4 Time Saving Tricks For Taking A Texas Online Traffic School

4 Time Saving Tricks For Taking A Texas Online Traffic School

Taking a Texas online traffic school is super boring, and that’s why I decided to make this shortlist of four time-saving tricks for taking a Texas online traffic school.

The worst part is Texas requires online traffic schools to use course timers. That means you can’t just blast through the course in 20 minutes and call it a day. You actually have to spend the full 6 hours taking your defensive driving course in Texas, even if it’s online.

Don’t worry, taking your traffic school online is still way better than going to a classroom on a Saturday, just so you can get lectured to.

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As a certified driving instructor, creator of online driving school courses, and a long time reviewer of online traffic schools, I’ve learned a few interesting tricks that might help you complete your Texas online traffic school a little bit faster.

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Time Saving Trick #1: Sign Up For The Right Texas Online Traffic School Course

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The first trick is to sign up for an online traffic school that allows you to complete your course at the state-mandated minimum of 6 hours. This online traffic school is a good example. A lot of people make the mistake of signing up for some really low-quality online traffic schools or in some cases, they even sign up for a Texas defensive driving course that isn’t approved in the state. Can you imagine wasting that much time on a traffic school that isn’t even certified for Texas?!

So before you sign up, make sure it’s with a legit online traffic school that is approved in Texas. Luckily, I’ve not only written my own recommendations, but I listed every state certified Texas online traffic school in Texas on my Texas defensive driving online reviews page.

Time Saving Trick #2: Take Lots Of Screen Shots

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As you progress through your Texas online traffic school course, don’t forget to take screenshots! This is very important. When you are finished with a particular section or the entire course, you will need to take a little exam. The exams aren’t that hard and if you don’t pass, you can usually just retake it (make sure you sign up for a course you can’t fail, like this one). But the problem is, if you fail a quiz or exam, you have to keep retaking different versions of the quiz until you can move forward. That’s where your screen shots come into play. When asked a question, you can always go back and look at the screen shots to find the answer. That’s why you should take a screenshot of each page of the course. If you’re not aware of how to do this on your computer, here are the super-simple steps.

  • On a PC: In the upper right corner, you should see a key that says PrtScrn. What you want to do is hold down the “Alt” key and then hit the “PrtScrn” key at the same time.
  • On a Mac: Hold down command and shift at the same time, then press the “3” key (command + shift + 3) all at the same time.

Time Saving Trick #3: Take A Video-Based Online Traffic School Instead

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Some people find the text-based Texas online traffic schools to be unbearably boring. Luckily in the state of Texas, there are some pretty decent video based online traffic schools available. Most online traffic schools know they are boring. That’s why video courses are sometimes a little better. They often times include animations, cartoons, and graphics to help keep you awake and alert. Sometimes they are even entertaining. But for the most part, streaming video-based online traffic schools in Texas are a bit cheesy. Aren’t all safety videos?

Time Saving Trick #4: Make Sure to Follow All Course Instructions

This seems like a given. But believe it or not, a lot of people waste time finishing a course simply because they have forgotten a simple step that they should have done early on. 

It’s like that simple modified True or False questions in our exam when instead of writing just “T” for True and “F” for False, you’ve written the entire word so you ended up with zero points.

Anyway, reading and following all the course instructions carefully is critical with any online driver improvement course. 

Even if the course is self-paced, it doesn’t mean that you can just click on “next” or “skip” anytime a window pops up during a lesson. Spend a few seconds to at least scan what the instruction says so that you get the gist of what you need to do.

At the end of the course – it’s especially crucial to read the reminders before closing or logging out of your account. Most courses will include a few important reminders regarding what you should do to get your completion certificate at the conclusion. Each state’s requirements are different, so again, read carefully. 

These reminders are easily overlooked and, while you can always count on a customer support service if you have any inquiries, you’ll be able to complete your requirements faster if you just spend a few seconds reading the reminders!

Don’t Forget Your Texas Online Traffic School Discount Codes

I know you’re probably super excited to get started with your Texas online traffic school, but don’t forget to check out the discount codes I have available. I’ve contacted several different online defensive driving courses approved in Texas so I could offer coupons to my site visitors, and the response was pretty good.

Don’t worry, this will all be over soon. Oh, and slow down! 🙂

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