Why Online Drivers Education Is Good For Student Drivers

Why Online Drivers Education Is Good For Student Drivers

For parents, looking back at baby pictures of your child can be fun; remembering the good times and the curiosity that your child held about everything new in life. Remember that first big-wheel? Then, they graduated to a tricycle and finally a bike. Who could ever forget when the brakes jammed up on that old bike and your kid met the tree in the backyard with a thud and a cry? Thankfully she survived that catastrophe!

Today you look at your child and realize that she’s suddenly become a teenager and the bike is long gone. What happens next is inevitable; learning how to drive on 4-wheels instead of two. How did online drivers education sneak up on you so fast? Yes, looking at old pictures is fun and nostalgic, but looking into the future can be a little bit nerve-wracking.

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Driving Down The Road Towards Independence

Most teenagers are so very eager to start online drivers education, get behind the wheel, and take off because it is the first real sign of independence from their parents. A little bit of freedom goes a long way when you’re 16. Though driving with an adult is required in most states at the beginning, eventually, your teen will no longer need you in the car.

And as a parent who has been there through everything else, it doesn’t feel too good when you’re not needed. But growing and becoming independent is the way that life cycles properly, so all you can do is your best. Step one is making sure that you give your teen every opportunity to be responsible behind the wheel.

One thing that online drivers education does over a traditional classroom is it begins to instill that sense of independence. With an online drivers education course, there are no set class times and there’s no instructor to hold their hand through the process. Taking online drivers education is a fantastic way to get a teen started on the road to independence.

Learning About The Dangers Of Driving Drunk Or Distracted

By now your kid has heard about the dangers of drinking and driving; most high schools in the country have a SADD chapter. SADD used to stand for Students Against Driving Drunk, and its warnings were posted from first-day to Prom season.

But did you know that SADD now stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions? When it comes to your teen and driving, a destructive decision can be checking a text message while on route to a football game.

The most important thing that you can teach your teen is that cell phone usage while driving is not only careless but can result in the loss of life or limb.

Get Involved By Taking Online Drivers Education Seriously

One of the best ways to know that your teenager is learning what he needs to learn to stay safe is to have him take an online drivers education course. Yes, he can take it in a classroom setting, but if he takes it fully online, you can explore the program yourself and know exactly what he’s learning.

Most online drivers education courses for teens offer parent resources and even parent tracking capabilities as well. Give your teen as much space, or as much encouragement as they need.

Have you ever tried to get a teen to tell you what they learned in a class? Yeah, it’s like pulling teeth. But if you have access to the class, you’ll be able to have open discussions and reinforce what your teen is learning in the moment.

Plus, they might feel more comfortable asking you questions that they might not understand if they know that you are already involved with their learning.

It should also go without saying that taking online drivers education is no blowoff class. Students must spend hours learning and memorizing traffic laws, rules of the road, safe driving tips, and passing quizzes/tests as they go.

By both parents and teens taking online drivers education seriously, everyone will benefit.

Looking For A Fast, Cheap, But Reputable Online Drivers Education Course?

If you’re looking for a class that has been around for a long time and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), then there are plenty of options that we endorse. If you’re looking for one that offers all of this and has the lowest price for the course, we suggest

This course is for the no-nonsense family that is looking for a good online driver’s education course at a low price.

It isn’t as fancy and frilly and other premium courses, but what more do you need as long as you have the basics?

Several additional offerings make this course worth the price, including 2.5 high school credits upon course completion, lower insurance rates with participating companies, and (best of all) a teen driving contract that you can download and print.

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Other Recommended Online Driver’s Ed

Although is our top recommended online driver’s ed course, there are several other schools out there that you can choose from – that’s one of the advantages of taking the course online.

Try and check out each of the schools listed below and see if any of them will suit your teen’s learning preferences.


Aceable may be the newest online driving school, but they are currently the most popular among teen drivers. 

This company received millions in funding that enabled them to further improve its platform. What’s unique about their services is that they have a dedicated mobile app (with a friendly robot called Ace as your guide throughout the course) that makes learning appeal to students in a modernized way. 

The course itself includes a lot of graphics and interactive quizzes to make the course feel like you’re just playing a mobile game. Aceable has capitalized on our technology here.


DriverEdToGo incorporates videos and interactive images in their lessons. However, they are more known for their gamified approach because they have made everything appear like you’re just playing a game, even if you’re taking their quizzes!

Here’s a link to their dedicated game corner.

They also offer several options for upgrades, including a read-along feature, practice tests, and High School credits (in certain states). 

MyImprov Driving School

MyImprov is, no doubt, the most enjoyable driver’s ed you’ll find online. If Aceable and DriverEdToGo rely on their gamified approach to learning, MyImprov uses comedy to make lessons interesting. The founders of this school collaborated with Improv Comedy Club to come up with a course that will change the way students experience driving school – their courses are backed by Science and fueled by fun. 

What Is A Teen Driving Contract?

The teen driving contract is one that puts your rules, expectations, and limits in writing so that your teen is aware of what is expected of her each time she gets behind the wheel.

Believe it or not, most teens really do care what their parents think and many will try to meet expectations that are set before them.

Though they might complain about it or act otherwise, it’s something that gives them a feeling of security. Many teens can use their parents as an excuse or a way to get out of something that they really don’t want to do.

If you provide a teen driving contract to your child, you’ll be saving her from the dreads of peer pressure.

When you both sign the teen driving contract, you’ll be one step closer to keeping them safe and one step closer to keeping your cool.

Letting Go While Staying Involved

Looking at old pictures might make you nostalgic, but looking to the future does not need to be sad.

Letting go a little at a time while still being involved is the wisest choice you can make. As long as you are involved in this first crucial step in your teenager’s move toward independence, you’ll feel better about letting the choices they’ll make down the road; no pun intended.

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