The Best Hidden Car Cam To Protect You From Lawsuits

The Best Hidden Car Cam To Protect You From Lawsuits

One of the main reasons drivers invest in a hidden car cam is to protect them from accident liability, fraud, and the lawsuits that come along with both. 

Back when I was a truck driver, our safety department wanted to put dash cams in our trucks and many drivers were very apprehensive about that. 

Me? I ASKED for one and volunteered to be part of the testing phase for them. Most safe and defensive drivers would welcome a dashcam.

When a driver is unprotected with viable video evidence, it’s the defendant’s word against the plaintiff, and particularly when battling legally with a large insurance company, it pays to be backed up.

What a hidden car cam allows you to do is keep footage of what is going on, with yourself and the other driver, and provides you with the evidence you need to save yourself a whole lot of stressful hardship. 

It also gives you the benefit to keep your video evidence private and you only have to reveal it if the video is in your best interest. If nobody knows the cam is there but you, then you still gain full control of the evidence.

A modern hidden car cam that notes speed with footage is particularly beneficial. There are two claims that insurance companies often make in lawsuits…

1. That the driver was going too fast, or…
2. That the accident was no more than a bump

Your speed tracked hidden car cam footage can refute both. If you were doing the proper speed limit for road conditions, your hidden car cam footage can show that. If you were hit with excessive force, it will show this as well.

Going For Stealth

When you’re seeking out a hidden car cam to help you with protection against lawsuits, one thing you’re going to want to look for in your device is a stealthy design that blends in or is easy to hide. 

With a stealthily hidden car cam, you’re not advertising that you’re recording anything, which offers many benefits.

There are several different stealthy car cams out there on the market today, and they range widely in price points and specs. 

If you’re going for inexpensive and basic, there is a unit out there for you, and the same goes for drivers who want something a little more state of the art, but still easily concealed. 

This type of hidden car cam mounts right to your windshield and remains out of sight and out of mind until the time comes to review the footage.

4 Stealthy Hidden Car Cam Options To Protect You From A Lawsuit

With the amount of car cams out there on the modern market, finding the right one to protect you from a lawsuit can be an intimidating or overwhelming endeavor. 

You’ll want something to fit your specification needs, you’ll want something that suits your vehicle, and you’ll want to find the right hidden car cam price point. 

Having a place to start makes the search much simpler, and 4 stealthy hidden car cam options to look into for lawsuit protection are:

1. VIOFO A119 V3 Dash Cam

Perfect for stealth, the design of the VIOFO A119 V3 Dash Cam is a brilliant one. Just looking at the pictures of it on Amazon, you can see that this device can be discreet while still looking stylish, and it’s comfortable to the touch. 

With a 140-degree angle, you can say goodbye to those fisheye views and say hello to a wide view of the road. 

In addition, it comes with excellent chips and programs, such as HDR+WDR functions. These automatically balance the lighting over bright and dark areas. It allows you to capture clear license plates and road signs even under strong car lights at night.

So you don’t have to worry because, with this dash cam, you’ll be getting ideal footage whether driving day or night. 

The loop recording and G sensor begin recording as soon as the car starts moving, and locks in any footage if a collision is detected. 

2. Rexing V1GW Dash Cam

The Rexing V1GW Dash Cam is priced a little under $130. The discreet design is exclusive only to Rexing branded hidden car cams, and a simple windshield mount makes installation incredibly simple. 

The Rexing V1GW also offers Wide Dynamic Range technology for easy transitions between light conditions and a 170-degree ultra-wide lens. It has a 7 layer glass lens that opens up to capture a sweeping view of your surroundings. 

Combined with the superior WDR technology, this dash cam can perform optimally in any lighting situation. You simply adjust the exposure to create balanced images and footage during the day and night.

In terms of resolution, it offers 2160p, which is four times higher than a regular 1080p recording. With this 4K resolution V1 dashcam, you can shoot exquisite and clear images with rich color and high-contrast performance. And yes, that’s despite it being well-hidden.

Rexing V1 Video Review & Sample Footage

Check Availability And Get User Reviews Here

3. ORSKEY Dash Cam

This front and rear dual dash cam offers a full HD recording of 1920X1080P resolution at 30 fps video front camera. Plus, you get a VGA waterproof rear cam. 

It can simultaneously show your car’s front and back driving states. This is going to be really helpful in showing hard evidence of your innocence in case you are facing a lawsuit and your safe driving skills are being questioned.

It also employs a WDR and a superior night vision technology of six unique infrared LED fill lights. These allow the dashcam to perform optimally even in low-light situations. So you don’t have to worry even if the incident you are protecting yourself from happened at night.

In addition, its 170° wide-angle,  6G lens, combined with a Sony sensor, allows more clear images. You can avoid blurry footage that can be questionable at court. The dash cam’s high-performance chipset enables you to take up to 1080P 30fps full HD videos and 12MP pictures.

4. Vantrue N4

The Vantrue N4 is a triple channel dash cam that offers a 155° front camera, 165° inside camera, and 160° rear camera. So you can monitor the front, rear, and interior of your vehicle simultaneously with audio at 1440P front cam and 1080P for the rear and inside cams.

What does this mean for someone who is protecting himself from a lawsuit? It means you’ll have more coverage of what’s happening around you while you are driving. This dash cam is perfect to protect yourself from potential liability issues as well as accidents.

The front camera can seamlessly record up to 4K when used alone, enabling clear capturing of license plates and road signs. The rear can record incidents behind your vehicle at 1080P – it is 360° adjustable with a 20-ft extension cable.

But the best thing here is that you can also configure the dash cam to activate the front and inside recording mode so that the adjustable inside camera can clearly record what people were doing inside the vehicle.

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