Which In Car Cameras Are Best?

Which In Car Cameras Are Best?

More and more drivers are deciding that in car cameras are right for them. In car cameras, more commonly known as dash cams, have become insanely cheap even as they’ve become extremely high quality with GPS tracking and HD video recording. There are a variety of different reasons to have a dash cam installed in your car. Some people may use them simply to record their own driving. How often have you seen something really weird, funny, or entertaining while driving but didn’t have any footage to share with others? Now you can have that. You can also use dash cams to record and time-lapse road trips, keep watch for hit and run drivers while you’re parked, reduce liability in case you’re in an accident, help you get out of a traffic ticket, and a whole bunch of other great uses.

The problem is that there are so many in car cameras on the market that it is hard to know which one to choose. Heck, if you check out the top selling dash cams on Amazon, you probably won’t recognize a single brand name that is listed. Some have DVR functions, while others record passengers inside the car, while some have g-sensors and motion detection and other have GPS technology. Some have wide-angle lenses, some are stealthy, some are less than $50 and some are a few hundred bucks. There is so much information flying at you at once that it is hard to think straight. Sales people trying to push this product and friends telling you this one is better are some of the obstacles you might face.

To help get you started, check out the video below on what features to look for and how to find the best in car camera for your specific needs. Below the helpful video, you’ll also find some top sellers to conisder:

Reviews Of 4 Reliable In Car Cameras

Armed with the above information in mind, we can now give you some recommendations and cameras to consider. Here are some of our top picks…

HiCool P3 Dash Cam

HiCool P3 Dash Cam

This camera is sleek and comes with many of the bells and whistles that you may want. It mounts to your windshield with the provided adhesive mounting system and is easy to set up. You can see a large area due to the wide angled lens and the video resolution is good. The one downside to this cam is the small 2.5” LCD monitor. It plays good in the daytime or at night, but some people may have difficulty viewing the small screen. Some other features include…

  • Audio recording
  • USB compatibility
  • 170 degree and 6 layers glass lens
  • 1920×1080 (1080p) Full HD resolution at 30 fps
  • Loop recording
  • Accident auto detection feature

As you can see, the HiCool P3 Dash Cam can do a lot of things. However, before you make your mind up completely, there are some features that it does not have that you should know about. It does not have GPS tracking, a motion detector or a parking monitor. It can support up to a 32GB, Class10, or upper Micro SD/TF memory card, but one is not included.

Check Out The HiCool P3 Dash Cam On Amazon Here

PowerLead Puda D003 Dash Cam

Powerlead Dash Cam

The next car cam that can help you feel safe and secure is the PowerLead Puda D003 Dash Cam. This unit has a retail price of $169.99 and comes with a 12-month warranty. It is relatively easy to install, but it really depends on the style of the windshield that your vehicle has. The functions and features can be learned quickly so you can get started recording faster. Some of its most prominent features include…

  • Night vision
  • Video recording and reviewing
  • Dual camera
  • 2.7-inch screen
  • Accelerometer
  • Mobile vibration monitoring

Hold on just a second before you rush right out to buy this bad boy. Just like with anything man-made, there are a few negatives that should be discussed as well. The cables that come with the unit are strong and durable, but they may make this one of the in car cameras that is a little too bulky for your situation. An 8-32GB TF memory card can be used but is not provided. While on, there are blinking lights that may become a distraction and pose an accident threat. Overall, this camera provides you with crisp and clear video, which is really what owning an in car camera is all about.

Check Out The PowerLead Puda D003 Dash Cam On Amazon

Papago GoSafe 260 Dash Cam

PAPAGO GoSafe Dash Cam

The Papago GoSafe 260 Dash Cam sells for $89.95 and is a combination of a rear view mirror and a dash cam. If space is an issue this could be your answer. It can be clipped onto your existing rear view mirror with relative ease making the entire process less stressful. If for some reason it does not fit your stock mirror, the company sells a suction cup mounting system separately. Features of this in car camera include…

  • 2.7” display
  • Detects bright light and automatically dims the reflection
  • Motion detection mode
  • Zoom feature
  • Loop recording
  • Records full HD 1080P high-resolution video

Just like the other 2 models of in car cameras, there are a few negatives associated with this one as well. The camera itself is a great design, however, some consumers have complained about the wires. They are not very easily concealed and can pose a risk of the driver or passenger becoming tangled in them. The memory card is also not provided with this unit and must be purchased separately. The picture and video quality are excellent, and aside from a few wires, this could be the right choice for you.

Check Out The Papago GoSafe 260 Dash Cam On Amazon

Lumina Full HD Dash Cam

Lumina Dash Cam

Claiming to be one of the smallest on the market, the Lumina Full HD Dash Cam has a retail price listed at $94.97. It is designed to look stealthy and discreet, but it is also powerful. The audio recording technology is exceptional and video recordings are clear and precise. Once it is mounted and set up, it turns on as soon as your car starts, and it immediately starts recording on its own. Some of the best features of this cam are…

  • Full HD recording at 1080p
  • 6 layer Nikon glass lens
  • G-Sense automatically detects auto accidents and locks associated footage to memory
  • USB compatible

Depending on your light source, night videos may not be as clear as some of the other in car cameras. It will not format a memory card of over 32GB and the microSD card must be purchased separately. As long as you are only worried about recording the car directly in front of you, in good lighting, this camera could be the right choice for you. It is also worth noting that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Check Out The Lumina Full HD Dash Cam On Amazon

In Car Cameras Are Not Created Equal

Which In Car Cameras Are Best? Always do your research when it comes to buying a piece of modern technology. As a society, we have grown to have certain expectations from our electronics. You do not want to spend your hard earned money on something that does not meet your needs. Depending on your specific situation, any one of the above-mentioned in car cameras can be considered the best for you.

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