Video Camera For Cars? Why The Trend Is Growing

Video Camera For Cars? Why The Trend Is Growing

While driving on the road, you may have spotted a little something on the dash or the windshield of other cars on the road. Then spotted that same thing on even more vehicles. Video cameras for cars is a trend that is growing rapidly in the United States and beyond, and there is good reason for it. While this technology may have been less popular in past years, the advancements in video cameras for cars technologies and the affordability of these technologies has made them more attainable, and this trend is showing from main street to the world’s major highways.

In the past, these devices may have been too expensive, too bulky, or not effective enough to become mainstays in vehicles across the world, but technologies are changing and with them the availability and usefulness of video camera for cars everywhere. With modern technological advancements, video camera for cars are smaller, more user friendly, and more useful than ever before, making them something that many drivers are looking in to when it comes to investing in their vehicle for a variety of reasons.

Why Video Camera For Cars?

It’s easy to see how these technologies have become more attainable and more available, but that doesn’t answer the question as to why exactly so many are investing in them. Video camera for cars can be used in such a variety of ways, and they offer perks when it comes to everything from protection to having a bit of fun.

Video Camera For Cars? Why The Trend Is Growing  One of the most common reasons many invest in video camera for cars is for protection, and this rings true whether you’re protecting yourself in the event of an accident, from insurance fraud, or from vandalism or car theft. What video camera for cars offer in these situations is indisputable evidence; a video that shows what happened, when it happened, and how it happened that may be used should you need to take the case to court. Also, if your vehicle is vandalized, the footage you collect can be shown to police to ID a subject or create a report detailing what happened to your vehicle and all the details surrounding the incident.

Some video camera for cars models even offer surveillance while you’re away from the vehicle, and can be used while parked in parking garages, on the street, or in your own driveway. These devices continue running even while you’re away from the car, giving you eyes and ears on your vehicle when your own are elsewhere, providing peace of mind that your car is protected. A couple such devices that offer parking mode protection are:


The KDLINKS R100 dash cam is discreet, powerful, and offers parking mode that triggers the camera for short bursts when motion is detected around your vehicle. The parking mode feature can be turned on or off and must be used with a power source.

2. Vantrue N2

The Vantrue N2 dash cam is a dual dash cam that also offers parking mode. Dual dash cams record both the front and back of the vehicle while in motion, although only the front facing camera records in parking mode with the Vantrue N2. Like the KDLINKS R100, parking mode may be turned on or off at will.

Protection isn’t the only reason one may want to invest in a video camera for cars, and there are some pretty fun uses as well. If you’re planning to take a family vacation or road trip, a video camera for cars can help to record a part of the experience that often goes forgotten, and that’s your actual time on the road. A dual dash camera like the Rexing S500 Pro is a dual dash cam with front and rear rotating lenses, and the ability to hold up to 32 GB in an included micro SD card. Both of these features are important as they help you to record your entire road trip experience from all angles, and it records and stores plenty of footage you can then save and edit later on to highlight all those unforgettable moments. Your camera for cars might just provide you with the best souvenir you could have asked for on your trip!

What To Look For In Camera For Cars

Depending on your specific use, you’ll be looking for different things in your camera for cars. Like any other piece of technology, the options are really limitless in terms of what these devices can do, and some offer some features but maybe not others that are important to you. The best way to ensure you’re getting just what you want, and what you need, out of your camera for cars is to determine what your use is, what vehicle you plan to use it in, and what experience you expect to get out of the device of your choice.

Camera for cars models also come in a variety of different price points, which is something else that should be considered when making your choice. Naturally, if you want a model with every possible bell and whistle included, you’re going to be opting for something in a higher price point, but if you can whittle down what you’d like out of your camera for cars, you can get something great for a price that is really affordable. Some more “bare bones” models of these cameras can retail for less than $50, while the more advanced options can run a couple hundred. Typically, however, you can expect to spend somewhere around $100 to $150 for a model with a good bit of useful extra features on top of the necessities you need to record what you want and keep you protected.

Your vehicle size should also be considered, as larger models of dash cams may not be suitable for your small sports car, and smaller models with lower viewing angles might not work for your van or truck. You want your dash cam to be an asset, not a liability, and ensuring your chosen model isn’t too distracting while driving, or not useful enough, will also ensure you get the most for your investment.

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