The Best Hidden Car Cam To Protect You From Lawsuits

The Best Hidden Car Cam To Protect You From Lawsuits

One of the main reasons drivers invest in a hidden car cam is to provide protection from accident liability, fraud, and the lawsuits that come along with both. Back when I was a truck driver, our safety department wanted to put dash cams in our trucks and many drivers were very apprehensive about that. Me? I actually ASKED for one and volunteered to be part of the testing phase for them. Most safe and defensive drivers would welcome a dash cam.

When a driver is unprotected with viable video evidence, it’s the defendant’s word against the plaintiff, and particularly when battling legally with a large insurance company, it pays to be backed up.

What a hidden car cam allows you to do is keep footage of what is really going on, with yourself and the other driver, and provides you with the evidence you need to save yourself a whole lot of stressful hardship. It also gives you the benefit to keep your video evidence private and you only have to reveal it if the video is in your best interest. If nobody knows the cam is there but you, then you still gain full control of the evidence.

A modern hidden car cam that notes speed with footage is particularly beneficial. There are two claims that insurance companies often make in lawsuits…

1. That the driver was going too fast, or…
2. That the accident was no more than a bump

Your speed tracked hidden car cam footage can refute both. If you were doing the proper speed limit for road conditions, your hidden car cam footage can show that. If you were hit with excessive force, it will show this as well.

Going For Stealth

When you’re seeking out a hidden car cam to help you with protection against lawsuits, one thing you’re really going to want to look for in your device is a stealthy design that blends in or is easy to hide. With a stealthy hidden car cam, you’re not advertising that you’re recording anything, which offers many benefits.

There are several different stealthy car cams out there on the market today, and they range widely in price points and specs. If you’re going for inexpensive and basic, there is a unit out there for you, and the same goes for drivers who want something a little more state of the art, but still easily concealed. This type of hidden car cam mounts right to your windshield, and remains out of sight and out of mind until the time comes to review the footage.

5 Stealthy Hidden Car Cam Options To Protect You From A Lawsuit

With the amount of car cams out there on the modern market, finding the right one to protect you from a lawsuit can be an intimidating or overwhelming endeavor. You’ll want something to fit your specification needs, you’ll want something that suits your vehicle, and you’ll want to find the right hidden car cam price point. Having a place to start makes the search much simpler, and 5 stealthy hidden car cam options to look into for lawsuit protection are:

1. HiCool P3 Dash Cam

The design of the HiCool P3 hidden car cam is a brilliant one. While the pictures of it on Amazon look a little deceiving, this thing is actually incredibly stealthy. The device was designed to be discreet while still looking stylish, and it’s soft and comfortable to the touch. At just under $100, it’s a reasonably priced hidden car cam for the plethora of features it offers. With Wide Dynamic Range technology, the hidden car cam automatically adjusts to high and low light situations, so you’re getting ideal footage whether driving day or night. The loop recording and G sensor begin recording as soon as the car starts moving, and locks in any footage if a collision is detected. A 170 degree wide angle provides sweeping views of the road ahead, and all hardware is covered by a 1 year manufacturer warranty.


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2. Rexing V1 Dash Cam

The Rexing V1 Dash Cam is in the same price point as the HiCool P3 at just under $100. The discreet design is exclusive only to Rexing branded hidden car cams, and a simple windshield mount makes installation incredibly simple. The Rexing V1 also offers Wide Dynamic Range technology for easy transitions between light conditions, and a 170 degree ultra-wide lens. The Rexing V1 and HiCool P3 hidden car cam units are remarkably similar, and choosing between the two will simply come down to preference.

Rexing V1 Video Review & Sample Footage

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3. Pruveeo F5 Dash Cam

When it comes to basic, affordable, stealthy, and convenient hidden car cam units, it doesn’t get any sweeter than the Pruveeo F5 dash cam. This hidden car cam is under $40, and offers app support through both iOS and Android systems. What this means is that using WiFi, you can download footage from the hidden car cam directly to your smartphone and have it available (or delete the footage) in seconds. A 140 degree six glass lens provides nice views of the road ahead, but may leave out areas included in the Rexing or HiCool 170 degree models. After sale services are included from Pruveeo, to ensure your dash cam is working, otherwise a liberal return or exchange policy is offered.

Sample Footage Of The Pruveeo F5 Dash Cam

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4. Itrue X6D Dash Cam

The Itrue X6D dash cam is priced a little higher at just under $150, but it comes with some specifications not offered by the Pruveeo, Rexing, or HiCool models. Most notably, the Itrue X6D offers speed monitoring technology, which in protecting a driver from lawsuits, is a really useful thing to invest in. On top of this, a separate GPS antennae can also provide GPS mapping, and the stealthy design can be mounted to a windshield using only a small piece of 3M tape. Dual cameras cover the front and rear of your vehicle to create incredible all-around views, and protect you no matter where a collision is coming from.

Itrue X60 Review And Sample Footage

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5. ToGuard CE20 Dash Cam

The ToGuard CE20 is priced at just under $90, and offers crystal clear HD video of the 170 degree sweeping angle it records. The unique and stealthy design also requires only a single piece of 3M tape to install, much like the Itrue X6D, as well as smartphone app capabilities like the Pruveeo F5. ToGuard offers a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure users are pleased with their hidden car cam units for the long haul.

Review Of ToGuard CE20 Dash Cam

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