What Is The BEST Online Florida Drug And Alcohol Course?

What Is The BEST Online Florida Drug And Alcohol Course

The Florida Drug and Alcohol Course is basically Florida’s term for Driver’s Ed. You may also hear to it referred to as the Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education course or TLSAE for short. No matter what you call it, you should definitely research which online Drug and Alcohol course to sign up for.

For starters, there are a ton of online driver’s education courses out there, but the problem is, Florida has some pretty strict standards in terms of who they allow to operate in the state. That means, while you may find literally hundreds of places that offer online driver education, only a handful of them are actually approved in the state of Florida.

Take Online Driver’s Ed In Florida For FREE!

At the bottom of this page, I listed the full list of all the legit Florida certified online Drug and Alcohol course providers. However, as a former driving instructor and drivers ed course creator, I’m often asked what the BEST online Florida Drug And Alcohol Course is, and so I decided to be open with my opinion about it here.

The Best Online Florida Drug And Alcohol Course

My top choice, by FAR, is the Aceable Drug And Alcohol Course.

In most of my other drivers ed and traffic school reviews on this site, you’ll notice that I usually recommend the older and more established courses. However, when it comes to the Florida Drug and Alcohol course, I am recommending Aceable which is a relative newcomer. So what gives?

Many years ago, Florida approved several online providers for the Florida Online Drug and Alcohol Course. Unfortunately, most of those providers have failed to update their courses since first receiving approval. Over time, the courses have deteriorated, become outdated, and don’t offer the type of training that new courses such as Aceable provides.

With Aceable, you only have to spend roughly $20 to take the course, but you get access to a course that has seen a total of $8,000,000 in start-up funding to create the most advanced online Drug and Alcohol Course ever seen in Florida. It works on any type of device, has animations, videos, graphics, interactive quizzes, and they offer a content retention rate that over 99% of their students pass the very first time.

So yeah, without a doubt, as a former driving instructor Aceable is my absolute top recommendation and it is the only place I would recommend to my own friends and family.

Why I Don’t Recommend The Most Popular Florida Drug and Alcohol Course

The vast majority of driving students in Florida take their Drug and Alcohol course through a company known as Florida Virtual School. This has pretty much been the standard online course for driving students in Florida.

One of the big reasons people like the Florida Virtual School course is because it’s FREE. Yes… FREE!

So, you might be wondering, what could possibly be wrong with that? Well, a lot, actually.

For starters, unlike the Aceable course which can be completed in less than 1 week, the Florida Virtual School program must be taken over a 14 to 16 week period.

Not only is this annoying, but it is detrimental to properly retaining information.

By the time the 14th week has rolled around, most students don’t remember what they learned in weeks 1 – 3. With drivers ed and preparing for the Florida Permit Exam, it is better to get through it in a quicker amount of time.

Of course, you can still take as long as you want even if you go with a course like Aceable, but you aren’t forced into spreading it out over such a long period of time.

The free Florida Drug and Alcohol course is also a bit outdated. They don’t have special apps for the iPhone or Android, the videos and animations are dated, and the course simply needs a good update.

So yes, the course is free, but isn’t it better to spend an extra 20 bucks on a much higher quality course? Teens only go through driver training once and seeing as how driving is the most dangerous task we perform on a daily basis, I really believe the extra 20 dollars is more than worth it by signing up for a company like Aceable.

How To Fulfill Your Florida Drug And Alcohol Course Requirements

Completing your Florida drug and alcohol course requirements is fairly straightforward, but here is the process in a nutshell…

1. Sign up and complete a state-approved course – I’ve already given you my top recommendation, but I also provided a list of course providers below. Simply choose a state-certified course, sign up, and complete the program. Most courses have about 12 sections that need to be worked through. Once the course is completed, the DMV will be notified automatically.

2. Pass the Florida Drug And Alcohol written exam – The Florida Drug and Alcohol written exam consists of 50 questions and you must complete the test within 60 minutes. A score of 80% is required, which means you must get at least 40 out of 50 questions correct. Many of the online course providers, including my top choice provider, allows you to take the Florida exam online instead of at the DMV.

3. Get your Florida Learner’s Permit – At this point, you are now eligible to obtain your driving permit and hit the road! While you have your permit, you are required to complete at least 50 hours of behind-the-wheel driving while being supervised by a licensed adult age 21 or older.

4. Get your license!! – Finally, all that test-taking and practice is over! At this point, you are ready to head to the DMV, take your behind-the-wheel driving test, and get that shiny new piece of plastic. Congratulations, you made it!

Full List Of Online Florida Drug And Alcohol Course Providers

If for whatever reason you don’t like my recommended Florida Drug and Alcohol Course, you can always sign up with any of the approved courses I listed below. 

All of these courses are approved by the state and have been taken directly from this Florida DMV page.

12 Dollar Cheap and Simple800-252-9951www.12dollarcheapandsimple.comInternet
National Highway Safety Administration800-829-3727nationalhighwaysafetyadministration.comInternet
Aceable Drivers Ed for Mobile and Web512-522-4174www.aceable.comInternet, App
Online Traffic Education888-308-9005www.onlinetrafficeducation.comInternet
Highway Traffic School888-406-1726www.highwaytrafficschool.comInternet
CHEAPEST IN FLORIDA800-998-8533http://www.cheapestinflorida.comClassroom, Internet
Deedal Studio424-276-9273www.driversedhub.comInternet
Florida Association of DUI Programs800-953-3237http://www.myfirstlicense.comClassroom, Internet(Additional Languages Available)
Best Price Traffic School888-810-0119http://www.bestpricetrafficschool.comClassroom, Internet
South Florida Safety Program954-865-9627Classroom
I DRIVE SAFELY800-723-1955www.idrivesafely.comClassroom, Internet
American Safety Council800-393-1063www.firsttimedriver.comClassroom, Internet
Florida Educational Driving School888-497-1755www.fedsafe.comClassroom, Internet
Drug, Alcohol Traffic Awareness877-590-9129www.flhsmv.govInternet
Driver License Directby Improv Comedy Club800-660-8908www.myimprov.comInternet(Additional Languages Available)
TOO COOL TRAFFIC SCHOOL844-602-1555www.toocooltrafficschool.comInternet(Additional Languages Available)
National Traffic Safety Institute(NTSI Corp.), Internet(Additional Languages Available)
12 Dollar Florida Driver844-812-8512http://www.12dollarfloridadriver.comInternet
Driver Training Associates, Inc800-222-9199http://www.ticketschool.comClassroom, Internet(Additional Languages Available)
Drive Safe, Inc.888-497-4499drivesafeonline.comInternet
ONLINE DRIVERS ED866-836-8952http://onlinedriversed.comInternet
LOWEST PRICE TRAFFIC SCHOOL800-729-1495http://www.lowestpricetrafficschool.comClassroom, Internet LLC888-237-5669gotlsae.comInternet
DriversEd.com888-651-2886driversed.comClassroom, Internet
American Safety Institute, Inc.800-800-7121americansafetyinstitute.comClassroom, Internet
Wise Traffic School877-885-8843http://www.wisetrafficschool.comInternet
CyberActive, Inc. (DriverEdtoGo)866-749-4445https://www.driveredtogo.comInternet