Why You Should Get Both A Front And Rear Facing Dash Cam

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In 2013, 32.2% of all vehicle accidents were “fender-benders”, or rear end collisions. That statistic has remained around the same, and it shows quite a bit about why you may want to invest in a front and rear facing dash cam rather than one that only focuses on one direction of your car. Many dash cams have front facing cameras with wide sweeping angles, which is often suitable for just under 2/3 of vehicle accidents, but what about that last third?

Front and rear facing dash cam units can ensure that your front is covered, and your back is covered, so no matter the sort of accident you may be involved in, you’re always protected.

Front And Rear Facing Dash Cam Systems For Larger Vehicles

Why You Should Get Both A Front And Rear Facing Dash Cam Larger vehicles can have some trouble with only front facing dash cams, and if they’re looking for a dash cam that offers stealth, that’s often what they’re left with. While a wide 140-160 degree sweeping angle may be fine for a sports car or mid-sized car, it can be lacking in larger trucks or vans, keeping large blind spots in their vehicle area that the camera cannot reach. With front and rear facing dash cam systems, however, these larger blind spots are taken care of, leaving drivers with a way to get the footage they need even when they’re driving something a little bigger.

That’s not to say that front and rear facing dash cam systems are only for larger vehicles, and their dual protection does offer additional safety to vehicles of any make, model, size, or style.

The ITrue X6D Front And Rear Facing Dash Cam System

ITRUE X6D Dash Cam

For those who are looking for a front and rear facing dash cam system that also offers stealth, the Itrue X6D is really what you’re looking for. This small and discreet dash cam has front and rear facing cameras that work simultaneously to provide always sweeping views of the road ahead and behind, and it can be installed into any vehicle using only a single piece of 3M tape. In addition to its front and rear facing dash cam capabilities, the Itrue X6D also offers quite a bit more. For such a small system, the front and rear facing dash cam really packs a punch, and includes features such as WDR technology to automatically adjust in low or high lighting conditions, GPS tagging, speed monitoring, and an included 16GB micro SD card to allow the system to be used straight from the box.

For those who may be investing in their first front and rear facing dash cam system, the Itrue X6D prides itself on being user friendly. To help you to figure out your dual dash cam, the iTrue Advantage customer support is offered to all buyers, which gives you first class customer support with all questions answered within a 24 hour period. You don’t have to worry about not understanding or grasping the full capabilities of your dash cam, as professional experts will ensure you can work every bell and whistle. Should any hardware issues arise with the camera, a 1 year hardware warranty replaces faulty components with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Itrue X6D front and rear facing dash cam is priced at just under $150, making it a mid-level dash cam budget wise, but with a whole lot of high-end features.

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The Rexing S500 Dash Cam

Rexing S500 Dash Cam

Front and rear facing dash cam systems aren’t all one in the same, and this is proven by the Rexing S500 Dash Cam. Like the Itrue, the Rexing S500 does have simultaneous front and rear facing cameras working together to keep your vehicle protected, but one extra special feature it offers is the cameras’ rotating abilities. The 170 degree angle front facing camera can rotate 180 degrees vertically and 30 degrees horizontally, while the rear facing 120 degree angle lens rotates 180 degrees vertically to provide an in-car or rear road view, which allows you to completely customize the footage you’re getting. The Rexing S500 Dash Cam may not have the same stealthy look as the Itrue, but it’s certainly not obvious either, and it can be just the front and rear facing dash cam drivers of larger vehicles are looking for to provide them with a custom footage experience.

The Rexing S500 offers quite a bit more than just the front and rear facing dash cam lenses, however, and you’re getting a plethora of other features as well. A large 2.7” screen gives you a way to check out your footage in real time, and in included 32GB micro SD card lets you check out the system straight from the box. The Rexing S500 also shoots photo and video in full HD quality, and HDR technology helps to adjust lighting and offset the strong glare that comes off of headlights or high beams at night. For night vision, WDR technology is offered to ensure crystal clear video or photo quality no matter how dark it may be outside.

Priced at just under $170, the Rexing S500 is a little bit pricier than the Itrue X6D, but it does provide a more customized experience to suit all drivers and the vehicles they may be driving at any given time. Like the Itrue X6D, the Rexing S500 can also be installed into any vehicle using a simple 3M adhesive tape mount.

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While the ItrueX6D and Rexing S500 front and rear facing dash cam systems are just two of the many on the market today, they certainly show many of the benefits offered by this type of dash cam. When investing in a dash cam for protection or fun, front and rear facing dash cam systems ensure that the entire road area is being covered, rather than only a portion, so you’re getting a considerably larger bang for your buck, without going that much further into a higher budget level.

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