Alaska Driver’s License Renewal – A Complete 2022 Guide

Alaska Driver's License Renewal - A Complete Guide

Are you wondering if the Alaska driver’s license renewal requirements have changed? 

Perhaps this is your first time renewing and you have no idea what to do. 

Whatever the case, we are here to give you a complete 2022 guide on how to renew your driver’s license in Alaska. 

We’ll tell you your renewal options, requirements, and exemptions. We won’t leave anything out. 

So let’s get started right away!

How to Renew Your Driver’s License in Alaska

In Alaska, driver’s licenses expire every 5 years. 

So, if your 5 years are almost up, you have 3 options to renew it:

  • Online
  • In-Person
  • Mail

Let’s look at each one of these options in detail. 

How to renew your Alaska driver’s license online

As you can probably tell, online renewal is the fastest and most convenient option. 

However, one thing you should know is that to use this service, you must renew 1 year before expiration. 

On top of that, you can only use the online service every other renewal period. So for example, if your last renewal was done online, the next time, you must renew in person. 

Other exceptions to online renewal are:

  • You are under 21 years old (unless you’ve taken the Alcohol Awareness Test)
  • You need to change your name on the card
  • You have a canceled, disqualified, or revoked license

If you don’t fall under any of those descriptions, then here are the steps to renewing your driver’s license online in Alaska:

  1. Make sure to fill out and submit the form provided by the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles. This is needed to establish your identity and eligibility to renew. Get the link here
  1. Pay the license renewal fee of $20.
  1. Print out the temporary copy of your renewed driver’s license sent via email.
  1. Wait for your permanent driver’s license to arrive via mail, received within 2 weeks

And there you have it!

As simple as that! 

Note: make sure to review before submitting the form. Check for spellings and make sure to use an active email and current address. 

How to renew your Alaska driver’s license in person

If you’re not eligible for online renewal, then you can always do it at your local DMV office. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the nearest DMV office in your area. Make sure to check the office working hours and if you need to make an appointment. Click here for office locations.
  1. Pass a vision test.
  1. Complete Form 478: Application for Alaska Driver License Permit or Identification Card. Make sure to check the spelling before submitting the form to the counter. 
  1. Present 2 forms of identification
  1. Pay the license renewal fee of $20
  1. Surrender your current license
  1. Get your temporary license
  1. Wait within 2 weeks for your permanent license card to be sent via mail

Note: if you need to make changes to your information, you can read more about it here

How to renew your Alaska driver’s license through the mail

Just like online renewal, there are a few rules to renew through the mail. These are:

  • You should be over 22 years old 
  • You don’t need to change personal information
  • You did not renew your driver’s license through the mail last time

If you fit the bill, then here are the steps: 

  1. Fill out the Driver’s License, Permit, or Identification Card Form
  1. Get vision test results
  1. Give your Alaska driver’s license or the original identity documentation
  1. Send these, along with a fee of $21, to:

State of Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles Driver Services

1300 West Benson Blvd., Suite 100 Anchorage, AK  99503-3689

If you are out of state, here’s what you can do.

You need to fill out Form D1 and mail it to this address:

Juneau Driver Services

State of Alaska – Division of Motor Vehicles

PO Box 110221

Juneau, AK 99811-0221

Please take note this is subject to approval.

Once approved, your temporary license will extend your current license’s expiration date by one year. You will also need to pay an extra fee of $5 for each temporary license.


Got some questions? Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked ones. 

Are there any Alaska driver’s license renewal exceptions?

If you are turning 21, your license will expire 90 days after your birthday. You are advised to renew your license after your 21st birthday.

An Alcohol Awareness Test is needed to get the new license. You can take this at your local DMV office.

What documents do I need to renew my Alaska driver’s license?

Is there a grace period for an expired driver’s license in Alaska?

NO. Alaska does not provide a grace period for expired licenses. 

The state is very strict in terms of expired licenses. You are not allowed or permitted to drive without renewing your license.

Can I renew my expired driver’s license online in Alaska?

YES. But you need to pass the written exam first.

When can I renew my driver’s license in Alaska?

Alaska Driver’s license can be renewed every 5 years. However, it also expires a few days after your 21st birthday, so you should renew it then as well.


Is your Alaska driver’s license expiring soon?

If so, then now you know the 3 ways you can renew it. 

  • Online – this is the most convenient way to renew. However, you need to make sure that you are eligible. For example, you AREN’T eligible if you renewed your license online the previous renewal 
  • In-person – This is for when people need to make changes to their personal information or are not eligible for online and mail renewals. 
  • Mail – like online renewal, there are several eligibility rules that you need to pass. Plus, it might take a while for the DMV to receive your mail

This coming renewal, it’s best to choose which option to go for now and work towards it. Remember, Alaska is very strict with its expiration dates. 

We hope that this article has been a great help to you!

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