that vehicular manslaughter is no laughing matter. Even slipping on a banana peel is funnier than that one. 

While their courses are funny, they will teach you how to drive better and more safely than you ever have before, and traffic violations from mild to the grave will be easy to avoid for the rest of your life. All you have to do is pay attention, and Improv makes it easier than anyone else does.

Florida Improv has fantastic online classes that offer a wide range of programs that bend to the contours of your schedule, so even the most hungover party-boy students can handle it. 

With this online traffic school, success and better driving habits are only a click away! All of the learning materials, study guides, resources, and more giggles than you can handle are present in the online courses.

Check out what their sense of humor is like in the video below…

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Improv Driver’s Ed

Improv is not just for casual rule breakers! If you are a parent with a teen who is just waiting to spread their wings and fly (in a car) across the weekend’s staggered and seductive nightlife terrain, traffic school is absolutely necessary to getting a permit!

Considering Florida’s severe weather conditions and winding, crowded freeways, effectively learning defensive driving will prove absolutely necessary!

As a parent, especially one who knows how reckless kids can be, you want your teen to have the most comprehensive, dummy-proof training in accident avoidance techniques!

Finding the best driving school in Florida to send your teen to sets them up to be a safe driver for the rest of their lives. Improv may just have the extra edge to make the kids pay attention to– and thus retain– information. Teenage kids quote comedians all the time, in fact, sometimes that’s all they do.

Since comedians deliver Improv’s important lessons, your teen might end up repeating the same joke about following distance, over and over and over again. Wouldn’t that be music to your ears?

Teens, if your parents left you responsible to find the best driving school in Florida and you’re reading this now, I’m sorry for making fun of you. I can tell you, however (as can your parents if you’d only just listen), that there are way worse options than comedy-based driver’s ed.

What we had to go through, before this brave new internet age was excruciatingly boring to a degree that young folks with smart phones may never understand. For that reason, Improv comedy driving school is a totally hip and happenin’ radical way to get yourself prepped for driving out in the world. It is ‘lit,’ whatever that means.

Improv Driving School for Mature Drivers

For those who are a little older, by which I mean substantially older than teenagers, taking a refresher course on defensive driving is never a bad choice, whether it’s absolutely voluntary or not.

Improv is the best driving school in Florida to do this and looks out for more senior drivers by offering a course that is custom designed to you. Improv’s Mature Driving course even extends beyond defensive driving and road safety, offering fantastic advice on how to make driving more comfortable with a changing body and an ever-changing landscape.

Give It A Shot

No matter what your driving education needs may be, Improv Driving School is the best driving school in Florida by a long shot, and hands-down the most entertaining.

If you’d rather not have to train a gator to ride to work every day, I’d recommend you get your driving education through Improv, with far less hassle and far greater reward than any cheap imitations would offer.

What if Improv’s Humor is Not For Me?

I get it, some people just want to take education “seriously”. Improv’s humor is not for everyone anyway, so here’s an alternative option for you – have you already heard about Aceable?

I bet you did! It’s one of the hottest online driving schools right now, despite being fairly new in the business.

Here’s the catch though – the course is only approved in Miami-Dade County in Florida. You can still ask for permission from your court handler to take their course if you’re from another county, but I want to make sure I’m setting the right expectations here early on.

Despite this, taking Aceable’s course, even if you’re not required to do so, is truly worthwhile. They don’t just offer convenience, as most traffic schools do, they give their students a refreshing experience in taking an online course.

They use the most modern online education platform, laden with exciting 3D driving simulations, funny memes, and high-resolution video lessons. What’s more, this platform offers a highly responsive web design, which is optimized to provide you with the most intuitive experience on any device.

They even have a dedicated app that comes with a very endearing mascot, Ace, to guide you through the course. You’ll hardly experience any technical issues. In the unlikely case that you do, they have reliable customer support that you can contact through their Facebook page, anytime.

So yes, those who don’t find Improv courses funny, there’s no doubt that they will find Aceable Traffic School’s course a worthy alternative.

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