What Is The Most Durable Car Camera System?

What Is The Most Durable Car Camera System?

When you invest in a car camera system, it makes sense that you’ll want to put your money into one that will last. Whether you want to make sure it holds up through an accident, or you live in an area known for an extreme hot or extreme cold climate, the most durable car camera systems will keep you protected even when fate or Mother Nature try to deem otherwise. With a durable car camera system, you won’t need to reinvest in a car camera after an accident, or if you’ve forgotten to take the system out of your car for the night or day, as your unit will hold up to whatever abuses it may be put through.

What To Look For In A Durable Car Camera System

Knowing what to look for in a durable car camera system is half the battle. If you know what to look for, you can always choose the most durable car camera system out there whether you’re purchasing your first car camera system, or reinvesting in an upgrade to your current model. As you get better acquainted with your car camera system, you may find that there are extra features you’d like that you didn’t invest in the first time, and you seek out when you upgrade to something a little more high-tech.

The first thing you should look for in a durable car camera system is a sturdy build. With a sturdy build, your car camera will hold up in case of an accident, and not be left a pile of parts on the floor. One of the most common reasons a person decides to invest in a car camera system is that they wish to be protected against instances of insurance fraud or from accident liability, and this protection goes out the window if your chosen car camera can’t take the heat after a collision.

What Is The Most Durable Car Camera System?Next, you’ll want to look for how your chosen car camera system holds up to temperature. Having to take the unit in and out of the car each time you leave or enter your vehicle leaves a lot of room for forgetfulness, and what good is your car camera doing if you’ve forgotten it in the house? Car camera systems that can stand up to extreme high or low temperatures allow you to leave them inside of your vehicle, either conducting surveillance or staying just where they need to be until next time you get in and drive.

With a sturdy construction and temperature resistance, your car camera system is ready to get to work for you. These durability characteristics let you rest assured that you’ve invested in a car camera that will keep you protected, capturing all the footage you need in any instance you may require footage callback.

The Top 3 Car Camera Systems For Durability And Function

In terms of durability and function, not every car camera system is going to be the same. Some have certain advantages over others and are worth looking in to a bit further. There are a plethora of durable and functional car camera systems out on the market today, but for the sake of brevity, it’s always a good plan to start with the top 3:

1. HiCool P3

HiCool P3

The HiCool P3 dash cam is priced at just under $100, and this durable car camera system comes with a whole lot of specs, a reasonable price, and a sturdy construction. The HiCool P3 is designed for stealth, so you’re getting a sleek and discreet car camera system that will hold up in case it needs to be used in a worst case scenario. Taking 170 degree front facing angles, this dash cam will capture great sweeping views of the world ahead, and with no suction cup mount necessary, you’ll never need to worry about temperature effecting how well the unit stays mounted. The G sensor feature locks in any relevant footage in case of an accident, so your evidence is safe and ready should you need it.

Should you get into an accident and the HiCool P3 does break, it’s covered by a 1 year hardware warranty to replace any broken parts or the system itself. A 100% satisfaction guarantee and 24/7 customer service to assist you allows you to rest assured that this will be a car camera system you can love for the long haul.

2. KDLINKS X1 Full HD with GPS


For the person who loves high-tech specs and a great durable dash cam, look no further than the KDLINKS X1. Texted for 6+ hours in temperatures ranging from 170 to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, this is the perfect car camera system for those who live in extreme hot or extreme cold climates, or those taking a cross country road trip to see the sights all over the country. A 1 year warranty covers any hardware problems that may arise, and first class customer support answers all customer emails within 24 hours with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Aside from durability, the KDLINKS X1 also offers quite a bit else. Full HD video is recorded at a wide 165 degree angle, WDR technology provides superior night vision, G sensors lock in any footage detected after a collision, and a built in GPS geo-tags your footage so you always know exactly where you were when an accident occurred.

3. ITrue X6D

ITRUE X6D Dash Cam

It’s not only front facing dash cams that offer durability, and the ITrue X6D is proof that dual dash cams can give you superior protection and superior durability at the same time. This stealthy dual dash cam captures footage in front and rear simultaneously, providing the vehicle with full sweeping protection all of the time. This feature makes the ITrue X6D perfect for the person who wants stealth and durability, but also has a larger vehicle to keep protected.

The compact and discreet ITrue X6D offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and 1 year warranty on any hardware issues that may arise. 24 hour customer service is available to ensure all users are satisfied with their car camera system at all times.

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