Why You Should Install A Car Video Camera For Teen Drivers

Why You Should Install A Car Video Camera For Teen Drivers

Learning to drive is a rite of passage that most teens look forward to from the time they’re old enough to experience their first taste of freedom. What is an exciting and liberating time for them, however, is often a nerve racking and scary time for parents, as we all know that teens can sometimes not quite have the judgement skills necessary to go along with the new responsibilities they’re inheriting. Parents want their teens to experience the freedom of driving, but in a safe way, and this is where a car video camera really comes in handy.

A car video camera can keep teens accountable for their actions on the road, and give parents that much needed peace of mind that tells them that their teen is being responsible with their new privilege.

When looking for a car video camera for your teen, there are a lot of things to consider, but the modern car video camera technologies available to us today really cover all bases of keeping your teen safe and meeting all of your needs and expectations. What it all boils down to regarding a car video camera for your teen is getting the style and specifications you want for a price that you can afford.

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Benefits Of Stealth

A stealthy car video camera is a perfect choice for teens on the road today, as they’re simple to install, they’re not glaringly obvious when placed into the car, and they won’t distract your teen while driving. While the flashier full LCD screen models look great and function beautifully, having that screen within the realm of their peripheral vision can be distracting to someone who is new on the road. Imagine trying to focus on a task at home, but having the television on within your line of vision, you often find your eye floating to the screen, right? The same goes for bright screens while your teen is on the road.

One affordable model that offers a lot of benefit to parents is the Pruveeo F5, a small, stealthy, and affordable car video camera that has one really great perk. The Pruveeo F5 is a car video camera that can be hooked into WiFi, and using a simple Android or iOS app, the footage can be accessed any time from a smart phone device. What this means is that your teen could be on a trip to the mall with their friends, and you can check the footage from the camera for your own peace of mind. Priced at under $40, the Pruveeo F5 is also a highly affordable car video camera that boasts a 4.3 out of 5 star rating on Amazon with over 200 customer reviews. The stealthy design of the camera makes it not easily seen by others outside of the vehicle, and it never distracts your teen while their eyes should be focused on the road.

The Pruveeo F5 is a pretty bare bones model car video camera where new technologies are concerned, which may be perfectly suitable for many but not those looking for a bit more. The HiCool P3 car video camera offers the same stealth capabilities as the Pruveeo F5, but it comes along with a few other features that some parents may be looking for in their ideal car video camera investment. Priced at just under $100, the HiCool P3 car video camera offers WDR technology for superior night vision, 170 degree viewing angles for sweeping views of the road, a simple and secure mount, G sensor technology and loop recording, and a stealthy engineered design that is functional without ever taking eyes off the road.

Dual Camera Car Video Camera Benefits

Today’s car video camera may also use two cameras simultaneously to record the interior of the vehicle or what’s going on behind the car, as well as what’s going on ahead, and this can also be a great relief to parents. These dual camera car video camera units can be just as stealthy as other models, but offer the benefit of two cameras in one to capture an all-encompassing view of what’s going on in front and behind. One such car video camera is the Rexing S500, which has rotating lenses, a feature that sets it apart from other competitor models. The Rexing S500 doesn’t only boast dual cameras, and also features HD video, a stealthy design, a high 32GB memory capacity with a micro SD card, and night vision technology for clear video during day or night.

Keeping Teens Safe And Accountable While On The Road

Why You Should Install A Car Video Camera For Teen Drivers As teens learn to drive, keeping them safe is a priority for every parent that has their son or daughter get behind the wheel that very first time. Driving skill comes with driving experience, but one must get that experience to develop the skill as time goes on, leaving parents in a position where they feel as if their teen isn’t prepared for the challenges of the road, but they must face them before they get the experience they require. What a car video camera can do is ensure that the parent is with their teen on the road even when they can’t be, and this can provide them peace of mind that their teen is approaching their new developing skill conscientiously and responsibly. If any accidents do occur, the car video camera footage can also be reviewed to determine if it was the teen’s mistake that can be corrected going forward, or if the liability lies with another driver on the road.

When finding a car video camera for your teen, it’s important to consider what teens need most when driving. Distraction is dangerous and can be easy with flashier car video camera models, and you’ll also want an all-encompassing view of what’s going on while you’re teen is behind the wheel, and luckily for parents, modern car video camera technology makes meeting all of these needs at once possible!

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