What Is The Quickest Online Traffic School?

What Is The Quickest Online Traffic School?

As a former driving instructor, it has been interesting to see the trend towards online traffic school instead of taking traffic school in a classroom. While you can still complete your traffic school requirements in a classroom, I really have no idea why you would want to. Most people taking traffic school are doing it because they basically have to and they just want to get it done as quickly and painlessly as possible.

While you can see all of my online traffic school reviews here, I wanted to create this page specifically to give you guys an idea of the quickest online traffic school to go with. Even though I used to be a driving instructor, I totally get it… you aren’t excited to take your traffic school course, you don’t care which one has the most advanced “features” or has the nicest looking pictures, etc. You just want this over with. I’m here to help!

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How Do Online Traffic Schools Work?

While there are some slight differences depending on the state you live in, most online traffic schools operate in the same basic way. The course usually has about 6 different sections with a quiz after each section. In most states, you can’t fail these quizzes, but you must get a passing score of 70% or higher in order to progress to the next section, otherwise, you have to keep retaking the quiz. Honestly, the quizzes are very easy for most seasoned drivers even if you aren’t paying attention to the coursework.

By taking your traffic school online, you can log in and out whenever you want and go at your own pace. Some states, such as Texas, require “course timers” which can be a pain. Basically, Texas requires that you spend 6 hours on traffic school and they use timers on each page to make sure you spend that amount of time in the course, even if you’re taking your traffic school online.

In other states, such as California, there aren’t any course timers at all, meaning you can get your online traffic school done quickly and pretty easily. Most people in states without course timers can get their online traffic school finished in about an hour or so.

Once you finish the course, you’ll either be mailed a completion certificate or the certificate will automatically be sent to the court clerks office for you.

What Are The Quickest Online Traffic Schools?

Instead of just giving you one online traffic school to choose from, I thought I’d give you multiple options. There are dozens of quick online traffic schools out there, but the below is a list of the schools I recommend most based on customer feedback, support offered, mobile-friendliness, price, and overall reputation. If you want to get your online traffic school done quickly, these are your best options:

How Long Does It Really Take To Complete the Quickest Online Traffic School?

One thing that you’ll want to remember is that while finding the quickest online traffic school is important, your specific experience will depend on what kind, of course, you’re in need of and the state you’re taking your traffic school in. Taking a drivers ed course as a teen is much different from taking a course that you’re doing to clear a traffic ticket or to get a discount on your auto insurance, for example.

And further complicating things is the fact that different states have different requirements in terms of how much time must be completed before you can get your completion certificate. As mentioned earlier, some states also require course timers which can significantly increase the amount of time it takes to complete your traffic school course. For states with course timers, it’s a good idea to have a Netflix marathon ready to go, or just do a little bit each day.

In general, an online traffic school is still much quicker than taking a traffic school in a classroom. It’s also a bit more convenient as you don’t even need to leave the house (or you can use a mobile device from anywhere), so it really ends up saving you even more time than you think. With online learning, you can sign up and complete your education as quickly as possible.

Reviews Of The Quickest Online Traffic Schools

So, just what is the quickest online traffic school? As I mentioned above, there are many variables determining just how fast you can finish your online traffic school, but I do have some course recommendations. Online traffic schools give you the tools and ability to complete your education whenever you want and with as much speed as possible, and your own performance is directly related to how fast you’ll finish.

However, there is no doubt that certain schools make it easier to complete your education more quickly. The three options I’ve found to be the fastest are the quickest because they make it easier to learn, offer more features, better support, and faster programs by their very design.

So, here are my picks for the quickest online traffic school options.

Number 1 – iDriveSafely

idrivesafely online traffic school reviews for 2018

iDriveSafely is one of my top picks for the quickest online traffic school, and it really delivers. It has the most courses and programs for the highest number of states. And, the site has one of the best support systems out there – you can contact them directly by phone when you need to. The programs are easy to understand and easy to complete, and as such it helps you through to completion very quickly so you can get your certificate fast and take the next step. No matter the type of program you need to complete, you’ll be able to find a 100 percent online course that matches your specific needs here.

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Number 2 – Aceable

Aceable Drivers Ed

Aceable has transformed online learning, and instead of traditional boring lectures, it actually uses a mobile app with interactive features to help teach. This keeps you engaged and interested in what you are learning and makes it easier to complete your training fast. And since it offers a wide range of different program options, you can find the one that is right for you and learn all that you need to learn quickly.

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Number 3 – Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic School

Created in partnership with the legendary improv comedy theater, the Improv traffic school program offers you the chance to learn while you laugh. The humor helps keep people focused and motivated on their lessons so you are able to come back and learn quickly, and it offers a wide range of driving lessons so you’re able to get exactly the kind of education you need – no matter if that’s defensive driving, basic teen driving, or something else.

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These are three of the best options out there for those looking to enroll in the quickest online traffic school and complete their education fast so they can get on the road. Always remember that your speed will depend largely upon your ability to stay focused and finish your education quickly. Still, having the fastest online program on your side helps.