Arkansas Defensive Driving Online Reviews

Arkansas Online Defensive Driving Reviews

Arkansas Defensive Driving
Taking an Arkansas defensive driving course online is way better than doing it in a classroom. First of all, you don’t have to leave the house if you take your course online. That alone seals the deal for most people. But there are more advantages than that. With a classroom defensive driving course in Arkansas, it is typically a “one-sitting” event. In other words, you go and get lectured at for hours on end, most likely right in the middle of a perfectly good Saturday. Who needs that?

With an online defensive driving course, you can complete your requirements all at once or spread out during several different sessions. Any decent online defensive driving school will keep track of your place. Heck, you can usually complete your course right on your smart phone if you want to.

My Recommended Arkansas Online Defensive Driving Courses

I have assisted in developing online driver training courses myself and have been reviewing online driving schools for several years. I’m also a former long-haul trucker and certified driving instructor, so I take interest in these courses. After going through several online defensive driving schools, here are some schools that I liked that are certified in Arkansas. The links below are special referral links that contain discounts, so feel free to use the links listed below if you want to save a few bucks.

The Best Online Defensive Driving Courses Approved in Arkansas

Review #1: Improv Traffic School

Improv Traffic SchoolImprov Traffic School is easily my favorite ticket dismissal course and the reason is simple… I’m a sucker for humor

This course was created by a bunch of stand-up comedians as a way to turn the boring subject of driving safety into a fun and entertaining experience. They understand you’re not signing up for online traffic school by choice, so they don’t even bother to take it all that seriously. 

In a strange way, though, their goofy humor and “unprofessional” approach actually helped me retain information a whole lot better. 

Each page has something funny or entertaining on it such as a hilarious video, a funny image, a cartoon, or even a game. Oh, and if you sign up for their online traffic school, you also get 4 free tickets to one of their Improv Comedy Clubs. The cost of these 4 tickets to their club is more than the traffic school! Whether you decide to use your free comedy club tickets or not, you’re about guaranteed to laugh during this course. 

Check out their funny commercial below. If you don’t think this is funny, you might just want to skip down to my next recommendation.

Funny Video By Improv Traffic School

Review #2: iDriveSafely

iDriveSafelyIf you don’t like the “humor approach” used by Improv Traffic School, this is my next recommendation. This school has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, more than 4 million people have completed their course, they’ve been around for more than 12 years, they have a money-back guarantee, 24/7/365 customer service via phone, live chat, or email, and anything else you would expect from a high-quality traffic school. They also include some decent graphics, photos, and video throughout the course. While I wouldn’t call this course entertaining, it is a good option for those of you who want to take your traffic school a bit more seriously.

Review #3: Traffic School 101

Traffic 101If you’re looking for a simple course without all the unnecessary stuff like flashy animations or overly dramatic videos, this is the course for you. It’s the simplest and most straight forward of all the schools I’ve reviewed.

I recommend this school for people who have a slower internet connection. Since this one is mostly text-based, it’ll load up a bit quicker for you and works great on phones or tablets. Think of this course as an ebook. There’s a lot of reading, but it’s straightforward and to the point. 

Probably the simplest setup I’ve seen.

Another important note is their superior customer service. This is the only online traffic school where I’ve actually received an email from someone about how happy they are about a conflict that was resolved. Quality customer service is hard to come by these days!

Review #4: GoToTrafficSchool


Want a guarantee that you’re paying the lowest price? You just found it! Some states have government-set pricing, but others will vary on price. 

Bottom line? Find a lower price and they will match or beat it. 

I don’t think it’s the highest quality course out there and it’s getting a little outdated, but this is a reputable company and it’s cheapFor a lot of you, all you care about is fulfilling your ticket dismissal requirements in the quickest and cheapest way possible. Here ya go!

Check Current Pricing Specials Here
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Review #5: The Online Traffic School, Inc.

OLTS Online Traffic SchoolThe Online Traffic School, Inc. is another great choice. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and have been in business for so long, more than 4 million people have taken the course so far. In addition to their online course, they have created an app just for your smartphone or tablet. It’s nice to see this online traffic school moving along with the times. They started off way back in 1996, but you’d never guess it from their course. They keep it updated. This course is also approved in more states than a typical online traffic school. Chances are, if your state allows you to complete your ticket dismissal or point reduction course online, this course will be approved. Just to be safe, before you sign up, they will verify your eligibility.

Be careful!

If for whatever reason you don’t want to go with one of the above online traffic schools, just be careful. Many of the courses out there are run by 3rd parties. In other words, you sign up for a course through one site, and they simply resell you a course from another site. Since they are acting as a “middle man” there is probably something in it for them. A lot of these online traffic schools will outright lie about their Better Business Bureau rating as well. So before you fill in your personal information and sign up for the course, be 100% sure you aren’t signing up through a 3rd party and also double check the BBB ratings.

Arkansas Online Defensive Driving FAQs

Why should I attend a defensive driving school in Arkansas?

The main reasons why an individual attends a defensive driving school in Arkansas include:

  • Receiving a court order to attend to dismiss a traffic ticket
  • It’s needed to fulfill an employer’s requirement
  • Looking for insurance discounts.

However, take note that taking a defensive driving school falls under the discretion of courts in Arkansas. So if you would like to participate in an Arkansas defensive driving school program in this state, you should contact the local court handling your traffic violation. 

You should also make sure that it will satisfy state requirements before you enroll. Don’t forget to confirm with them if the course you are planning to take has already been approved by the court or the Arkansas Driver Services (ODS).

Which is Better: Online Defensive Driving Schools or In-Person Classes?

Online defensive driving schools offer a more convenient way to complete the course.

Here you won’t need to stick to a rigid schedule, which means you are free to finish the course whenever you have the time.

You can also take the course wherever you are, as they allow access anywhere as long as you have internet and a mobile device. 

What’s more, online is more affordable. Most schools even offer insurance discounts upon completing their respective courses.

However, if you’re more comfortable learning in a traditional classroom setup, for example, if you need opportunities to socialize with your classmates, or if you need to be in touch with your instructor in real-time, it’s best to stick to in-person classes.

How much can I save on insurance with a defensive driving course?

Most insurance providers offer around a 5% to 15% reduction in your total insurance costs if you successfully completed a defensive driving course. However, don’t forget to check with your insurer beforehand to make sure they accept these courses as a way of getting a discount.

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