The Best Deals On Dash Mounted Cameras

The Best Deals On Dash Mounted Cameras

When looking for the best deals on mounted dash cameras, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. First and foremost, you’ll want to get the most bang for your buck, and that means the most specifications for a camera that is still within your budget price range. Price ranges vary widely between different dash mounted cameras, and this can be both a blessing and a curse. You’re going to find something suitable for your needs within your budget with all the options on the market, but you’re also going to have to go through a wide range of different models to determine which is best for you. To make this search easier, a compilation of the best deals on dash mounted cameras is a great place to start to ensure you’re looking in the right place.

Some of the best deals on the best dash mounted cameras out today are:

YL 89006 The YL 89006 is one of the more affordable dash mounted cameras out on the market today, and it’s backed by more than 500 trusted Amazon customer reviews. Coming in at just under $50, you’re getting a whole lot for a small investment, and this is one camera that is perfect for the beginner just looking to invest in their first dash mounted cameras. In both grey and gold colors, the designers responsible for the YL 89006 had both aesthetic and function in mind, and it looks just as good sitting on your dash as the footage it records. Advanced driver assistance ensures safe driving with real time lane departure, a G sensor locks in all relevant footage in the case of an accident, and a 165 degree wide angle lens captures everything you need to capture on the road ahead.

Check Out The YL 89006 Here

KDLINKS X1 If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, look no further than the KDLINKS X1 line of dash mounted cameras. This dash camera not only has WDR technology to ensure crystal clear images regardless of lighting conditions, but it also features a GPS, so you’re getting two devices for the price of one. A 4.4 star out of 5 star rating with more than 3,200 reviews speaks for itself, and although the price tag may be considered steep at just under $170, you’re really getting a lot in your investment. An included micro SD card allows you to use this model right from the box, and first class customer support ensures you’ll be able to use the cam and all its features with confidence from the get-go.

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KDLINKS DX2 The KDLINKS DX2 line of dash mounted cameras is perfect for those who want all the bells and whistles of the KDLINKS X1, but have a larger vehicle and want to eliminate blind spots and capture more on the road. This line of dash mounted cameras uses dual cameras, which means you’re not only capturing the front of the vehicle, but the back as well, and both cameras work simultaneously to make blind spots no more and provide extra protection. A total of 290 degrees of footage is captured at all times, and the camera has been tested to work in both extreme cold and extreme heat conditions. A little pricier than the KDLINKS X1 at just under $200, this is a camera with a 4.6 out of 5 star rating with more than 100 customer reviews, and one that can really come in handy for those who need better angles than what smaller cams can offer.

Check Out The KDLINKS DX2 Here

DB Power Dash Cam The DB Power Dash Cam is incredibly affordable at just under $40, and it has a great deal of features perfect for the first time dash camera investor. The 2.7 inch LCD screen makes this camera very easy to use, providing user friendliness from the start no matter your experience with dash cams or other camera technologies. For those looking at memory as a priority, the DB Power Dash Cam supports up to a 32 GB micro SD card that will allow you to record around 10 hours of footage at any one time. Whether you’re looking for vehicle protection or a way to record your trips, the DB Power Dash Cam gives you a whole lot for a very little price.

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Wewdigi Dash Cam The Wewdigi Dash Cam features a 150 degree angle with no distortion, HD video recording, superior night vision with a 6 glass lens, G sensor automatic accident detection to lock in footage, and quick and easy lock technology with one simple click all for less than $80. The hands-free loop technology ensures your camera starts rolling when your car starts rolling, so you never need to worry if you’ve turned your camera on to capture a moment you need to capture.

Check Out The Wewdigi Dash Cam Here

The wide range of dash mounted cameras in terms of price and technology becomes apparent once you begin researching just what you want, but this list gives you a great place to start from in determining what you’ll be able to get from your desired price range.

Why Dash Mounted Cameras?

The Best Deals On Dash Mounted CamerasDash cameras often come in two styles, either dash mounted or windshield mounted, and there are a few reasons why some may opt for dash mounted over the latter. Windshield mounted cameras can sometimes be distracting in smaller vehicles, particularly those with bright LCD screens, and dash mounts are often found easier to “set it and forget it”. There is no real benefit to one or the other, however, in terms of recording and capturing necessary video, and it really boils down to whatever your personal preference for a camera may be.

With today’s wide range of cameras, you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for in either a dash mounted or windshield mounted device, so your personal taste shouldn’t matter in terms of getting just what you need out of a dash camera for your car and all the benefits that camera provides.

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